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30.05.2013 10:24
School competition before three antworten
The sixtieth chapter five lines and power. "Well?" The old man looked surprised peak, eye fine awn fleeting, the body quickly. "Five series mottle constitution? School competition before three? Really hard ah, unexpectedly broke the flesh for master, in the five line strength will reach a fencing master spirit realm." The old man was interested to oneself with. Then he with her hands behind her back, around the peak at a stop,Air Jordan 9, looking at the peak of scalp a hemp, thought the old man is it right? What quirks. "Dry bones veteran, he not only the top three, or the freshmen contest first prize. "The vice president's busy smiling, please road. Oh? Look not to come out, boy, you are good, my old man is very optimistic about you! So, I give you a piece of advice you sword cabinet series Ge a room to the north, can be found in a book called "secret" and five department work, if you can get it, will be very good for you. I told you, the sword skill school were placed in different rooms, to fall into eight classes, one for storing very sword knife skills, eight storage days in order sword knife skills. Of course, there is no one can withstand the pressure into the green boys, each person can only take one of these tips, you must leave after an hour." The old man smiled and said. Odin 6 sword sword skill is divided into "three levels, each level is divided into early, in order, high order, three levels. Eight layers of sword Ge Santiago college densely inside, unexpectedly loud in order sword are present, which can also be seen in his background is how deep. "I come before, family elders is told me, as far as possible to get the prefecture-level sword skill, and contributed to the family, the family will have a generous grant" eyes flashing,Oakley Juliet Online, Norton looked before the jade carving eight Guta style sword Pavilion, a fiery eyes. "Well, you go in, this time you can not only get the cheats, also based on probably to room number to determine their potential, so the opportunity is rare! When I entered the room No. five, now also is a big 6 strong "Vice President Sid gently stroking the beard and said. Hearing his words, the old man was not to turn over cold stare, moved to move body, placed in a comfortable position, again heavy sleep in the past. In the sketch, the peak of three people slowly pushed the sword Ge, at the same time to walk in. Just walked into the sword Ge, peak felt a heavy pressure over the pressure down, busy while the resistance, it gradually adapted to come over, look at Abbott. Norton and dish rain, is a sudden increase in pressure suppress face flushed with anger. "Did not expect so much of this sword Ge gravity than the outside is strong, and the upper room would be more arrogant, no wonder the skeleton old-timers will say so." Take a deep breath, the peak gradually adjust the body, it will gaze into the surrounding. Compared to the dish of rain and Norton, peak significantly easier, although two people in the spirit to a fencing master state, after all, no peak as the metamorphosis,Oakley Hijinx clearance, so in this state is very suffer. Sword tower is round, the edge is divided into five parts.
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