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31.05.2013 02:42
eyes closed not to turn a hair rock antworten
The 186th chapter makes scraping the misty] nearly a day wind is near dusk is greater, mingled with a lot of rain, in the air to float in the air, but these Xu Binghan, but does not affect Santiago students inside the hot, a rushed toward the battle square off in the direction of, not much would be brought together nearly 1000 people. Santiago college students would like to join in the fun, but this game is extremely exciting, it is attracting a large number of people come to the onlookers. The battle square is the huge crowds of people, crowded, noisy. There are students talk, a cursory look, even the dark has almost two thousand people, this is equivalent to a number of nearly 2/3, watched many a student, although the strength is uncommon, but can see King level a duel, but it was still very strong interest. Now that nearly two thousand people will battle square on a huge Shitai surrounded the table legs, eyes closed not to turn a hair rock as the gallant young quietly talking. "This is the peak of the eldest brother Gao Ba? It is said that he was from the four holy core status of children, great reverence, strength of will is strong! The Highlander was with king to humiliate the peak strength,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, it seems his eldest brother is to his brother back up." "That is, you see him, momentum so calm, it is from the club out of character,Oakley Sunglasses UK, can take a lesson that Highlander this better! The four I would have managed!" A cadet nodded, cold hum one - track. "Me too, not on their own talent well, lucky to become king? Simply and without side, I hate this!" Another student said, his face with a strong disdain. A voice of buzz into high PA in the ear, but he did not move, such as more ancient earth meteorites, quietly sitting there cross-legged,Coach Kristin Bags, mind thinking about their many sword skill, to wait for Haranda. "Whew! Xu! Xu!" In vain, three empty broken loud came, instantly three misty white light appeared in the battle over the square, then three white old man figure emerged, they are a white robe, behind the white white robe that dark aureate ancient law word announced that three people identity, it is a school of law enforcement elders. Every game against the square of the ratio of bucket, will by the school of law enforcement elders as the referee, allowing only casualties, absolutely not allowed to appear the phenomenon of death. "Ah! Unexpectedly to three law enforcement elders, ferial in battle square struggled up to an elder to it, this should have three! Only this, can see that some apparently was alerted by the college." A student of surprised shout a, apparently to battle square than the bucket is very familiar. "It seems that the battle school level to be alerted, no wonder, the two one is the imperial family of eight statue of Tabula family young talent Highlander, one is the core of one of the four holy land from the club, background than a scary, but has the qualifications." As law enforcement elders, crowded >
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