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31.05.2013 02:17
yes you are the fishes antworten
> Princess Gang Yu mouth to speak, "When, when, when. WWw, quanbeN, cOM" sound coming from the door position. This trio has been sound to attract, turned his head to look like a servant girl dressed like a girl, surprised mouths, hands holding the pot already knocked to the ground. "You, what are you, you can not mess come ah, this is not like you can come prodigal son Gordon Acts." Little maidservants look alert, with a heavy threat discourse meaning said. "Oh, a little beauty, where do you see that I am a registered apprentice prodigal? Are we previously ....." Yeyu Xuan is a little maidservants, then tone music, the original clear vision immediately changed gentile, in little maidservants tremble on stand ** glanced frivolous in tone with the slightest surprised asked. "You, you shameless." Yeyu Xuan looked like a wolf's eyes, listening to his frivolous language, little maidservants Xiunao Road, I do not know what to say, but pure float slightest blush cheeks. "Interesting, if not no time, and really can be more tease her for a while." Yeyu Xuan secretly thought that my heart rises faint pleasure. Turned away, no longer ignore little maidservants, facing the Five and Princess Chen Sheng said: "Go, there has been alerted, we first get out of here!" They did not answer, "No, you can not with their "sound pure sound emitted from small maidservants mouth, although pleasant, but one decidedly enrich the color. Frowned, in the eyes of the beholder fleeting hint. "Sheen, not how impulsive, ah, is not dangerous to stay here, we are the owner lives saved, if you want to kill us, today you can not see us." Felt Yeyu Xuan's intention to kill, sensitive princess emergency channel. "Do you think the world, in addition to our own players as well be able to trust the people?" Yeyu Xuan Chen Sheng said, mocking tone seems like surprised. "We do not believe in the beginning, but because of someone's reasons, I have to believe." Princess dough voice suddenly becomes sharpened, see Yeyu Xuan surprised, Jian Mei a, look to Five. "She said he was one of your old friends, since the legendary first world knew you, even told us that he knew a bunch of things about you, there are a lot we do not know, she actually has all clear. "feel the slightest smell of gunpowder in the air enriched Road, Five although reluctant, but see that questioning look Yeyu Xuan, or slowly revealed. "How could that person must be lying to you, how could I know such a man, absolutely no, go quickly, and he certainly was a lie." Yeyu Xuan slightly a thinking, how come he still can not remember Such an acquaintance. "Well, things did not give much time to forget, I'll give you a hint! Her name is Liu clouds, do not know enough to remind it?" Princess glanced Yeyu Xuan one. In particular, said: "Liu clouds" in the name, when any one of the field are able to feel a deep sense of jealousy from their mouths. "She," Ye Yuxuan surprised cried. Face full of complex color, is not to say in front of the princess, his heart has always had two women, one is himself in his most vulnerable and most in need of someone, ruthless throwing themselves, hurt themselves the most, almost let own woman thoroughly disheartened --- Lu Yuyan. Another is to get a woman under that accident - Liu clouds. See the last one, do not know because their strength becomes so powerful, already exceeded her imagination. Or have other reasons, an inevitable battle originally Yeyu Xuan thought, actually surprisingly did not happen. It also fixes a moment their relationship. They thought on when Yeyu Xuan En resentment resentment written off since then, the basic will not meet it, though God knows unpredictable, the next world, followed by the next world, meet again, ah, but each has its own help sum, so nobody knows for sure, Yeyu Xuan did not know how to understand is good. "Go, take me to your master, I have things to talk to her." Means an indescribable rises from Yeyu Xuan heart, looked at the little maidservants lightly. "Good, good to have a skill you told on me." Little maidservants heard in front of Gordon Acts prodigal actually let yourself Qu Han masters. Spirit immediately startled, pink outstretched finger pointing Yeyu Xuan Road. Meanwhile heart secretly thinking: "You're a prodigal son Gordon believers, dead, want to see my master, and I will not take you to see her silly, if you caught her, I just die a hundred times to have been allayed Lady not mind share anger. thought he was not bad, I'll take you to see his wife, let her guard around four lessons you. "looked at the little maidservants capricious expression transformation, Yeyu Xuan secretly smile, nor puncture, he also wanted to see this place in the end what mystery, what strong charge, actually more than the king of the city but also arrogant Guards, magnificent. "You two take a break for a