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> Two hundred and seventy first chapter hammer Wang Bo Luoding "Hey, how dare I do, then you adults reputed ancient, but Wal-Mart, who do not know who nobody knows even now, it will not go weak, I dare it? evil dragon head look Spitz Mei Xiao, with an ingratiating Road. wWW, QUANben, cOM "adults just do not know what pulled me here in the end thing? "Slight grin, looking at the front of the evil days slowly." Very simple, with you borrow something, I'm a war since time immemorial seriously injured, you need to swallow a strong energy body or soul body to replenish their strength, although Now your energy has been falling **, and I disdain, but the soul is still well preserved, can help me regain some strength. "Evil days slowly said, did not seem to realize that they wanted to use something that is someone else's life generally." What? "Evil dragon head shocked Heliaoyisheng Spitz, apparently unreasonable demands for the evil day angry." How what is the problem? "Evil day snapped a drink, with the slightest threatening tone said. Yet such evil dragon head Spitz openings continue to speak, as if the evil day just woke up in general, a lazy lazy waist up, his face drowsiness said: "I just want your soul that can help you bring your awareness pulled out, help me recover, so I become strong again after the original seal to help you find out all of the body lifted, then re-printed in this sense into which you return to the prosperity of the year, how .....? "The dialogue between the two men, Yeyu Xuan did not know, still sitting quietly rich flavor of darkness on the land, crazy energy absorption of the surrounding darkness. Restore depleted their own limbs I do not know how long . a golden light emitted from Yeyu Xuan eyes, slowly got up, straightened, he looks like most of a hard-edged sword. moment no one o'clock he was covered malaise of color. Manner foes reached a peak level. But Yeyu Xuan's face but did not the slightest excitement, but with a hint of sadness depressed. still a little shy, sent a little bit. their gold will be able to advance to the intermediate, the moment he has a foot in which the ratio Here are just entering the tips of some, but also because he felt so extremely depressed, obviously vague hint of that doorway groping, but in any case they do not break in. Obviously if a thief with a general master key, The door can be opened to make the world, but this is swinging in a family for a long time, can not find the key insertion hole, so no matter how you want to Yeyu Xuan feel depressed? gently sighed, shook his head, glanced floating in front of the ancient Lord of the Rings, slowly: "evil day, how are you, success came out to meet me. "Depressed mood also pervades the mind, so to speak tone takes on a hint of displeasure." Hey, how, not been restored yet? How mood is not good? "See that look of indifference is not the slightest expression Yeyu Xuan face, now appeared unhappy expression, slightly glanced at him, Captain Obvious." I? "Yeyu Xuan Zhang mouth, a little thought for a moment, with Jisi impatience hair and depressed and said: Well do not say, it is more accurate to say the province. Still talk about you, how are you, to see you still have feelings joke, it should be a success, right? "Oh, indeed, will be that the soul of the evil dragon head Spitz absorbed after all, when finally regained some strength. Although still very far away from that year, but enough to withstand the challenges now. "Oh, really?" Yeyu Xuan eyes light up, excited, said. Since that evil day's so sure, then go after the talk, the world seems to be able to cope with all the difficulties down. "Then let's go." Confidence rose, self-confident Yeyu Xuan Road out towards the evil day light,OP Art Coach UK, floating in space will be one of the ancient Lord of the Rings in their hands, to wear. Walked toward the next level. Not too much thinking. Yeyu Xuan quickly through the stairs onto the fifth floor without the slightest record, according to the outside network game DNF understanding Yeyu Xuan vaguely knew there lived a king - small pineapple,Nike Jordan Flight 9, as well as several of his knights guarding. Sly turn, slowly walking, by virtue of the hidden skills of miraculous, even his own heartbeat Yeyu Xuan into the weakest level. This touched the ground outside the room. First ear to the wall to listen for a while, and nothing happened after discovery. Before slowly pushing the iron gate, while Firmly lift gates, so as not to have the slightest contact with the ground, to avoid release sound, alerted the people inside. Slowly close the door again. Until now. Yeyu Xuan everything is perfect, not a trace of voices. Can be called flawless. Faint fragrance filled the nose, the room was dark. When Yeyu Xuan straightened in time. He saw a pair of blue eyes dead but clear manner, "Who?" Silence and with a somewhat puzzled voice trembling. Broken. Yeyu Xuan immediately react. No explanation in time, golden light