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30.05.2013 10:38
Ao curtain rare a glimmer of a smile antworten
The 103rd chapter mysterious ancient stones as time, quietly, it has spent ten days. High overlord in a few days ago has left left for the club, but also in the high peak PA left three days, choose to return to the Empire college. Outside Huangyan, cypress, Bonn, proud old scene three people smile looked at with Kuo sword peak, full on the face is not the shed and smile. "The peak, all the way!" Ao curtain rare a glimmer of a smile. These days, the peak and high PA every day with pride screen talk, make the heart lonely proud curtain has been greatly enriched and happy. Now to return to San Diego School peak, pride is naturally be reluctant to part. "Father, you take good care of yourself!" Peak has a moist eyes, with a nod. Staring at the navy blue robes one-armed Preece, peak in the eyes and face was furious,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, then take a deep breath, perseverance very "cypress uncle, you also take good care of their own, the peak son certainly will not let your arm white broken!" "Ha ha ha peak, you please uncle I good! Don't worry, ease off." Preece voice still very loud, laugh at peak. Looked up at the head more hot sun, peak it toward all grinned, double leg muscles, such as electricity, run. In the blink of an eye is the past ten days, the peak of the chariot ride fast car, press forward day and night alike again returned to the San Diego school. Standing at the college gate, great school looked at white marble mosaic, such as the Dragon Yuetian aloof, momentum. Hospital faint thin came the sound of water, sunlight, white marble doors from colors, such as rainbow, fell to the earth, colorful, magnificent. "Santiago college,oakley sunglasses outlet, I rush back!" Gao-Feng Railway Station in the Empire at the gate of the college, not feeling up, deep breath, it strides toward the school to go. The day after tomorrow is the first day of school, college students are already back to school, school in new soil soil crowd,Outlet Oakley Active, looks very lively. "Or go to have a look back without liner." Peak excitedly to Aileen living quarters for the single go, eyes again Aileen emerge as the wizard-like sweet appearance, has been nearly a month not seen Aileen, heart yearning for her is more rich. Standing in the Aileen house, staring at the closed door, eyes flashed a disappointment peak. Sighed softly, peak that some depressed walked along to their dormitory. "Can I come too early? The day after tomorrow on the school, and the second eldest child unexpectedly has not come yet..." The peak slightly wrong Hubei touch the nose, helpless way. The sun is sinking, the weather in June is very hot. Peak three brothers in the dance studio, upper body, wearing only a pale blue trousers peak is very strong, are earnestly practicing the martial arts, tyrannical metamorphosis power to make the air in the rumbling sound. After a long time, pant for breath peak stopped this practice, again wiping a fine sweat with a towel after the practice, while it is free from the space ring out a thick book, looked up and eat with appetite. This book is his flower >
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