while, I'll be coming, so I." Last word to say when, Yeyu Xuan gently holding the hand of the princess that whitening Johnson, his eyes filled with dough friendship, slow Slow road. First, the expression of guilt in my mind, two is to express deep friendship. That really hear Yeyu Xuan although simple word, looked at him in the eyes of tenderness, a surge of sweet from inside the body front, flowing in the limbs, but the moment the moment, just kind of jealousy disappears without a trace. A thousand words, the dough into a silent nod friendship with languishing eyes incoming Yeyu Xuan heart. Out the door with the back of a small quiet walk with her maid, without assailing the mood, with a hint of heavy hearts, thinking about the clouds to see the willow, while she herself how should do? Winding streets, through double palace, in front of floral bursts, refreshing, Nagareizumi gurgle, colored flowers flourish, of course, the most enthusiastic or roses in full bloom, the fragrance of flowers in the wind around the entire inside Rose Garden. "Rose." Yeyu Xuan lower slopes gently uttered, his eyes with the slightest shock, because it is not in this world should have something that obviously is a product of the real world. "You know." First little maidservants right behind the prodigal son Gordon had only the slightest curiosity, turned his head and gently asked. "Of course." Yeyu Xuan said yes. Xiao Jing flowers along the road through the heavy fragrance of flower forest, came to the only room in the Rose Garden. "Your master on the inside." Yeyu Xuan frowned, facing the front of the little maid asked. Because he obviously felt from the inside four shares strong momentum, although you can certainly do not own the other powerful, yet to junior gold, but silver peak, and even kicked into gold junior, it is almost beyond doubt. "Of course, how are you afraid of? Afraid to go?" Little maidservants sound with some ridicule, contempt in the eyes glanced Yeyu Xuan. "Hey," did not answer her words, although they are excited to know each other, but even with that four silver peak guy, but do not let Yeyu Xuan feel the slightest danger, even the gold level, as long as not reached gold intermediate, even if the other gold primary peak, Yeyu Xuan too do not fear, even dare threatened, can win. Light footsteps tread, walked slowly to where. Strolling, I do not know who thought he was visiting their yards in general. Outstretched palm gently, working with the door, knocking sounds sounded very soft sounds, like fairy sound filled the next nine days. Plus the songs that people fascinated by sound, so Yeyu Xuan mind of a swing. Arms stretched in the air is also a moment of pause. In this quiet until the first song with the slightest sound bleak ending, Yeyu Xuan before slowly retreating door, after all, who can not be in the tone of their voice heard on the occasion will be interrupted, it is the music of heaven, mortal if let it stop, it could be that big a sin. Open houses, rooms smelled a hint of fragrance, like musk, such as blue, addictive. "Pearl white curtain made of sight among its Yeyu Xuan, Lianhou scene with the slightest blur, but Yeyu Xuan still be able to see a ballpark. Quaint Qintai ago, a woman in black Rubao, brimming with a spirited, focused Qin, no trace of frivolous, some just poetry rhyme precipitation to China. "guests coming, what advice. "Women did not because Yeyu Xuan's unexpected entry in the slightest surprise, slow voice said." You are not clouds willow, willow clouds Where? "Puzzled frowned, Yeyu Xuan Chen Sheng said. Did not because of the immediate environment, and forget their purpose of this trip." Your mouth is a thing of the man? "Woman's voice suddenly high up, with a hint of anger surprised at not just the kind of otherworldly fairy smells." Yes. "Slightly hesitated, Yeyu Xuan bite the bullet and said." Wind, flowers, snow, moon. "Give me his win. Volcanic eruptions like the fire of the anger of the general population from the woman burst. Carter, tones Jiao, respectively, from Yeyu Xuan around the four cardinal came. Screens outbreak within a burst of strong momentum out, with a flick of the aroma, graceful stature come Yeyu Xuan front. eyes woman slender body symmetry, dizzying beauty, she is really good to the extreme. an orange hair like dusk with sunset general Cecil desolate beauty, extremely charming beautiful face, a pair of big eyes watery, as if to say a word. Joan straight nose, lips moist tongue licking lips,Sunglasses Coach Sale, described as charming to the extreme. necked white jade in general, ** stand Vibrato, waistline Yingying a grip, rounded buttock, ** slender. This is definitely a witch, she was wearing a tight black mesh, exposing large areas of white skin, the graceful curve of exquisite Jiaoqu fully sketched out. looked at her charge out toward his arms from, if not in the hands of the sword icy cold bursts, with footmarks beautiful