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30.05.2013 10:32
this is our killer tip licking antworten
The eighty-second chapter text] kill due to peak eat with appetite course, an electric body as magnificent as toward Huangyan direction off at a gallop, determination of the strong face is full of sweat, this is of magnificent youth is high PA from the club back home. Wipe out the sweat from his forehead, high power beaming at the nearby Huang Yancheng profile, inexplicable feeling excited. He has three years did not return to Huangyan City, this can only be in the imperial homecoming Festival back,Coach Bags Store, nature is excited. To be on its way, a strong sense of crisis suddenly emerges mind, high PA busy stopped, carefully feeling partly hidden and partly visible in front of the woods, Gao Ba eyes flashed a forbidding countenance, that deep voice to the trees at the sudden shouted "hum! Come out! Don't sneaking!" "Ha ha ha is really the hero!" With the heavy sound of high dam, a sharp voice sound like owl like that, then a cold, ruthless Li middle-aged led two petite stature emaciated twins man, from the roadside trees in rush out, Yin Yin looked at high BA front. This looks forty or fifty years old middle-aged man evil laugh, cold and pale face was full of cruel, binocular injection as lone wolf like thick, took out a picture from the bosom, and after a moment of high handedness "proudly to you is that nice lacy. High Pa? One of the genius disciple CBC million Renfeng? Sorry,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, our group of three drug took over your task today, one hundred thousand gold ah, it seems that you have sinned against the Lord, but a rich!" The middle-aged man smiling, looked at high BA in front, as in a dead man. "Killer organization? Drug group of three?" High overlord whole body a burst of, slightly shocked, then cautious eyes staring at three people, especially the cold pale evil meaning middle-aged man,Jordan UK sale, in his high Ba faint feeling not weak in his occult majestic power fluctuation. "Who sent you? Now know I'm four holy disciple, dare to intercept, don't want to live?" High overlord eyebrows a wrinkly, sink a voice to ask a way, the heart is started anxiously contemplating might offend people, but a sudden idea immediately fly flash into the mind. "Ha ha ha son, this is our killer tip licking the blood of industry, as long as employers offer attractive enough, you have what important background, revenge is." Laughs, middle-aged man with a pair of no touch. "Originally, this kind of thing is decided not to tell you, but your uncle cover in a good mood today, will give you a tip." The middle-aged man smiled, eyes tiny Mi inadvertently glanced at the side of twin brothers one eye, this just a faint smile on one's face. "You should be in the same session Club million Renfeng brothers" "what? Who is it? I Renfeng this year a total of eleven people, because I am psychic talent and some chance, now I am in front of a man, to play the leading role in his five disciples, even drew their jealous?" High overlord after be startled at random, to understand the causal. "Huh?" High overlord slightly distracted in vain feeling behind two array of breeze blowing, but the front stand twin brothers have lost >
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