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31.05.2013 02:34
Andre is still leisurely looking complexion antworten
The 166th chapter text] be reckless with greed looked up to heaven, Andre eyes monstrous joy and hate "Gehry Connaught, you think? I'm Andre mastermind with painstaking effort for many years, in your capacity that really in control group the elders of keeping my eye, this is the year I two family of many battles, my family always prevail." "This time, he made a great contribution! Wait, wait me next closed-door Qianxiu you force the Inferno Zhibao cheats, strength and will achieve what level? Perhaps, can reach the step also perhaps, but anyway, you and I, must be overcome! In the integration of family, I also can be completed years ago ancestors of the oath,Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, the leadership group out of ten thousand mountains! Let the whole Odin 6 warrior because I force group at! As for you? I will cut off your arms and legs, is also reported to me when you cut off his left arm! I left the black min Wei unique gas in here, you will think you are in force that elders covet your family treasure for, would never suspect that to me, this can also prevent you have a life-and-death struggle." Andre's eyes flashing, instantly making plans. "Congratulations to Andre chief adults for treasure, after some small stuff for you." Fled to Wanhua Valley port facility Bourne stopped, hesitated for a moment, then with great care to Flower Valley walk, again and again with a bow and scrape. Facility Bourne said, face was repeatedly change, seems to be afraid of each other suddenly the killers themselves. Oh? Ha ha,Crossbodys Coach Outlet, cooleys Bourne, you're done, was chief should have one, but it's too important, but I believe that only a man can never reveal confidential information, that's dead! So, you must die!" Andre's eyes flashing strange look, stare at the front of the cooleys Bourne light way. In a leisurely manner and said, Andre is still leisurely looking complexion has drastic cooleys Bourne, seems to enjoy this expression. Sorry? A good hard ah!" The original heart some good facility in Bourne heard these words, immediately look big change, do not hesitate to turn to Flower Valley snatched away, but his heart has fear almost cold despair. "!" The cold voice reverberated in the mouth, Andre still intact. "Puff!" At this time, Andre side that such as tower mountain black min Wei move, acute phantom instant into a murky,nike jordan outlet, then again in Andre's side, emergency escape cooleys Bourne is all in vain one Zhan, collapsed into a mist of blood overflowing "hum! In front of me want to escape? However, after all, also for my heart for so long, I Andre will take care of your son, you go." It is quite common for looking at already turned into blood fog cooleys Bourne, Andre said a sound, then suddenly in front of a tear! "Chi!" Binocular Jing long grass flashing, Andre strange smile, the right hand, fingers gently waved, in the golden light force Gang circulation, the palms of Andre as between heaven and earth terrible weapon, optional front void tear, suddenly a dark rift >
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