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31.05.2013 02:21
the prime minister Fuchu antworten
> King thought suddenly laughed: "The last time you suddenly disappear to leave, it should be the task has been completed it, this time back, just to get that artifact Ding Shen Nong right? But also alone into our world, is carrying his teammates back you? "Yeyu Xuan smile a cry, he looked down and said:" No, they ...... another task when they died, so I want to come back, to get Shen Ding now the strength to make up the gap until it reaches the strongest, will it be possible to help them revive, but if there is no chance of winning, I would never go to fight, after all the other world also has artifact, but I think the chances of this world to get more large, putting the cart before the things I can not do it, it is so simple things. "dilemma on the occasion of the King suddenly distant sky, thunder sounded like an exploding. Endless black gas into the sky, but also to the outside constantly filled. "Oh, His Majesty the King and that was .... it is." The prime minister looked at the dark mass of the sky, as if at any fall in general,Nike Air Jordan, shocked shouted. Yeyu Xuan is the first time I saw this elderly such a gaffe. "How this is so, how could this, obviously still a year or so, why, Is, Is he broke?" The king also gaffe shouted, apparently a foreign land in the sky, so that they fear incomparable. "This is the Dark City was detained inside the guy?" Yeyu Xuan grin, full of shock and looked at the side of the two, his face questioning of color. "Yes?" The king lamented loudly, although reluctant to admit, but nodded. "This kind of strength, you want me to go, this is not to kill me?" Yeyu Xuan burst of anger growled,Oakley Lifestyle Online, apparently for them deceive themselves feel very angry. "Eh. Then seal it, but he is the gold junior, although knows just a few decades will become so strong between, a process, then it ....." said the king suddenly felt something here, suddenly stopped. Questioning glance to see Yeyu Xuan eyes, whispered: "For decades, the Dark City have not been any riots, so we all thought he was already dead, who would have thought he was painstakingly plot concerns the strength enough to wait until the moment , suddenly broke. "bad king to break the limit. "The prime minister soon burst drink, interrupted their conversation, not far along while watching the sky, I saw the towering Dark City suddenly crazy shake up the slightest of cracks in the solid wall above. Seen Yeyu Xuan is stunned, go over that which people know how sturdy the walls in the end. Silver Yingkang strong blow can live while the suppression of which at the moment only people roar, it can make the walls crack, the strength can be conceivable. "broken. "Looked increasingly large cracks, Yeyu Xuan Light said loudly." Roar, "Another roar, walls cracked greater, this is a sound like a devil-like Dark City from the top of the pass out." Asian Alexandra, today is your last day. Then the pain, I will take ten times, a hundred times back to you. "Volcanic eruptions like anger, hatred, pass into the underground city town everyone's ears." Go die. "Another roar, a black silhouette in the air slowly emerging. Hatred eyes staring straight Kings - Alexandria. Was standing aside, there is no formal Yeyu Xuan this pair of eyes, which can feel hatred. While many people were in great fear,oakley eyeglasses sale, the Dark City tip suddenly exudes a dazzling, Veris ten million, one of the world's shining brightly lit, golden light among Yeyu Xuan vaguely see a bronze Baoding, kept shake, shake every look, shine on bright floor. to the last ten million light sparkle. Xia like a man of God has life in general, begin wrapping the black mist. strong SG like these black gas nemesis general. bright light, such as water waves in general, all the black gas distributed on the outer wrap, which eventually fall to the dark city convergence. "Well, well, today was my miscalculation, really did not expect this at the moment there is such a tripod to power, you wait up to a year, I will shut my countless years these Shennong tripod break, by that time I see you how to hide. "Arrogant tone echoed in the whole world, long endless, but now things have gone through the entire underground city in the world, but no one thought he could not do it." Sorry, it seems that this matter I can not help you, You ask others to make it. "Coldly watched King - Alexandria one, silent no emotional road. Seen just inside the suppression of the strength of the strong, Yeyu Xuan heart secretly smile, the moment he could not let himself believe that the other party leave to retreat into the Chinese people for thousands of years summed up the experience, in this situation, do not you guys in a few crafty trick. ', etc., Yeyong Shi so. "King - Alexandria composure apparently just disappeared, toward the prime minister blinked. Since the prime