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30.05.2013 10:19
Xu's voice seemed very antworten
> "Of course, do not want to cooperate is not, everything is profit at the head, as long as you can come up with enough sincerity, everything is negotiable. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm" Jia Xu suddenly changed the subject. "You, what you want," Although there has been a Euro RSCG blood, but with wisdom, there is still not as good as the average person, let alone Jia Xu deadly trap used to playing this guy. This is not only to say just a few words, the blood one has been completely Jia Xu led by the nose, never the calm before the calm. "Oh, you must first understand that the present form is a big disadvantage for you!! So you will want to cooperate with us. And if, in turn, I believe you also like us to do together. Said Jia Xu paused here quite eagerly: "The other words, I do not say, we are all smart people, do not waste time and put your bottom line to me. "Jia Xu said was self-assured, Care, finally, to look loud shock drink the blood of a flicker completely disoriented it. Seeing he frowned, as if to show what the general. Jia Xu voice sank." persuade them, "said:" You had better think clearly, ah, if you take out the things that we are not satisfied, then you and your brothers may slash ah. No matter how valuable they may be are more worldly possessions. As long as the undead, and doubtless there will be a chance to get. You can not because of momentary greed blinded his heart, his life and brothers are Zangsong Diao ah. "Blood a hands shocked, his face the color of struggle even more dense. Jia Xu is how crafty, how the wind blows it is a tough wait, one blood, one's face to see them to know with certainty what treasures, even life it should also be considered threatened struggle. "still hesitating, as long as you enough sincerity to surrender something to our satisfaction, I will now go out to kill their brothers with a Pianjiabuliu. "Jia Xu build on the progress, continue to confuse Road." But, but, how do you make us believe you. "Blood a hold reddening, voice with some promise low road." Oh, say how many actually do not believe me. Good, good. "Jia Xu changed their attitude, voice soft road,Oakley Squared Sunglasses, on the blood of a surprise moment, suddenly changed the topic of conversation, ferocious and said:" It seems that you do not understand your situation, do you think you still have a choice? Jia Xu think I dignified, but also the world one person on the ground, talk has always kept their promises, and never renege. Since the two sides can not do even the most basic trust, do not talk nonsense, ready to fight it. "Then, wand aloft, appeared to be calling the shots." Etc., etc., Jia, just a wrong blood, blood one with you apologize, Keep Cool. "Looking at the front face of evil spirits Jia Xu, blood an immediate humbly said, there is no trace of the strong style." Well? "Hear the blood a true tone, Jia Xu frowned, a pair of sharp as the eagle eyes glanced random blood eleven. Suddenly blood in a humiliation that wire, that wire hatred, anger that wire, that wire insidious all greet Jia Xu's eyes, which are able to immediately Jia Xu, however, that he doubts that there is a trace of his eyes why the self-confidence, self-confidence is how they come. "can wait, can endure, With his strength now impossible revenge ah, in the end is what makes him such a huge rely on,Oakley For Cheap, or even to sacrifice everything? "Waved his left hand, as if unintentionally while living his lips, a trace of black bronze skeleton thin successor ears." Bronze sir, here is what in the end, what we do not know about you? How I always feel wrong ah? "" Jia strategist, I also wonder where the owner was gone, that is, the objectives and tasks of our trip, the ruler of the underground world was gone. At first, I thought he must, because he is guarding a few thousand years here, never left. The strength is unfathomable. At least it alone, no one can win. The detection capability is Guanjue unparalleled, so come in, I even stealth are saved, just do not want to do useful work. But when she sees the field only seven blood Wei, I doubt it. But at the time I did not care too much, because I want to, he does not come better, we first chopped his right hand man, and then combined together to get rid of him is not easier. So will this matter thoroughly in their minds. "After listening to the words of bronze skull, Jia Xu not only did not laugh, but the whole face is darkened. Carefully think, in bronze skull before entering the