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31.05.2013 02:57
peak that reaction to come over antworten
A simple text] the 222nd chapter opportunity only dagger foot waterfall drain stone house, a black dress peak sitting cross-legged on the bed, the whole muscle strange wriggling, eyes closed, manly face calm water. In the end the unrest peak Canyon, but did not know, still as before in a temper. "Puff!" After a long time, peak closed eyes that slowly opened, lightly vomit an one breath, eyes flashing. "The recent strength development of stable, gradually advancing to the refining of high order peak muscle, believe that up to two years can reach the peak exercise muscle of high order,air jordan sale, have impact Lian bone state strength..." The peak for his progress is satisfactory, compared with the force that people in general, his practice is absolutely evildoer level degree, even Biwis praise again and again several times, it is a rare genius 6 rare inborn supernatural power. Of course, the peak of their own is not known, he really makes the strength to maintain real reasons for rapid progress, but it is integrated into the five dragon peak bone marrow marrow huge. In vain, when thinking in the peak secretly, a hoarse voice suddenly came,Coach Bags Store, such as thunderous in the dagger Hill echoed endlessly, so that binocular instantaneous peak eyes spheronization, face suddenly becomes dark uncertain. "You people, I is the elder president old Maiase,Air Jordan Take Flight, Mount Doom slave out of spirit, is to the family secret to exit to flee, and I stress that members to achieve mixing bone state, shall be immediately to killed, captured the spirit of the slave, the elders will reward." The old voice echoed in peak ear again, make the peak head Meng, temporarily and unexpectedly reflect not over. It took three breaths, in a single peak in vain when seven dagger out arrogant breathing, peak that reaction to come over, immediately heart instantly set off huge waves! "The end of many psychic Canyon Neiguan pressure Hugh refiners to escape? Also to escape secretly exit? It can't be! Force that so tough on Royal power... And the elders can have so much strength of violent repression of elders, how also not down, need the help of family internal bone family people help?" Peak frowning, head rotation with many thoughts. But at this moment, a thought is quietly breeding in the heart, then pole expansion. The peak in the eyes a piece of ecstasy! Oh dear. How do I so stupid? But now force mosou need family internal bone level people help, that certainly is Presbyterian had anything, so many elders could not escape! Yes. It must be so!" The peak of binocular light, breathing some gradually pressing. He is wise, is almost a few breath is the reaction to come over. "If so, maybe I really have a chance... Anyway, this opportunity I must hold, go to have a look the situation again..." Peak to calm the excited mood, the moment he made the decision. Since Biwis will tell the peak Blair possible for his uneasy kind thing, this thing is like a fishbone stuck in the throat, so, it is difficult to calm. Although on the surface with no change in peak heart, but has added twelve points carefully, plus he will want to leave, so in >
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