minister pleading voice hoarse throat issued. Corner of the eye glanced both the two little tricks panoramic view, back to two of the figure, mouth slightly pursed an amplitude. Look nothing like the shade of a young man's face should be. The slow pace was originally left immediately halt, whispered: "how, between us, there is nothing to say, so no credibility, I see no need to talk about it anymore." Yeyong Shi, I admit that we wrong, but I do not believe you do not want that extremely artifact, or else you would not come here. Vaillant artifact that you can see, especially his ability to seal, just to get him, I believe you will once again raise the strength. "The prime minister said slowly, but the sound but with tremendous self-confidence, as if considered quasi Yeyu Xuan will stop." So, now that I'm just going to go and what battle, you can not beat him, how could get artifact recognition? "Gun-like language Pente want to ask your own words to say, showing a very impatient look." Year after his positive, we have to consider such a situation, so we have developed a number of capable suppress his items. If you like, we can now fully cooperate with you and assist you to get the artifact - Shen Ding How? "" This? You first finding out your items to me about it. Let me think about it. "Ye Yuxuan rubbed his chin, careful thought for a moment road." How not. ? "Forget it, you better find someone else this thing right, I do not Senate combined. Watching them hesitant expression, was meditating, and immediately said, then wanted to walk out the door," and so on, "silent King finally spoke. heard the commanding voice, Yeyu Xuan considered exhaustive count confident that surfaced once again in the face. an implicit dies, turned around to see the king slowly and loudly: "Your Majesty, may I ask are there any advice? "Hear Ye Yuxuan actual persecution seemingly respectable discourse, King turned unchanging, self-confidence and said:" how decades of silence may not be a little flip, Do not worry, I'm sure at least three of its overall strength weakened into how ? "" Three percent? With his strength so that even three percent reduction in the world still belongs invincible, I was not the slightest chance of winning. "Ye Yuxuan meditation for a while, frowning." I have here a bottle of holy water, the Emperor, you can temporarily elevate those who took a class, duration one hour, without any side effects, "looking Yeyu Xuan eyes, stressing each syllable Road King." good deal, as long as you can do the above conditions, this busy I helped set up. "Ye Yuxuan not embarrass the two, because everything needs to figure out a degree, only to master this degree in order to obtain the maximum benefit. Flashed between, three days later, on this day he is still sitting in the prime minister Fuchu meditate." Boom , boom. "Wooden percussion voice sounded." In. "Light drink soon, Yeyu Xuan slowly opened his eyes. Middle-aged prime minister came from outside the door. Hands holding a parcel, watching Yeyu Xuan smiled and said:" His Majesty the King has promised to bring you something, please Look. "Opened the package. A gold box flashing a dazzling golden light, appeared in Yeyu Xuan eyes. Without the slightest reaction, open gold box, a crystal bottle appears. One will get in the hands of the bottle. Mind suddenly flashed out its details. Mikado holy water, underground city first generation rulers through hardships, in the use of the artifact out of the powerful Shen Ding refining syrup. then Dungeons world experience great distress, destruction going on in the underground city on the occasion, the emperor summoned ten thousand warriors, gave them each a bottle of holy water, the Emperor, and ultimately invading demons beheaded in one fell swoop in the future. lived underground city to defend the right to rule. effects, ignoring the body strength, short-term up a notch, no side effects. short line word, but it is so extremely Yeyu Xuan heart, the effect is too strong, coupled with their own ancient gods descend to earth, so that they can be directly upgraded to gold senior Do not say repression three into strength, that is, heyday, Yeyu Xuan also be a war. greed, excitement the eyes of the skull in Yeyu Xuan underground fleeting moment, crafty prime minister unaware slightest. "well, the effect is really exactly the same, and the king said. "I am very satisfied with the king's sincerity I've seen. Having two mutually seems the other one, but with a laugh." King Let me tell you, the other two days, he can reduce that guy inside three into a strength, that time may depend on Yeyong Shi it. "Ye Yuxuan patted the shoulders of the prime minister, solemnly." Rest assured, if not for your sake, I also want to get the artifact Ding Shen ah, I would definitely go all out, "We have been to each other since, Yeyu Xuan course To meet some, giving some confidence. E! ~! .. <
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