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seven Jianguang such as Changhong antworten
> Goodbye to the Ghoul King Yeyu Xuan get the information they want, with a bronze skeleton truly embarked on a return to the road. WwW, QunabEN, coM specifically asked for a king with the ghoul Cerberus, on that strong Cerberus, back Yeyu Xuan eyes fell bronze skeletons. "You first camp back to natural disasters it, this way considerable danger." Bronze skull bow silent brain memories Yeyu Xuan in the dense woods big kill four scenarios, after awhile looked up Yeyu Xuan Chen Sheng said: "Since I'm more dangerous to follow you if there is a care accident, then the slave master dead death. "Yeyu Xuan pondered for a moment, a little nod, bronze skeleton hidden by kao fall far behind in their own, they do not drag yourself . He turned around and facing a heavy crotch Cerberus folder. "Wang." Crow, quickly ran out, are like a meteor, went straight to the front away. Stature of a hidden bronze skeleton followed. Along the way Yeyu Xuan spiritual force spread out, covering his whole body, to prevent someone attack. ED also moving ahead Barry, after the last fork in the road, and immediately there were three out of a red light, shadow disappeared turned into three, the three older differently. One middle-aged, wearing a paper shirt, then the other two are old. In the three men, all of the energy fluctuations are not weak, apparently have already reached the silver level. Trio appears, middle-aged scribes Gang Yu speak, eyes carefully read Yeyu Xuan one, but it is look fretting, inner boom of the moment, he felt Yeyu Xuan look very familiar, like that seen in the general, but a moment of Room not thought. Yeyu Xuan sitting on Cerberus, look normal, slightly a Baoquan, flat, said: "The next Yeyu Xuan, in a hurry to natural disasters, big business, if you did not do, I'll go first." "Yeyu Xuan, he was Yeyu Xuan!!" The middle-aged scribes quietly step back from the inner xian big waves, but look on it is not the slightest leak. "Ye brother, a big crowd we now are able to meet both destined to see you so hurry already busy schedule is a bit tired, let us talk about some wine, a short break in the left too late ah." That middle-aged scribes look as usual, smiled. Yeyu Xuan scribes saw that a middle-aged, looking especially at the top of his left arm, a smart turn, calm, said: "No!" He said, his legs a folder, Cerberus four leg forward one step, the whole person as a rainbow, straight ahead away. And that has been dropped on Yeyu Xuan behind, concealed breath following his bronze skeleton is left in place quietly watching the trio has not yet walking. "Money brother, this guy is unknown, who was also with a trace Ruoyouruowu evil spirits, why would you invite him and we drink something? Wherein an old man, looking at the disappearance of Yeyu Xuan, lightly." Chen Xiong, you Just do not think the man. It looks somewhat familiar? "Middle-aged scribes eyes flashing left hand smart watches show the two old man hesitated, looking middle-aged scribes pattern appearing on the watch, but it is now a closer view looking pale," he actually is! "" Palace two brothers have spoken, who can be as long as the natural disasters within the camp to offer his intelligence will be able to get rewarded, but at the moment we are junior silver, or bronze level of equipment on hand to use, as if the matter, do not say a silver-level items, I am afraid there is a possibility. After all, they are all silver has long been famous peak of the strong. "That middle-aged scribes Tim Tim lips, eyes lou out of greed." Unusually strong rumors that the strength of this man, even with two silver senior, a silver peak Soul Calibur mercenary group are killed by their defeat, I waited to its trail vent lou, will not cause the person's revenge "One old man, hesitated, and said." Do not Kill Me! He no chance to avenge us, it will be a local hero kills endless natural disasters. "That middle-aged man sneered, gritted his teeth will Yeyu Xuan of information to the palace two brothers rode Cerberus, rapid run in Yeyu Xuan eye lou meditation." Just some strange middle-aged man, but I was not acquainted with him stands to reason that it should not know my appearance, is it me paranoid. "Ye Yuxuan pondered awhile, always feel that this something was amiss." Bit, "opened the watch, to see the information from the bronze skull, Yeyu Xuan eyes of coldness flash, stop down immediately to Cerberus, Cerberus hidden in the side jungle, physique hidden, anxious footsteps tread, ran to the back. fork office, middle-aged man has just Yeyu Xuan information is sent in the past, Needless moment, a message will come back, "Well, you provide three clue, I'll go with my brother verification, should the true, natural and ultimately, your benefits! "Middle-aged scribes a hint of joy in the eyes of lou. Looking back to two companions, laughing:" Quite simply, we just provide a clue that Yeyu Xuan certain death, rather than let someone else get this advantage. The three of us get better! Two old silent smile after a moment. Now a done deal, but it can not be changed, but hearts do