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30.05.2013 10:24
saw Four interlinked like mind in antworten
> Looked down on the ground wasted step Shu centurions. WWw! QUAnBen! Com to ban mercy looked at him, hesitated a lot, gently said: "Because we have one of these assassins and are Wei, and all that you rest in peace." To ban the voice is small, but it can here is the bronze to the lowest primary, but also which one is weak? Do not say flies, mosquitoes gently beat their wings are sound, that everyone present even breathing, and can clearly be heard. So there is no doubt that this deep discourse clearly being introduced to the crowd's ears. Sounds small, but the effect is enormous. Fly it like a lofty rock sea sparked a spray. The next moment, these people regardless of the eyes, heart, action, have shown their surprise. Obviously this news gave them enough shock. Of course, do not know the truth of the original Wei generals, but it is excited, after all, what would hide behind the assassination, attack the guy if it is his own enemy, then any of you who hate the extreme. And if, in turn, these people are your peers,Oakley Flak Jacket Outlet, and be able to help you kill everything you want to kill people, then how will you have, but also not extremely happy. Of course, some people are happy will be those who sorrow ah, like Wei Yan, a hearing this, the whole face was pulled down, sad, nervous, depressed enrich the entire inner world. At the moment he is anxious to play his ears deaf, so let yourself heard, even if they themselves have not had the heart kill estimated at the moment but also kill himself. Otherwise, if you let yourself burst into the whereabouts of Pang Tong, Zhao Yun, they reported, then the next is certainly a tragic war, and if we kill himself silenced, then mental arithmetic mood, even if such a Baiyin Qiang Zhao estimated, also dead the. How to do, how to do, how can I escape their Weisha successful barge tipped off! WeiYan head high in the rotation, desperately thinking how to break the current impasse of the moment, those assassins moved again, to know that they're not what generals marshal, never say what rules, strange tricky Yin Jian, gently dancing. " puff, puff, puff, puff, "four spare vacuum immediately dissipated. These WeiYan summoned avatar is no conscious awareness of need he used his ability to control the action, but at the moment he was bent on thinking about how to escape, how to control their thoughts. Without WeiYan to control these spare no sense that some live targets for these seasoned killers, of course, is a dead life. Between the moment to see their avatar disappeared five, apparently Chen Sheng Wei Yanli that in the wake of a sudden feeling some tears, how could this, too quickly, give me some time in the multi- ah. Oh, if I have just a little control what they like, and not die how fast it, so go before long,Coach Kristin USA, I am afraid my turn. Etc., thought of this, Wei Yan suddenly caught what felt like: "control, control avatar actions, let them move!." Wei Yan muttered. Just some slow killers strike ended when preparing for a second assassination, "Peng," Wei Yan's head exploded like a general, an aura suddenly flashed, the next moment his eyes lit up: right, right , is the control action. Ha ha ha ha, I can not die of Wei Yan. Lives on. "At the moment the four killers although some doubts, WeiYan Why not move, it was their own and others scared silly, but it is suspected normalized doubt, hands and feet above the action, but did not slow." Whoosh "like an arrow, and like a flickering aurora, the more the degree of his body to the limit. WeiYan assassination last four away toward Without the slightest hesitation, can be said to be instinctive reaction, to run. WeiYan total of four, a real body three cloned, respectively, to four different places around. Aurora in that four flash when, I do not know that a coincidence or luck, four WeiYan move, all highly mobile to avoid the sword that suicide note Looking at shoo actually on so missed the sword, and all the killers slightly surprised a moment, then observed from the side of the four running backs WeiYan. scruff feel a breeze that caresses, Wei Yan scared cry cold sweat, my heart big Hanhao insurance, good insurance. then focus on the spirit, carefully controlled, the charge toward the hall that avatar, first turned slightly. unintentional gently glance one, then the second time to mention, the more the other three to the degree of madness It ran toward the magnificent hall. finish this series of actions after they give it down a mad rush before the naming, they no longer control him, himself a man ran to the door to see that castle WeiYan action. saw Four interlinked like mind in general, while the feet violently straighten ground, volley, hands silver sword, stabbing four positions WeiYan body. everywhere is fatal point, I believe that this time he will not have such good luck, even four people seem to have seen his fallen figure. "Peng," four silver sword hit all but four of the results surprised, even shocked, this guy is not actually WeiYan this so may hear WeiYan own avatar dissipated immediately degrees ahead of flying out the door body gently leap. looking at the figure disappeared in the door, and everyone looked at each other a moment. four extremely seasoned assassin called fools! decades Kills experience, many times to see through the enemy, but today, actually in a military commander who missed it. called them feel then, if it is on top of the world, estimated that they would immediately seppuku, while even here,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, four are gas flushed, even the side will also ignored numerous Wei, body flash, disappeared in the air. leaving only the Lord Wei will be overwhelmed, everyone looked faded shadow, suddenly feeling everything so unreal, so unreal, if not see the ground three tragic death of Sichuan will, people really do feel like a dream in general. Actually this can not completely blame them, because they came here just before they heard countless times WeiYan's name, while the enemy every time I heard that so and so will be in the army, division counsel, which is almost always him, so in their subconscious, it is logical that these guys into a set: to succeed insufficient spoil everything generals. saw the cloned sequence of actions, of course, I think he is WeiYan in WeiYan plus they do not know the effect of spare capacity, so the failure is also reasonable and if they did not listen said Wei Yan, if they cautious. then WeiYan now has become a corpse it. Unfortunately, if God did not, nor regret medicine, so the four task fails, no longer embarrassed to face Wei generals, shame stealth disappeared. F! ~! .. <
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