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31.05.2013 02:20
quiet princess finally demonstrated antworten
> "Clouds," consciousness gradually return, gently shouted, eyes closed, arms to the side a flutter, ready to hug the soft Jiaoqu. "Well? Did not?" Rushed to empty, Yeyu Xuan finally wake up, open your eyes, it really is not a willow clouds beside the figure. "Clouds, clouds." Yeyu Xuan frowned, whisper in bed together. After a few moments the sound has been no response, Yeyu Xuan finally felt wrong, his eyes suddenly bursts open eyes, golden flash, spiritual power scattered out. The house was empty, without the slightest life forms exist. "People do?" An open quilt, stood up from the bed, got up and went downstairs looking for Gang Yu, a white piece of paper that catches his eye. "This, this is?" Press heart to have doubts, pick up a piece of paper, open the watch. "Sheen, when you see this letter, I have gone, I'm sorry, please forgive me leave without saying goodbye, this time something happened at home, I had to go back. Handling things at home so I finished, I will will come back to you, when do you want to punish me all OK ...... "real go? "Completely sober after Yeyu Xuan, body to the back of a belief, at the hands of letterheads, Light said loudly, deadpan do not know what it is.." Eh. "Sound helpless sigh, a hotel in the air when echoed, shook his head. Give a second thought, Yeyu Xuan gave up to find her now, after all the things inside the home, even if a problem is not good for her cause too much impact, Or at least life safety can be guaranteed. Secondly, these days along down from the experience can be seen, Liu clouds strength of the family is definitely not weak,oakley sunglasses online, according to Ye Yuxuan current speculation, at least one to two gold strong level, so powerful lineup, how could an accident. After some self-comforting, Yeyu Xuan finally calm down, a man walked slowly train station,Sunglasses Coach, boarded the return train. and princesses Five confluence after Yeyu Xuan thinking for a long time, and finally or not the courage to meet the parents of his brothers, the ultimate measure of the pros and cons, with their brothers in the name of, respectively, to send a letter to their parents, at the same time send a large amount of pension. thing entirely to do Long gone two or three days after the battle will be more dangerous, taking advantage of this time to rest, Yeyu Xuan Five go home immediately to accompany their parents. remaining Yeyu Xuan and princesses two people, standing face to face, brother's death sentimental, plus Liu clouds quietly let Yeyu Xuan immediately without the slightest emotion. want to hold up the hands are struggling a lot, Dayton in the mid-air. "too many things these days, I'm tired, go back bar. "Ye Yuxuan whispered language with unspeakable depression, so the princess heart wants to say, stunned one did not say. Yeyu Xuan followed silently behind. Two days of rest, calm the mood, practicing over, just opened his eyes, he saw the front of steaming hot porridge, hearts gratitude was palpable. rapid drinking in front of hot porridge, sounded two days for their meticulous princess, cold heart suddenly a hot. "Kacha. "Sound Cui Xiang, the door opened down, a familiar figure came into view." Sheen, you practice done. "Princess look of surprise and watching the whirring shout porridge Yeyu Xuan Tao." Amount, uh, yes. "Look at that face of surprises, with a trace of sorrow, a trace of hope in the eyes, hearts softest place immediately touched, the original words to the mouth, temporary changes, watching princess firm promised." Hee giggle. "Happy laughter, accompanied by the sound of a firm Yeyu Xuan certainly sounded." Oh, come on, really, a few months, the city is still the same as before, and my future is unknown, we went walking around today to see this many people yearning for the land, the land of countless people realize their dreams wonderful. Initiative to hold the hand of the princess in her in surprise and shy, already took him out the door. "Want to go play?" Asked softly, for just this has been quietly for their dedication woman, Ye Yuxuan hearts full of gratitude, pity, guilt ..... mixed feelings. "Where all good." Said the princess joy, while the back and whispered added: "As long as you are." Sounds small, but at the moment Yeyu Xuan strength, even if it is a mosquito flew from the side, but also able to hear clearly, let alone phrase whispered muttering. The meaning of guilt could not help even more, I want to be compensated heart occupy his entire heart. "Women are not all like shopping? I hear people say that there are two other beauty here, one here, shopping malls, all new clothes, everything. Want to be able to buy anything .. There is also a night market here is absolutely night lights, can be described as beautiful to the extreme. "shopping, good eh," Joy's voice issued from the mouth of the princess, looking cheerful smile, Yeyu Xuan believes it must be his innermost real show. came to the mall, quiet princess finally demonstrated the woman had belonged to her everywhere, a piece of clothing he add to cart among the cries of joy and laughter issued from its mouth. Yeyu Xuan slightly statistics about it, she was laughing today, the number of than known him since combined. Soon large bags, filled with Yeyu Xuan's body, at the end, the whole Yeyu Xuan people have been out of sight, leaving only those piles of shopping bags. nightfall, crazy princess for a day finally quiet down. looking for a freight company, will piles of shopping bags, transported back. simply ate supper people walked into the brightly lit streets. watched people coming and going of pedestrians, one pairs, mostly young couples, or whisper, whisper a secret between the two recounts,Coach Handbags Sale, or close, the crisp sound of joy resounded Shino. "carefree is Sure. "Ye Yuxuan softly feeling a lot, do not know why, since the brothers have left, plus Liu clouds of walked out, the original self-confident, cheerful Yeyu Xuan, a slight change in mood occurred." Sheen. We can also, I firmly believe that we will be able to. "Listen love the lover feeling sad issue, looking eyeful of vicissitudes, the princess can not help but grab Yeyu Xuan's hand, encouraging road." Places. "Slightly surprised a moment, then laughed, confident momentum back to the body. Pity touched the princess that a black hair, slowly and loudly:" Yes, we must be able to, by virtue of our efforts, we must be able to do . "Without eachother sweet words, there is no permanence sweet words. A simple firm words, but it is so long princess gathered grievances moment totally disappeared. V! ~! .. <
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