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31.05.2013 02:13
exuberant life can be rolling antworten
> Leng Heng, Yeyu Xuan foot Yi Deng, the man rushed out of the fly that cross and fish generally dark creature, began the battle front. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM Heavenly Sword Jianguang flash, bunches Hanmang direct shot burst out, then fired Yeyu Xuan eyes long black arc light, was Hanmang a red, energy lasing off immediately above the additional forces also disappeared without a trace. Seeing the silver peak of dark creatures waving four giant fist Tiebi rushing. Yeyu Xuan eyes flashed, his chest tenrai Dan Yiliang, from which came the sound of rolling tenrai, day lightning Yeyu Xuan drink soon burst, blue tenrai roaring sound, like a roar of thunder dragon, a sudden crash in the darkness of that fish generally creatures. Just listen to the sound earth-shattering Bao Xiang, covered with scales of these dark creatures, thunder days directly into charred. Covered with black smoke fly. Yeyu Xuan togethers, immediately know the kind of guy tenrai unusually strong attack effect. Without hesitation, chest Trick stone again a bright day suddenly emitted by lightning, thunder and lightning burst of blue sparks emitted a strange, apparently mandatory limits. "Boom." Lightning speed to fast already is the world's speed. Fish generally dark creature entirely too late to dodge, directly on the bombing. Two consecutive strike the same place, even though it is also hard scales and then simply could not resist. Char, rather than the whole body into pieces. Two Siyu Yan keeping a close eye Yeyu Xuan, straight to down. Obviously he had no idea how, they will die like. Wasted step! A group of extremely rich energy group from the general darkness of fish in vivo flow. Quickly rushed toward Yeyu Xuan body. But this time there was an accident, this group of rich silver peak energy, not to Yeyu Xuan inside the body. A black lotus suddenly flashes out from Yeyu Xuan body. Petals rapid mouth, that group will be surprised at Yeyu Xuan energy an engulfing. Puzzled frowned, continue to see the darkness in front of the other four creatures, apparently enemy of the current moment, Yeyu Xuan no effort to ignore that mutation of the black lotus. Two strokes beheaded been comparable to the peak of the dark creatures of silver, apparently eyeing the surrounding group of guys lived deterrence, in Yeyu Xuan ready to take advantage when chasing victory. Body suddenly came a sharp pain. So hard heart pain, for the average person, perhaps immediately lost consciousness in the past, simply can not keep a sober state continues to stand down. But Yeyu Xuan has completely put down, by virtue of the TV drama indomitable tenacity, he just resisted, but being the case, it could not hold it long, covered with cold sweat, shaking howling. "Flashes," Although I do not know how your body is one thing, but this is not important, it is important to get out of here, or go to the current state of war, certain death. Body flash, the air leaving a trace of the energy fluctuations, Yeyu Xuan disappeared. Sly, hidden from all of their flavor. Yeyu Xuan Flying speed to leave this dangerous place. Spiritual force probe around a bit, there is no one in determining the biological darkness after Yeyu Xuan quivering done, it was apparent pain that limit. Take a deep breath and forced himself seated. After the meditation, Yeyu Xuan finally restored calm, feel the body black lotus outward exudes energy and keep their bodies to combine. At the moment he felt an unprecedented sense of fulfillment, a body meridians like a great river in general, to communicate the endless potential life. Seems to want all the power of the human body that awakening sleeping. Black lotus inner life can be as huge waves generally continue to gush, generally in his body, such as blood flow, continuous cycle, boundless vitality to life in flowing, mighty exception. After a few moments Yeyu Xuan suddenly woke and found the blood like a deified general, has endless life force,cheap jordan shoes, in which the faint light. Including the internal organs of the limbs Lotus is so. Then, he fell into silence,Air Jordan Shoes, and this time his mind a quiet because he Ming Wu, and this is an opportunity for him, unusual rare opportunity that success into the coveted gold level, and failed, do not did not fail. Yeyu Xuan as if petrified in general, such as the rock towering fixed. Yeyu Xuan was silent, at the moment when he is as sly general, without the slightest breath of leakage. Three days later, Yeyu Xuan body, such as Gaomu and seem dead in general. Moment of his energy in the body and sometimes riots, sometimes quiescence, dramatic ups and downs, but as seen from the outside has no sign of life, like most Zuohua monks, as the lamp in his death, became a length deadwood. Robbery fell dead, why so rare gold one, because here, to find the golden fruit unless otherwise break the power of those who rely on their own will certainly experiencing unscathed. No life at the moment Yeyu Xuan, already entered the most dangerous moment, should the initial success into gold, to become strong peak in the world. But