not know why, but there is a diffuse shadows. "I hope that Yeyu Xuan no legend is so strong that this could be the palace brothers killed, otherwise known whereabouts once he was my other shed, afraid ...." The old man voice just said here, but it is immediately look great change, peering behind looking middle-aged scribes, pale complexion immediately, without any color. Also next to an old man, this is the body Yi Chan Hai, eyes lou out could not believe the color. Revealing rich aghast, speechless: "Ye ...... Yeyu Xuan!!" That middle-aged scribes, at the moment it is the body hairs erect, chill from hearts filled the air, making him the whole person, and even did not dare move back lou the slightest, the people are like an electric shock! "You three really good, brave enough ah!" Yeyu Xuan appeared after Heavenly Sword immediately appear out of thin air in the right hand, with the body forward one step, direct pierce the heart of that among middle-aged scribes. From behind one of its thorns and cool. Bang bang bang in the middle-aged scribes voice echoed inside the body, severe pain made him burst wide open eyes, has not yet had time to make a second reaction, "bang." Whole person explode. Flesh and blood flying everywhere. Bloody atmosphere Sabian air. This scene, are like a roaring sledgehammer. Crashed on the two old chest, making him two, eyes of dismay, extremely rich! Two almost without thinking, instinctively whistling sound, while stature back. After the death of the middle-aged scribes catch falling space backpack, Yeyu Xuan cold eyes glanced escape from two different directions of the two. Themselves toward one of them bolted away, while the virtual shadow flashed in front, bronze skeleton coming out of the big step to go, in the wind whistling call in, went straight to the front to chase. Kill two alarmed silver junior trials who Yeyu Xuan described Shoudaoqinlai. Flashing light drink soon, Yeyu Xuan appear in a man's death, piercing his right hand Heavenly Sword directly chest and shoved another one draw. Kuangpen blood, fell to the ground and died. Holding a burst of space backpack. Another old man fled toward the direction ran. Catch up, that the old man is still down, the emergence of a ten cm chest incision field, apparently bronze skull bone knife. Back to the fork, bronze skeleton has emerged. Asked a few, so bronze stature skeletons hidden away again. Yeyu Xuan slowly walked forward. He'd like to see there are those guys really act recklessly. Before long, Yeyu Xuan's body suddenly stopped walking, eyes flashing, staring at the front, I saw in front of the road, seven Jianguang such as Changhong, went straight to him from. At the same time, in his two directions, there were seven equally Changhong's fast galloping at breakneck. Like in Yeyu Xuan rear, there are seven light comes quickly. Around, 28 trials were of silver, just five minutes of the time, actually appeared. Palace old man saw that two forces of Soul Calibur than more powerful mercenary group. Yeyu Xuan body one, swept around the circle, the eyes of a condensate. Although there have been 28 short trials were, but their strength is not strong position to take the lead each person is silver intermediate, with the other six are junior silver, this team dared to kill me, well, really Well, help me break through the silver intermediate Bale. Determine their next action, Yeyu Xuan eyes of the beholder flash, murmured: "have to start killing." Murderous filled, filled Yeyu Xuan body, he was not a good man of the moment was the two brothers put up a palace, was those trials around twenty-eight containment, spiritual power shed, feel these people flying on the occasion, the same murderous diffuse. Apparently killing himself holding the idea. Yeyu Xuan overflowing energy outside the body. Whole person with a cold look, a turn toward the left, mouth light drink: "flashes." Moments Yeyu Xuan figure suddenly disappeared, and that the lock on him by the many trials, but it is now looking for a change. At this point, left seven flying light next to nothing at the energy fluctuations spread, Yeyu Xuan figure emerged. He appeared before the moment, Yeyu Xuan hesitate Heavenly Sword waving his right hand, after raising a severely cut down. Devour space crashing clinical world, Jian Qi blue heaven is like a rule, whistling the occasion, and that seven people from the most recent three primary trials were silver, but it is immediately Canheng sound, the whole body collapse death. "Bang bang bang," three acoustic noise, turned large tracts of Xue Wu is in the air among the remaining four looking pale, and immediately spread out, but such speed falls Yeyu Xuan eyes are still too slow. His eyes with a rich Murder, mad pace riding one under hot pursuit silver junior trials who this person is a middle-aged man, face Yeyu Xuan pursuit, his face a hint of ruthless lou color. Regardless of whether it comes from flying coldness Ling Lie Heavenly Sword, his hands clenched mace toward Yeyu Xuan suddenly hit to the head. See its posture as if to die with Yeyu Xuan general. Yeyu Xuan mouth sneer lou a hint of irony, stature flash, flash that