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31.05.2013 03:13
Meng's eye is bright antworten
The 273rd chapter purple heart orchid] "well... I can only help you here, want to break through the fencing master reaches his sword King state can be completely on your own, more to listen to your teacher's class, with experience,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, you are likely to become the king of swords." The old man nodded toward the peak of dry bones, discourse paused, then spoke again, "in fact you might not realize, the tutor you although strength is not too strong, but mostly with years of education and experience, in the Zen V power is essentially can do simple and profound, it is so important to you! Only in this way can you have the opportunity to change from simple to deep to understand psychic..." Skeleton man laughed strings strings and talk, listened until the peak of three people nodded,Oakley Store, first became aware of the importance of mentors. The first time they heard this saying, I think carefully is suddenly, approve nodded. Twirled a sparse beard, skeleton man smiling will gaze on the mask body, Moncton when big, busy respectfully stand in situ,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, indifferent face unexpectedly rare have a pleasing face. In William's living attractive example, Meng is the heart was hot, hope to get more benefit in the skeletal man here, make their own strength can make a spurt of progress. As for the peak and William is Qi Qi will gaze over, want to see old bones will give Meng what gift. Her eyes flashed a appreciation, skeleton man looked up and down with for a long time, but also to inwardly nod, a moment later, he slowly openings way "is your name? Is really good ah, talent and quality is excellent, if you keep penance Lei Department of power, I think you are half chance can enter the blade emperor realm, or even higher! You are a fencing master Nakai Mine's strength now, and William's situation is different, I prefer not to increase your order, rely on their own strength to break through a fencing master higher-order boundary can make you more solid foundation!" "My blade emperor when high order, once and a friend kill a sword emperor to" Purple fire thunder lion ", was a" Purple Heart orchid "in its inside the cave, the purple heart orchid be free in the void ray absorption, Department of psychic hundreds of years to blossom, once take by the thunder of a fencing master high order peak of self-discipline, by virtue of its contained within the strange ray awn, need only a maximum of ten years, nearly nine into a nine chance to King realm, and is that kind of spiritual perception of thunder is extremely profound king, can attain the highest level in one step! Well, I left him no good, simply send to you." The old man seems to have a bone is not, therefore the purple heart orchid is how precious existence. Mention purple heart orchid moments in the skeletal man, Meng's eye is bright, is clearly heard the purple heart orchid wonderful, heard the old man to send their bones of a mature purple heart orchid, have already some felt unreal. "Purple heart orchid! I once heard her father said, it is a kind of spirit of grass is very magical, extremely rare, did not expect the predecessors have "dry bones William eyes flashed a slightly surprised, actually know the purple heart orchid wonderful. Meng trembling took the bones.
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