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31.05.2013 03:02
There are many strong all unexpectedly antworten
The 240th chapter Ke Rui his highness] again to move into the city, the peak moment feel lively popularity, though the hustle and bustle. Seen such a scene can not help heart a smooth peak no long time, smiling look right and left, immediately give birth to a kind of see things in a blur. Can the peak seems to enjoy the lively atmosphere, casual with people walking in the streets, the mood is completely calm down. The stream never stops flowing. The crowd, a simple dress civilians, has singled out the goods in the roadside hawkers selling, a well-dressed gentleman, all kinds of Wu also has a warrior costume, these people have their own things busy, but occasionally there will be some flavor too strong past, attracted everyone attention to. "You know? Ten thousand mountains recently had very strange things! There are many strong all unexpectedly died in them, Sizhuang miserable, many large family is under the ban, ban family in young children into the adventure, the ten thousand mountains are more and more severe." At this moment, the sound of a somewhat low voice, so that the peak is one Leng, immediately follows the prestige to. Only in a corner of the street, a dozen men are surrounded by a big, big mouth spit star, excited to tell,Coach Kristin Bags, immediately attracted a lot of attention of pedestrians. But as his very attractive words, immediately gathered beside him who instantly by more than a dozen people to rise to 20 people, these people are telling him things is very curious. "Is it, and some time ago, rumors that million sword mountains appeared a strange treasure? Many powerful family fight caused?" Just then, a man could not help but speak asked. The man may be too profound to be understood, shook his head, and make the presence of more curious. See all this, man this just indifferent smile, then the mystery of open again "is actually the case, those who died suddenly of a strong all wearing prison clothes! They are all these years is the mysterious force group to capture the strong, just do not know why, had all died in ten thousand mountains, and even rumors, these dead spiritual power strong, reached number one thousand!" Han is a dull remarks died over, again dished out a surprising news, people make there are big Hai,Air Jordan Store, face be hardly worthy of belief. "Hey, this is not what! You know, the dead man, all is the head burst! Then the family is together under the ban, the meaning you can think for themselves." Big Hei hei grinning, so that the presence of people once again set off a tidal wave, it is difficult for me to calm. These remarks, the peak is much better than he, slightly feeling this message after the fast, he is the mouth without provoking a radian, walked to the impression of great empire royal mansion here. Because before is here before, so the peak known will find this huge mansion, as imperial family resident within in the city, it was built is very magnificent,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, the door for thirty meters wide, all made of solid pole cyanine diamond formed construction, revealed an atmosphere thick.
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