hall, seven blood Wei's performance, it is clearly playing for time and now, too To this short time, was able to let the blood one, the first person under this underground rulers guy wronged by so much also willingly in order to stall for time, or even surrender their treasure in the hands of the expense. in the end is what can make him sacrifice so great that in the end is what can give him endless self-confidence, then contact the bronze skull words - the answer ready. them, etc, etc their masters - underground ruler is not accurate to say that delay, delay the emergence of the ruler to the underground, so presumably the case, underground rulers should not here at the moment? wrong, according bronze skull said that the rulers have not masked, but never left the ground floor the central hall, how would such a the clever, in their own and others came just disappears? It is not in vain yourself and others you will take away his lair? This is simply not consistent with common sense ah, then he suddenly looked up at ..... Jia Xu look to the sky, piercing eyes as if to penetrate the red wood, see the above picture. Jia Xu has been staring at the blood of a sudden discovery of this scenario, the heart Yi Chan. immediately shouted acoustic: "Well, I'll give you. "Hear the ass and drink the blood a shout. Jia Xu finally confirmed the hearts of speculation. Calm face Here is anxious heart and I how to do, how can I do, in the end is promised them, pick up treasures, or,Outlet Coach Bags, or Jia Xu ....... feel the struggle, but not the blood of an emergency, and even heart secretly and said: "Slowly thought, slowly thought best to wait until the owner came out, that time, huh. "And indeed, so, Jia Xu caught in a dilemma." Well, I know this is Jia Xu, Jia Xu called poison disabilities do? I was so disappointed. Shi Shi ah poison poison encountered this kind of thing is actually needed in order to, I really can not figure out, how could it be so in the name, I think you called: "pedants," is more accurate. Ironically, the sound comes out of thin air, like thunder drums, putting the stick, it will be in a dilemma over Jia Xu awakened. "Yes ah, who am I, ha ha, ha ha, I think of how to comply with the letter about, ha, ha." Forcibly restrain his joy, serious and said: "We are all above the world have kept their promises to the people I promise as long as you now pay out, I immediately went out with my team of people beheaded it. "" Well, I believe you, then, "Blood a yell, a black crystal fly Jia Xu. "Peng." With black crystals flying out violent energy of a powerful, instant covering the entire castle hall, which felt endless energy. Even calm as Jia Xu, his face showing the slightest excitement of color. Not to mention the several other generals. Withered hand trembled out slowly, appeared to be caught. "Whoosh," everyone just to feel a cool breeze blowing, black crystals disappear out of thin air. Things do? Everyone looked suddenly disappear black crystals, with both a moment. The next moment, that monstrous anger, shame, anger, especially Jia Xu, close thing, and it was taken away, how you want him to anger, how can we not angry? "Who." Jia Xu Senleng growl, like the one waiting in the wings waiting and loafers. Powerful spiritual force crazy divergence out, eventually tightly enveloped this area. I believe as long as there is the slightest fluctuations, waiting for him is like Jia Xu ** brute force attack. One minute, two minutes ...... until five minutes, the entire space is still not the slightest movement. Call! Powerful spiritual energy finally tide of the general retreat, Jia Xu gave up, it was in his closed hand at the moment, Yeyu Xuan eyes staring at Jia Xu found in this short moment, his whole person is like a dozen old now In general, the people no longer had just Manner. Icy heart slightly shocked, Yeyu Xuan Zhang of the mouth, but the thought of himself spent countless efforts, it was arranged under the perfect plan, he just refrained. "Let's go." Jia Xu gently waved his wand, with a bronze skeleton line 8, walked slowly to the Dianwai. Walked some distance back again just battled blood eight places. Jia Xu had that frustrated face, sad eyes immediately disappeared without a trace. The lower corners of the mouth, a trace of a strange smile fleeting, even besides are not a people to see. "Pang Tong, give me out and told me to hide now?" Jia Xu operation of energy in the body, stressing each syllable roared, let off, you can feel his heart infinite anger. It so happened, at the moment Pang unified pedestrians, just come to the front door. Are