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31.05.2013 02:48
legged meditation vigorous figure antworten
The 205th chapter text] big change at the same time, the force that close the depths of the earth, with a long white mist does not disperse Valley, in which a huge caves were dug out, thickly dotted throughout the valley on both sides of the Shek Pik, within which a cross-legged meditation figure out shares his fierce fierce breath. And in the deep valley, a nine giant lava caves around the deep cave, a cross-legged meditation vigorous figure in vain to open your eyes, a pair of eyes shine like a boa constrictor Sen cold fierce long grass, lets the human palpitation. His indifferent looked a shadow of the front corner of the cave, with its gaze, a shadowy figure suddenly dark, got down on his knees, whole body almost crawling kneeling on the middle-aged man in front, this middle-aged man is the force that the patriarch Guerino. After a little, he this just slowly openings way "? Isn't that ten thousand mountains of South blood dragon fine grass so fast on the news? Or what?" Guerino cold, mood seems to be not so good. "Master, not ten thousand mountains of South blood dragon fine grass news, but you let us reconnaissance force that the elders there was an important now! Afferent in blood dragon fine grass news Presbyterian internally, one of us had very Sert suspected that the elders secretly using the flight class fierce beast sends a message,air jordan outlet, the fierce beast is we use large day was killed, got the message, please master view!" Black finish, busy draw out a delicate sealing bamboo from the arms,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, hands respectfully handed over. "Huh? Even have my clan elder to pass information?" Guerino eyebrow pick, binocular vain shoots a Sen cold intended to kill, then hands, is the bamboo catch to hands, hands gently pinch, will break the bamboo pinch, revealing a filled with small print paper in the hidden. His heart was already angry, did not think of the family elders will really a traitor. With its eyes across the piece of paper, Guerino was suddenly very ugly, dark almost can drop water! Hold one's tongue clutching the thin piece of paper, a very heavy breath brewing in the meantime, suppressed a breathless. " Sert! Damn you In vain, spread a voice startled day roar suddenly to Gary's mouth, a monstrous fury overwhelming to its body and outward came out of Guerino's face, muscle twitching,Coach Hotsale, but can not suppress his anger, eyes shine like a boa constrictor Sen cold fierce long grass, lets the human palpitation, a a shaved head such as earthworms stop wriggling scar appears particularly ferocious, like a head will choose the person bite fierce beast. "Get out of here! Immediately to the South million sword mountains to the elders and Blair gave me please come over, put Senmeng some of them I was sent to southern million sword mountains elders fire recall! He said I have about my family of vital importance event to immediately find they talk, immediately! Right off. Get out. Guerino roar echoed in the lava cave, shadow busy panic to the dark snatched away, apparently unwilling to Gary in Connaught rage stay here for a second, body form one Shan, is the elimination of >
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