desperate middle-aged man with a stick, immediately Yeyu Xuan Heavenly Sword against the spirit of a person's day thorn. "Puchi." Sound, this middle-aged Han brains immediately jumped split, the body has not the slightest breath, soft fall from the roof and died. It's all in a split between completed almost instantaneously blink, Yeyu Xuan would kill four people! Four group size of a basketball heterogeneous energy influx Yeyu Xuan body, after the evil days of teachings Yeyu Xuan did not inhale it immediately, even a little energy will its surrounds, for the time being set aside. Bloody taste filled four weeks, at the moment the direction of the other three trials were rapidly approaching, coming straight Yeyu Xuan, cries shout and growl. In this forest came at the same time, a variety of skills in these trials out of the hands of the release, all straight Yeyu Xuan away. One of the most fierce attack, comes from four, these four individuals are old, it did not fall within the realm Yeyu Xuan, and even twelve pressure over Yeyu Xuan line, silver reached between intermediate and advanced silver. Even Yeyu Xuan again strong in this trial were together over twenty silver under attack, if fell on him. Even die also seriously injured. But at the moment, but it is Yeyu Xuan look cool, Hanmang every rising out of the beholder. Step forward on his body, resorted to flashing step under Yeyu Xuan figure strangely dissipated. Those attacks came strong skills in the intense whistling, but it is immediately lost the lock thing, falls on the occasion of the void, Yeyu Xuan's body in a silver intermediate trials who suddenly appeared behind him. In the moment he appeared, Yeyu Xuan without the slightest hesitation. Breeze cut directly cast out, slammed look, that silver trials are almost just react, but it is at once the body shocked, but this person is after all those silver intermediate trials in Yeyu Xuan's under attack, his body energy rapidly operation, regardless of the physical pain, just to endure, but it is right to be Yeyu Xuan Ling aroma of the Heavenly Sword Hanmang stabbed in the eyebrows. "Bang." This trial who had just died, a group of other people are watching out Yeyu Xuan energy not fly straight into his body. All this is too fast, and so four weeks trial who react, Yeyu Xuan already shadowless. Yeyu Xuan With flashing like teleport skills, but also has a strong level of sly even gold can not be found in the occult ability, such as fighting in the beginning, they have been invincible. "Ah, ah ah ...." screams, cries outgoing, Yeyu Xuan flashing every moment, there must be a trial by battle. This strange way of killing, making four weeks Juzhen mind those trials that silver intermediate peak old man, looking very gloomy at the moment, he could feel the other side of the repair with their par between the very faint but also beyond its own line . But the other side of that strange skills, but it is to let him extremely nervous. Old man face gloomy terrible, fierce brother a shot space backpack, suddenly more than a silver wand. Him without hesitation, quickly waved, while the mouth kept talking about, suddenly the old man energy body silver silver wand in this role, overflowing out toward the four weeks, into large ripples spread. Interference with the surrounding world energy. "There are eighteen!" Yeyu Xuan body flash below, appeared in a silver junior trials were behind the pupil in each other's eyes and shoved a contraction, the raising his hand chopped breeze flicker out, without any Jianguang,oakley eyeglasses sale, but That silver junior trials were once a body is divided into two, one after another crash. For this person's energy group, Yeyu Xuan is pleasant to the eye can not see, but the spirit of the principle add up, still ancient Lord of the Rings a move into Yeyu Xuan body, at the same time, he saw that the light will be dark silver wand an old man, who's this magic skills. Some magic, was able to put the energy vibrations around the day brother, although there is no significant impact on Yeyu Xuan, but if such a long time, fear is the fast world of imported energy your body will be some stagnation. Lengheng in Yeyu Xuan ghost flash, blink out, those who simply do not care about four weeks trial, he headed for the silver intermediate peak of the old man away. Yeyu Xuan flicker out, right Heavenly Sword a trick to prove safety sky suddenly fired, brought up large tracts of sonic boom, loud rumbling echoed in silver intermediate peak with that old man hit together. Two warring, extremely fierce, pounding the sound echoed. That old man himself continuously receding, a variety of skills from constantly wore gloves play out, but it is still looking gloomy water. Yeyu Xuan volley sliding out, this time he waved his right hand full: phagocytosis and space. Jian Qi semicircular blue color to the surrounding roared flying away. The fire place, thud, not enough time to dodge the top two primary trials were silver, leaving a bloody, respectively, the entire body has no head and feet. Trials looking at your head scurry who Yeyu Xuan eyes of the beholder flashes sneer in body flash, but it is