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31.05.2013 03:08
for the one thousand pieces antworten
The 257th chapter two thousand] gold "? King strong acts as a guard? This is a huge honor! It is a powerful imperial family, our family's sword King elders are the existence of family power control, where will give others to act as escort." A middle-aged man be startled at, exposing the horrified expression. And the presence of the people is the most surprised, did not expect that superior sword Wang strong, in order to large amounts of gold, also bow and scrape, stem from the guard. "Oh! The big 6 although the strong respect, but the money is very important, otherwise, even if you are strong, want to buy their favorite treasures, also want to rack one's brains to earn coins!" Another young licking lips, revealing a contempt. Most of them are frightened, then is calm down, not say more, after all one thousand gold coins, not a small figure. "One thousand coins! Too expensive, just to save some time, it would be a waste of hundreds of gold coins, not worth it, although I have to go to distant failure Empire, but take the iron back Bi Yu beast but also three hundred or four hundred gold coins,New Arrivals Coach Sale, and generally not much danger, every iron back Bi Yu beast away for the team, also will have the king strong charge." "Alas, is too expensive, if one hundred or two hundred gold coins, I must ask the king to escort me back to the family, so much awe-inspiring!" "Hum! One hundred or two hundred gold coins? Brother you out of your mind? Do you think the king strong is the staple goods?" For a time, with the lean man, living within a hubbub. While the peak smell speech, but also a bright eyes, sharp thinking brain to living room noise gradually disappeared, the peak that a passerby, laughed: "I would like to ask, do not know to hire the king strong escorted me back Saifeile Empire need how long?" "Saifeile Empire? A maximum of eight days! The little brother, the elders but strong wind power practice sword king Zhongjie fast, amazing, almost faster than iron wing long-billed eagle,Oakley Holbrook, and King strong protection, on the road also I don't need to worry about security issues, it is too!" The lean man saw peak asked, busy enthusiastic response, and then look forward very staring at the peak, waiting for his decision. Now he is a fiery heart, Xi Yi at the peak, waiting for his answer. "Up to eight days? Take the iron back Bi Yu beast is too cumbersome, not only to repeatedly replace the iron back Bi Yu beast, to spend 20 Tian time to reach the Saifeile Empire, good! They hired the king who escorted me back to the Safil Empire, anyway, I've still got three Amethyst card and hundreds of pieces of gold, do not worry about the problem." Peak eyes flashing moment,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK, a decision. He is now on the body also is a small fortune, for the one thousand pieces of gold and also did not care too much. And, the peak has left San Diego School for almost a year, now wants to see Aileen and William, not too much natural in one thousand gold coins on the computer. "Good! The king strong I hired, it is the three hundred gold coins, is down, until the Dasaifeile Empire, I then pay the other >
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