does not pass the death robbed hardships, will be completely Xingshenjumie, into a break up of loess. The fact is so cruel, strong fly or gold, fame, but that overwhelming, stand behind its words Vaillant are all built on this break and then stand the ordeal over, most people will die on the road, it is difficult a taste of the golden moments of infinite beauty. Time is of the later, though flowing slowly, but time goes by, more and more like a dead Yeyu Xuan, inherently volatile life gradually weak, riots life essence almost dead. He seemed element of life in friction force. Tall and straight body began to wither, dry skin, hair loss, skinny body, such as a camel skeletons generally scary. Those who do not experience difficulties and obstacles which can not be imagined. The test of the face of death, even though overnight between ages odds may be laid altars, from ashes. These days, there is no guardian Yeyu Xuan, and no one attacked him, because biological opinion on the outside, like a stone at the moment Yeyu Xuan is a dead thing. The forest was silent, Yeyu Xuan in dried blood, flesh in dry, every moment seems to be burning a lot of life energy. Now already see humanoid fast. Flesh shriveled, like most of the quiet to sequestra, appearance had not see it how to look like a dead man. At the moment Yeyu Xuan already to the time of life and death, in the absence of a miracle, almost certain death. And then in this very moment, the evil days remain in the body that wire Yeyu Xuan power of the soul suddenly moving up, suddenly burst into the power of students. Meanwhile Yeyu Xuan dead body slightly moved. There came a slight energy fluctuations. A single spark can start a prairie fire, the evil days that a trace of the power of the soul seems to echo from the Yeyu Xuan's body, it can be said that the already dead center of the earth, gradually produce little fluctuation in spiritual knowledge, he felt as if turned it into a blade of grass, and finally escaped the cold of winter,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, is struggling emerged. Life is endless, endless fighting, all for live, in order to let their loved ones resurrection, for that strong side of the road, to stand on top of the world, to detect what this mysterious space. Difficulties emerged, life begins in full bloom. Yeyu Xuan spirit gradually increase the volatility, the already almost dead body was born in the little moist breath over, thrill them. Grass struggles of Italy, emerged belief seems to represent the moment Yeyu Xuan. Tenacious efforts, struggled out of the ground, and sprang up. Little fluctuation in the waves of life, Yeyu Xuan withered body in revitalized, although fluctuations as small grass generally weak, but it brings hope for students. After death robbed suffering, still going. Cecil can start a prairie fire of life, Yeyu Xuan body gradually restored the health of the atmosphere, life vitality bubbling flow. Metamorphosis is rapid, like the Yellow River burst its banks, can not stop, Pentium Trinidad, shattered silence. Yeyu Xuan reached the death robbed the power of comprehensive health spewing death footer re-hwan majestic life vitality, exuberant life can be rolling stream. Between the 1st withered body beyond past peak, flesh freshman, ink hair flying, Mouguang even than the stars shining, is a veritable rebirth. His unstoppable promoted to junior gold, flesh comparable to one hundred refining fine iron, indestructible ground will be more able to shake, which is a double distillation of spirit and flesh. "Promotion of gold, select reward. Reward a: to enhance an equipment level or reward reward a random artifact Lingbao class equipment [except] award two: to enhance a skill level or a random reward a Lingbao level skills. [Nirvana except 】 so attractive rewards, Yeyu Xuan certainly something to ponder. thought for a moment, combined with the current situation Yeyu Xuan slowly: "equipment, I chose to raise a grade Trick stone. "" To meet your needs, "the familiar mechanical sound came again and suddenly the original dark sky suddenly became more gloomy, rumbling. Thunder bursts. Gathered in Yeyu Xuan over." Bang. "A lightning suddenly pixia. Yeyu Xuan stunned in the extreme. Tenrai stone flash, the ferocious tenrai suddenly disappeared. Followed by the second, third ....." Boom, boom, boom .. ... "until the ninth road ends. heaven and earth mine finally dispersed. Yeyu Xuan only feel chest while flashing. tenrai can not wait to see the stone." Lei Shili original day that has changed. Ancient mine stone. Skills I: ancient gods descend to earth. Ancient god come greet relies instead, the strength suddenly improved. Last moment by greeting the people ** strength may be. Skills II: nine days God of Thunder. Xeon call heaven and earth God of Thunder, come the whole world. God of Thunder based on the number of users may be. You can call ten thousand ancient Xeon tenrai down at the world. Ghost perish. "Good strong," Ye Yuxuan silently praise loudly, inner excitement was palpable. "Skills, I chose randomly selected." "To meet your needs." Mechanical commanding voice again Yeyu Xuan ears. V! ~! . . <
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