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31.05.2013 02:18
forward pass through space antworten
> The sky above, a golden light rapid flight escape. Www, quanBEn, cOM murmured: "The closer, getting closer." "Call." Spiritual power has been a concern that the flame suddenly Baoshan up light to the extreme. "Here is a Bronze You must be here," rapid progress in the golden figure of an abrupt ending, confident words from his mouth issued. This person is just to stay in the gentle Yeyu Xuan. What makes him great perseverance in the hearts of the two woman restrain desire, from gentle Township leave. Originally in Yeyu Xuan manipulation, ready to two women closer to the room, to a large Sleeping time being. Heart suddenly jump, frowned at the hands of two women who take advantage of it stops, spiritual force immediately detect it, that group actually faint flames at the moment fully restored to its original proportions, even more powerful than the previous, and this kind of powerful still being improved, did not come down trend. "Bronze is really not dead." Excited Yeyu Xuan blurted, his face the color of joy excitement, and loneliness. Fast and kissed each of the two female faces, in the joy of laughter, a golden light into a mass escape, flying out. Leaving only two women look shy. Close your eyes, take a step by step slowly, spiritual force probed over again Yeyu Xuan already know, it is absolutely impossible to rely on mental strength bronze investigate the location, this time only rely on that group of bronze fire of the soul. On this piece of land on top when it reaches a certain position, the fire of the soul to the limit of the shining point of time, it represents a bronze there. However, do not use spiritual power, only the feel of the fire of the soul shining degree in a radius of nearly dozens ground looking, is undoubtedly a difficult project. One hour, two hours ...... I do not know how long, Yeyu Xuan draw in their own land among under-inch radius, eyes closed slowly walking, heart to feel. "Haha, right here, certainly is here." Slow walking pace to live Yeyu Xuan suddenly stopped, laughed loudly. I read about it, he finally found a bronze skeleton location. "Bronze, bronze, can you hear me? This time, I'm sorry you, sorry everyone, but you come out ah, give me a chance to compensate you." Yeyu Xuan deep voice filled with a deep sense of guilt. Did not answer the voice, gently sigh, as if facing the void himself: "I admit that I have been to you as my men, but today starts from today, you're my Yeyu Xuan brother. Come out Let me put the fire of the soul returned to you, you and you're free of the body, to honor my promise, bronze give me a chance. "remain silent no sound, Yeyu Xuan sighed:" I'll be here waiting for you, you DOTA specified time to the end of the world, until they are obliterated. "Then, sitting cross-legged, even really sit and not move. Time flies, the rapid passage of time, twinkling of an eye has come to the last day. "Bit," Sheen where you hurry back, ah, time to go to it. "This is the message sent by the princess." Bit, Yeyu Xuan where you do, an out is a few days, is not where to go whoring, and quickly came back to me, we have to return to reality. "Seeing Liu clouds information content, Yeyu Xuan entirely conceivable that she has given this information, it looks pretty angry vexation." Third brother, no matter where you come home, we left you six brothers and me, although you strong, but .... I do not want you out of things. "Five of the information so Yeyu Xuan hearts of a fever. Stunned for a moment, his eyes flashed a decidedly. According to the order, one by one back to the message, telling them he did not go with them, let them go, and then the devil Square rounds, after which they made a down, quietly practicing, waiting. Finally one hour, still silent no sound around, the last ten minutes, surrounded by silently last two minutes, still silent a minute, or a silence. slowly stood up,Poppy Collection Coach Outlet, opened his lips, looking up at the heavens: "Bronze, today I am responsible for my mistakes, accompany you to death. "Ye Yuxuan close space among two skull, quietly watching the scene, listening Yeyu Xuan resolute words. A skull and finally stood up:" Ancestors, I'm going out, I'll tell him go back. "" He put you harm in such a way, you are willing to sacrifice their lives for him to go? Say you last have died once, and the change of the have been changed, it would also like to die once! "Another shouted angry skull, apparently for their own children's performance is extremely angry." Although he had been using me, but I did not how he would break silver junior, without him, how can I come into this world without him .... "bronze skull narrative slowly, and finally head to see to their ancestors, green eyes met. Bronze Skull firm said:" ancestors, and I believe