face, Yeyu Xuan himself some doubts will without a fight drop. "to the good," Ye Yuxuan light drink soon, his eyes no intention to kill, first, because they though unidentified, but certainly their associated clouds and Liu, otherwise it will not a hear himself admitted, immediately fell out. The second front of the woman simply no threat on their own, so beautiful woman, and kill Unfortunately, the most critical is that if this woman and Liu clouds what relationships, it may be discredited goodbye to her. Which of course is mainly because One reason for this is the only Yeyu Xuan mind is most known. Han Jian approximation, Yeyu Xuan very calm and composed, like fast flying is a white ribbon, not freezing cold of the sword. "death. "[Flowers] Dharma soon Jiaohe silver peak energy which incoming foes. Suddenly Ice Sword glory big release, more powerful than the previous surpassed." When. "Seeing Ice sword will pierce your own soul's day, Yeyu Xuan quickly stretched out his right index finger and middle finger, one will be aggressive with speed swiftly down the sword when the moment from its tip almost without the slightest gap between the eyebrows. Ie [said] law enforcement only need to spend more than a trace of the energy pushed, so be Yeyu Xuan sword grip the ice moving forward trace, Yeyu Xuan whole people will die of her sword, and so into the distance, eyes excited to spend law enforcement the color flashed, seems to have seen the Yeyu Xuan died at the scene of his sword. drastic, fully pushed ice sword, however it did not, how any of its desperate efforts were Yeyu Xuan jammed ice sword is not the slightest advance . "shipped to you too, here I want to turn, then good! "Emanating from the other side of the murderous, so was prepared to play, not to harm these beautiful woman Yeyu Xuan, mind flashed anger." Off "two-finger grip hard sound and broken sword," retreat ", with majestic Sheng with unquestionable breath, broken tip toward the [flower] Dharma rapidly flying away. Yeyu Xuan heard the words, [flower] law enforcement body like an uncontrolled general, volley tumbling backward recede. looking at flying in the air The graceful figure, Yeyu Xuan eyes, revealing the slightest appreciation of the meaning. "ah. "Tip pierced the delicate arm pain came, so that's, turning volley flying [flower] law enforcement, unconsciously shouted. Slightest blood since fingertips tender skin can be broken snow flowing out." Bold Zeizi, that life to. "Ye Yuxuan see their sisters were wounded, the other three directions simultaneously felt Custodian Jiao heard, their weapons sell out. A white silk, a whisk, generally snow sword with a hint of body fragrance trio , almost equal Yeyu Xuan come. "Do not push me. "Looking at the convergence of three is not the slightest, but more ferocious toward their own war, the three orientations are all fatal blow, just the one that he will explain here today if he had not today, today gold grades, Even the silver peak, in this trio teamed under certainly die without burial. "ended. "Ideas of the technology to launch out, three menacing weapons, even with these three beautiful flower girl everything stopped down, set in the air." Roll. "Anger a drink, three women immediately felt a fury toward his oncoming airflow." When. "Three weapons fall powerless room." Ah ah ah! "Followed by the sound of three of Jiaohe." Enough, in the past I can polite. "The woman looked at four Ruhuasiyu want to come in attack, although still not hurt yourself, but Yeyu Xuan did not play it in the sense of cold eyes staring at the woman in the curtain, meaning obvious threat pole. "withdraw. "Women's crisp voice as God's instruction in general, just the thought of the wing, four law enforcement around the corner bend back down immediately." Gold junior. "Really powerful, my vision clouds really good." Women across the horizontal blinds looked Yeyu Xuan, praise road. "Your clouds and I knew unusual relationship between two people, but fortunately did not under the ruthless hand, otherwise ..." Yeyu Xuan Think mind that while scared. Want my house clouds, light beat me four law enforcement is not enough, you have to be able to beat me. Voice still soft, but Yeyu Xuan smell which is kind of self-confidence and strength. Slowly release the breath body, horizontal blinds were blown off the roof. Woman looks at this moment all greet Yeyu Xuan eyes. This is a charming extreme to woman. With irresistible temperament and charm. Peerless enchanting posture show "America" ​​and "pro", fascinating and charming. Lovely scene, such as spring water into the general, called generation stuff. Delicate soft undulating Jiaoqu, almost translucent in the ground between the looming black silk dress, graceful manner curve, and exposed to flashing skin to deceptive sheen, arouses infinite reveries. "Beat me, smoke child thing, I not only matter, but also how to help your efforts?" Rosy lips sexy woman. Exposed