those trials in four weeks and the moment of attack skills, once again lost figure. His eerie sneer, fell four weeks trial in the eyes are like a chill filled heart. A being beheaded Yeyu Xuan previously part of those trials, there are more than ten primary strength is silver, which is already alarmed at the moment more than a dozen individuals, Yeyu Xuan Wal-Mart, in their hearts hehe diffuse. Scenes of rumors about this Yeyu Xuan, echoed in their hearts, panic under such circumstances, it is more than a dozen people quickly back without hesitation, even teleport and go. Hearts extremely regret it, should not listen to the palace two brothers command, came to intercept! "Get away!" Yeyu Xuan drink soon burst, for these people who want to kill themselves, of course, there will be no Bansi kind, at the moment these guy in his eyes is a heterogeneous group waiting for refining energy. This distance is also more than a dozen extremely close kao. Yeyu Xuan cruel smile, figure flash and move, he figure are like a rainbow, a flash of a dozen people around eleven begins flashing. Brought up large tracts of blood, in Yeyu Xuan figure flashed moments of panic that a dozen people in the eyes of solidification, banging sound, eleven crash death. Distance, Yeyu Xuan figure meal, he tian tian the lips, the eyes of the beholder even revealing Hongmang, looked like a bloodthirsty devil, not far from the trials were staring and whispered: "There are three! That three silver intermediate trials are, at the moment in one pale, revealing dark, peering staring ahead Yeyu Xuan. moment Yeyu Xuan, in their eyes, like a remote control is a bloodthirsty Garnett. Yeyu Xuan's name, surfaced in their hearts, one silver intermediate strong,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, teeth under his hands immediately release skills, suddenly the body energy work, the formation of an outside body in its white, this light flash under the sword turned into a ; he is a fine spray of blood, suddenly revealing on this extremely sharp sword of the gas, which are like nothing can pierce his side of the other two trials were silver intermediate peak have also moving up, which That step into advanced old silver, but growled, his right hand startled, several black backpack space Jian Zhen appear in their hands, waved under straight away Yeyu Xuan Another silver intermediate peak trials were not in everything he knows, the strongest skills immediately cast out toward Yeyu Xuan chopping off. trio moment is almost the speed of time, would have been close to Yeyu Xuan, Yeyu Xuan eyes of the beholder flash, leaning back for a refund, the entire disappear in this shadowless. moment in his disappearance, and that the peak of the old silver intermediate hands spread out immediately, and numerous black Jianzhen explosion shot out, while the mouth shouted: "Release of community-wide attack, give me his play out. "They did not hesitate to cast out the rest of his group attack skills, strong energy in this constantly echoed radius baizhang No one has not been spread to." Very smart, but not enough! "Yeyu Xuan figure emerged, immediately flashes out, those ripples as if he did not have any impact on, flashing out his right hand in the Heavenly Sword hesitate to stab a black Jian Zhen release issued orders that the old man. Seeing the old man would die from their sword, suddenly it flashes out of one man's eyebrows khaki-colored iris, Heavenly Sword resistance with outsiders. react immediately inverted out of the old man, looking back, galloped constantly. "leaves adults, let me live , I did not dare, "the gallop mouth constantly cries, apparently completely lost the will to fight. completely ignore each other. Yeyu Xuan sneer, took chest tenrai stone, which immediately turned out on the Brontosaurus , brontosaurus flash, toward that old man whistling away, while the other two saw the old man groveling for mercy, the heart is also playing drums retreat, retreat to think of the law. "boom," Lei Longjiang great destruction of force, directly in front of that group of old worn yellow supporter,Outlet Coach Bags, hit the old man body. limbs scattered jump, blood spraying, dead can no longer dead. "There are two final. "Ye Yuxuan voice revealing endless dark, in the eyes of the other two trials lou a rich horror, the flash under disappear again. Has not the slightest idea at the moment, the other two without hesitation. Rapid retreat, respectively, from two extreme direction galloped. Yeyu Xuan in Murder not only did not decrease, but thicker. momentum in this duo escape beneath are like rainbow, his body a step forward, skimming over the surface a virtual shadow flicker in the air. mouth against acoustic theater Bronze Skull said: "stopped another one. "Almost instantly, Yeyu Xuan will appear in the escape of a person beside silver intermediate trials, trials were horrified face, was about to speak, but it is under the Yeyu Xuan sword to silver intermediate peak strength, piercing this person's eyebrows. "Puchi" Qing Xiang, who took extreme fear in the eyes of color, Qijueshenwang. V! ~! .. <
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