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31.05.2013 03:24
is the peak and the skeleton man antworten
The 310th chapter fierce Yangcheng peak] William and they stay three days in San Diego School, is set off again in carrying the elderly, bones, directly to the tabla family. In the space crack dark, grey energy floating around an astonishing, it is famous for the destruction of his space force. These space force of destruction is very magical, only exists in the space crack, but once the external cracks, it will transfer in the meantime, he soon healed well. "Hoo hoo hoo..." A unit of space of the entanglement, spatial vortex formation, wanton floating around, destroy all appear in the space crack exists, makes the space crack everywhere inside the loneliness and the breath of the destruction. "Whew!" A blue light flashed, rush toward the front grab. This pale blue streamer is an oval psychic cover, in which there is a skinny old man with his hands, and a young man in black with a white small monster standing behind them, it is the peak and the skeleton man. Wind power blue gently flow, the energy shield in the skeletal man soul force control, such as arm of general flexible avoid spatial vortex open unit, large or small, fast forward. "Uncle, why this space crack flight, can greatly shorten the time of the flight? Also, how would you distinguish direction?" Peak at energy cover space crack black, curious and asked. "This is actually him also not clear, only know the flight in space crack, can shorten the distance of three hundred times, so as long as you know where you want to go far, to recognize a good direction, you can according to their own to determine the flight in space fracture, need how long, along the direction of flight. For now,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, our empire college from the tabla family not too far away, two hours after it almost can be reached." The old man smiled bones, explained as the peak. While the peak heard old man so explain bones, although still have a doubt, but no more words, just quietly standing in the old man's bones behind, carried by its anxious flight. "Whew! Xu! Xu!" The pale blue streamer rush through the spatial rift gray, seem to feel too boring, snow-white animal no interest, such as electricity, swept into the peak of the space inside the ring, asleep. But it is a lot of lingcao panacea, has already been moved him into the space ring peak, constitute it. White small monster pie eye disappeared, skeleton man couldn't help feeling "peak son, you this is my pet is too mysterious! After I was Odin 6 Antique, but also float Miao Ge fantasy book tower stayed,Air Jordan UK, familiarity with many ancient stories and the beast, for it is not the slightest head sequence. If nothing else, it can enter your space ring within the power, I've never heard of. And various kinds of abnormal and talent it has shown, is that very few rare animals!" The old man sigh for my bones, highly. "Yeah, but my own do not know its identity." Peak nodded, say so,Coach Bags Online, thought they had to fly to the place where Aileen >
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