between white teeth smile snow white as jade. Long way to a pair of charming eye lashes with irresistible charm. Even how brilliant world crown. Yeyu Xuan mind is very clear, in front of the woman is not able to touch themselves. Besides roses without thorns, Yeyu Xuan is not much interest. Yeyu Xuan smiled and looked at her and said: "a war can be, but I still hope that clouds the things you do not intervene, and okay." The woman chuckled, really is a temptation to unlimited. Goes on moving haze. Spring will be like with a lovely and glamorous blend ground. Charming feminine extreme. If creamy delicate ground Qiaolian simply to drop water came. "Today's young people are fastidious about free love, and forget as long as you win, I will agree." Breeze gently whisk, the wing was Dangqi flowers, silk veil woman to wind moving immediately its perfect sexy Jiaoqu clearly sketched out. Slender ** entirely generated according to the golden ratio, rounded, plump Shuangtun arouses flawless reveries, Yingying a grip to waistline delicate and soft. Plumper ** full, quite Alice, appeals to the imagination. "Take That." Taking advantage of the moment to show his perfect face, confident Yeyu Xuan will be distracted woman, a shot that is the power of thunder and talk to her, looks completely different. In that instant, Yeyu Xuan suddenly a wave of feeling of weightlessness, the body is like a roaring heavy as up to speed very terrifying fall down. Moreover, around the scene of a big change, a peaceful and quiet wing suddenly become as black as ink, empty Shino brake bones everywhere, evil spirits soar. Completely changed a world! What kind of skills, Yeyu Xuan body feels strong pressure by continuously pressing down, as if to let the body breaks generally, death breath completely enveloped him. "This is the gravity of space, your field," labored watching the beautiful woman, Ye Yuxuan can not imagine how the other party what to do strength. Gold junior + dark gravity field, almost swept the gold junior any enemy. Ate somehow be burned. And strong opponents, and without full shot, the battle will almost certainly lose. Yeyu Xuan haired brunette dancing in the wind, sky roar. Sound wearing gold crack stone. Torn vanity. Whole body light ten thousand. An avalanche broke camel mad tyrant atmosphere. Eye to light is emitted in the foot a few meters long. Plus glanced coldly. Then. Sword fiercely Zhan Xiang void, a trace of cracks appeared Yeyu Xuan into the sky, they want out of this mysterious land world. But faced with the roar of his shattered world, combined with chopped split space sword. Strong hint of the gap in the field after the change again immediately healed. "This is not a simple gravity field, which is the eternal gravity field." Yeyu Xuan speechless. The first real serious about this enemy from the front. "Oh. Imagine that you have such knowledge, yes you are the fishes." Woman smiled, with tremendous self-confidence road. "Give me a break." Yeyu Xuan angry, strong pressure makes him almost can not stand up, bright light filled his place in the body, the matchless combat power burst out, around a large space for him to crack. Gang Yu took the opportunity to rush out, a golden burst of light from the outer space shot came, strong golden light with immense power of destruction, a little one weighed to determine their gold can not present it to the light, without any harm Yeyu Xuan, volley flashed again back inside. The persistence over time, gravity increases, beginning Yeyu Xuan also able to stand, but now he has a half knee knees, already almost the entire waist straight up. "Give it up,Air Jordan UK, as long as you give up, I immediately revoke this space, and how?" At that moment a faint woman's voice from outside the field of the incoming Yeyu Xuan ears. With the slightest charm and confusion. "Give up? Do I really die? I really could not sink it?" Yeyu Xuan pressure because of gravity, coupled with rumors of eternal field of invincibility, firm confidence also appeared slightest doubt. "Immortal realm is not invincible,oakley sunglasses, do not give up, you can rip the." Caught in Yeyu Xuan thoroughly confused about the occasion, I heard shock drink will Yeyu Xuan woke up the whole person. "Put the devil blade, cut out the strongest blow, believe in yourself you can of the" evil day continued. With encouragement and trust. "Yes I did, until today, there is nothing else I Yeyu Xuan, does not work, let me immortal realm nor can throw in the towel." "Boom." Yeyu Xuan original dim face became extremely confident in his eyes, shine, come back the lost confidence, and more determined. "Boom." Bang burst drink, a short stand up, gathering gold body energy to the mad tyrant matchless combat power, with a very firm belief that with confidence, unyielding will. Roaring life and legend of the immortal realm strongest fields. V! ~! . . <
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