in the stimulation of the release of spiritual power out, not even less to see the maiden appearance, already fainted again. How this is so, how could this woman? The most important thing is how she found his? , For the first time. Yeyu Xuan crazy rushed to the front, since he has been exposed, then of course unnecessary in the secretive, hidden herself in this layer of the strong, not afraid, but the strength of battle that you want to save the last layer was sealed magic shadow, get that masterpiece Artifact - Shennong tripod. Just at this time, to the right of the wall has been in an extremely high-handed action of a grudge fragmented. A voice sounded deep and icy ground, "What man." Not too much to ignore, Yeyu Xuan theosophy did not even have to see, because by virtue of the spiritual power of perception, already stuck the other guy is just a silver peak, although placed where be considered as a strong, but in the present Yeyu Xuan eyes, has become mentally like ants. Want crush, anytime, anywhere. And it can not cause any effective damage on Yeyu Xuan, not as much time left to seize a little run, strive to disturb the owner before leaving this place. With the rapid rush Yeyu Xuan, surrounded with walls exploding one after another, but it seems as if these are the clouds in Yeyu Xuan general, did not make him appear the slightest distraction, still without looking rushed toward the terminal. H -, with a sly blast of speed, combined with the powerful energy of gold, just between the moment, Yeyu Xuan they broke into the innermost layer, hard to darkness began, could not stop his golden energy intensity. But when he entered a house last time, he also clearly felt like a lock over came a freezing breath. Do not ask, they have been found. "Come, which it wants to go?" [Hammer Wang Bo Luoding] Leng Heng, he was not angry at this time. The release of a bloodthirsty eyes to light, has been a long no one dared to touch him in his brow, and killings. Has always been his favorite to do. But since the band here then, I have no such opportunity. Today he has to stretch your muscles and joints. Deep gold stance instantaneous release of energy. Air seemed frozen in general, a huge suction pulling force in Yeyu Xuan head, it is simply irresistible force, Yeyu Xuan just feel the body sank. The next moment. He had to escape faster than the speed of direct flights and sucked on. No tension and confusion, combat experience extremely rich Yeyu Xuan, controlling his body turned over in the air, just the face of the hammer Wang Bo Luoding. Finally saw the mysterious space ruler. Up to three meters to the magnificent physique,Air Jordan 14, deep gold of energy decided not to release the primary gold. But the higher the gold Intermediate unique logo. That is deep golden light near freezing can tear even the air crushed, dressed in a red lu black upper body armor. His eyes just as bloodthirsty look prey staring Yeyu Xuan. Do not use Demon Edge, did not use the ancient mine stone, because the gap between the two bands which are not destined Yeyu Xuan each opponent, unless the use of the hands of the ancient Lord of the Rings, relying on the power of the evil days to be able to beat him. "Risk-takers." Hammer Wang Bo Luoding Yeyu Xuan looked surprised, he did not want some of the guys have not seen, do not know, as the year the mainland generation ruler, he may still be seen on some of the antique. Handsome face. To face their own powerful energy still able to maintain grace temperament. Heimou clear to the color did not panic. Powerful physical energy intensity to the extreme, if they are in his age, one hundred nor is he an opponent. Able to steal into his residence without being discovered next, but it is normal, but for that guy cries, he really did not know what to actually come home so a guest. However, whether it is surprised or appreciation. Are unable to make a hammer to kill the king Bo Luoding disappeared, he did not use their energy to tear Yeyu Xuan gas field, he wants to hand, only through the hands to feel that hot land of blood in order to make him really excited, this is his favorite places. Hammer Wang Bo Luoding also a hobby that raw humanity. For him. That is the most delicious food. Hammer Wang Bo Luoding in front of this man think that he will soon become a victim of the hands, hearts and minds will have delicious edible ground when he saw the Yeyu Xuan places his left hand. Shining golden sheen left hand. Slowly fists, boxing is also wrapped around an elegant black strange light, as if a thin line. Gold Power? What primary power, black light, I've heard a little familiar ah. But in front of me is still useless. The idea was just rising, he suddenly surprised to find that the original anti-energy street with his energy aura suction to Yeyu Xuan suddenly gave up resistance. With that group reference point in the golden glow of a black fist towards his body to the shells generally come pediment. E! ~! . . <
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