him. "" You, eh! "Ancestors softly Yi Tan, and finally took a step back and said:" The road is your own choice, as long as you do not regret later. "" I believe in my own choices. "Bronze Skull step unrelenting said." Okay, but I can not afford to let you out, if you want to go out only by your own efforts, over the year me or I was also gone out, how come so end. "Seeing his face flashed bronze skull anxious expression, ancestors changed the subject," but I can help you pass a word out. "" In a word? Also OK "bronze skull frowned, for the ancestors words, he was not very satisfactory but can only accept, after all, there is a word better than nothing right." You tell him, Lord, no, Sheen "look to ancestors deterrence eyes,Air Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, bronze skull immediately re said: Sheen I'm fine, and got our family's ancient heritage skull, you go back, so I pass finished, they will go back and find you. "thirty seconds, Yeyu Xuan closed his eyes. Silently waiting for the death penalty. Twenty seconds, it's still the case. Ten seconds or unchanged. "Ancestors, biography, ah, Come on, do not have time." Bronze skull anxiously shouted. "Rest assured, I had an idea, I'd like to see that he is not really dead to accompany you, and let you see his true face." Ancestors snapped, then complete, regardless of the bronze skull how to request, and no longer ignore nothing. "Five seconds," the ancestors, bronze skull burst drink out, apparently angry, frightened to the extreme. "Noisy," finger stretched it out, a transparent energy sent from the fingers, suddenly out of the green bronze skull wildfire outside of the eye can blink, any part of my body are a move can not move. Three seconds, bronze skeleton determined if they feel it, I'm afraid at the moment already jumped out. In addition to the ancestors eyes look angry, but also with a hint of despair. Two seconds, Yeyu Xuan always motionless,Sunglasses Coach Cheap, watching their posture like really prepared together with the bronze skeleton buried them in this world. Second, ancestors Antan a cry, look to Yeyu Xuan's eyes also filled with complex look, listen bronze skull from his introduction Yeyu Xuan discourse among the ancestors would not believe how, Yeyu Xuan will order bronze skull, abandoning life . But only this last one second, if Yeyu Xuan did, did it almost zero probability. Bronze Skull blog that is full of dead eyes, and told him of his decision, that is to accompany Yeyu Xuan, along with death, to the time of the ancient heritage of family skeletons really broken. By the time he is the eternal sinner. Such a big bet he did not dare. Mouth open and transparent energy bound up their words, forward pass through space barriers, enter Yeyu Xuan ears. "Sheen I'm fine, and got our ancient heritage skull family, you go back, so I pass finished, they will go back and find you." Is a bronze skeleton is sound, in that last second, Yeyu Xuan heard, listen He always wanted to voice, smile surfaced on his cheek. This is just the moment of the moment, it's still been bronze skull and his ancestors captured. Bronze Skull felt very normal to hear the news that he is still alive, it is a normal smile, but that smile look in the eyes of ancestors, but it makes the old man burst scared, because he had the same year also saw the smile, and the His final outcome is, forever trapped in a strange space. Now, they see, how can so he does not startling. Does not allow him to think, outside Yeyu Xuan burst drink loudly: "return." Whole person instantly disappear. "Come back, you finally willing to come back." Why how late, you know that the time has come, if at the time you are in one minute .... late. "Behind the words Liu clouds did not say, but the meaning is very clear. Listening to Liu clouds vocal chatter, Yeyu Xuan reported only to smile, but his eyes look to the side of the people, I hope they can help say two, But a gentle, considerate considerate Five princess and the deep feelings remain silent did not say a word, look at times posture, Yeyu Xuan how can I not understand, they are back in their own back before a good discussion. Now that can not be avoided simply Yeyu Xuan Ren Liuyun smoke continue to say it, but at the same time the energy he used to seal his hearing, making their own would not listen to any sound while pretending remorse underground head, it looks more like a, making sure that no one doubted. danger has passed, Yeyu Xuan probe into spiritual force among ancient Lord of the Rings: "evil days, you really expect accurate, how do you infer Bronze Skull and Bones voice heard at the last moment? "" Oh, I'm not God, how would I know. "Evil justice deserved Road." What, you do not know, how could you let me wait until the end of time. If he do not really outgoing voice, I not? "Ye Yuxuan exclaimed. V! ~! .. <
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