hesitant first wait and find someone to go in beating the situation say. Jia Xu can be this soon angry cries, is controversial Shu seven will be immediately closed his Zuiba, looked at each other and watching each other. Helplessly shook his head, slightly Yi Tan Pang Tong said: "Well, go directly to it, I believe they have been in there waiting for us, attack or do not want it. Directly into it, since we have Zhao generals!." "Well I agree with the views of armies. virtue of the strength of General Zhao now, do not say there's a few of Wei, I guess even with the entire Wei generals, nor is General Zhao opponent. "Wei Yan praised the sound reasonable manner, although it sounds a bit flattering of the suspects, but still gives a comfortable feeling. In this way, the attack Shu seven will plan Jia Xu cock was being shattered. Gently push the door open standing in the courtyard of the seven dawei will, combined with just Pang Tong inferred. Immediately raised a multitude heart is really the case, look at the time of the Pang Tong has convinced bottomless head, the eyes also appeared in the slightest worship, including Zhao is also true. As a strategist, of course, extremely powerful spiritual force, the crowd will be his performance a panoramic look. Gently stroked his beard a lot, put an easy look, people are more admiration. But if at the moment let everyone know the truth, to know Jia Xu's roar just to make them look for blood health. I believe Pang Tong died on the spot ashamed. Even not be such, will dig a hole in the ground turn down. No longer ashamed to people. "The amount," Jia Xu filed into the room looking at the door of Shu generals, fleeting hint of amazement from its face. He obviously was shouting play, just put on a show, actually really Shu 7 will shout out. But who is poison poison disabilities, hide their emotions had got to the point of pure clear fire, even though at the moment the heart has been brought down days, but his face, in his eyes, everything is still a well known. Advance or defeat, winning a thousand miles away indifferent. "Jia Xu, your plan has been prime minister Zhuge lord and see through, do not come quickly abandoned. Study in friendship between you and me for many years, and today will give you a chance, as long as you are willing to ease arms, surrender to me Shu, I promise not to move you nothing, even everyone enjoy the endless wealth. "Listen Pang Tong pre-emptive, patience, hearts with love, and logic of the discourse. Jia Xu contempt looked at him. For him this trick can say is: scoffed. "Give me less waste him do it," Jia Xu's voice seemed very angry, action is rickety, trembling borne. But only from the perspective of people Pong unified Jia Xu's eyes to see hinted strange. "This is very strange, as if there is a strong guy hiding in the top, but at the moment enemy attack home, and actually have not the slightest reaction, only two reasons, first, seriously injured powerless. Two is that the important thing is what things a trapped, unable down to help, but since he is the ruler of the underground world, it should be the strongest guy, how could hurt so just might be the second. did not come before you, I have to go over which, according to my estimation he was on the second floor, but now we can not enter, because there's six guys. And if not ultimately enter, if anything happened, those of us who will stay forever this world and I believe you know the severity, I hope you think about it. battle it. "Jia Xu roar loudly again. Say the front beam into a line, Pang Tong got into the ears of a mix of endless energy, without the slightest sound leakage. Only last word "battle it," but is the normal way to say out loud, and everyone heard it. "Those clearly and logically, the clarity of analysis, Zhitong Tong Pang Tong's penetration into the depths of the soul, making Pangtong more puzzled. At this point, close to the center of the hall floor, sudden escape of an unmatched energy, It seems like Zhao wire energy in general, and even a good high on a chip, Pang Tong suddenly startled mind, lost in my mind suddenly seemed suddenly. eyes are slowly getting the firm. "kill. "Explosive drink soon, the people no longer military adviser to a delicate moment, he is like a devil, a peerless kill God. Unbeatable, no one dared to match it." Well, finally started the war, not wasting my discarded treasures ah. Hum, hum, etc. We host this promotion success is to Five, Skiles revenge when, I want you all the blood to pour his body. Sorry, a little something tonight, two chapters one, starting, I hope to have the votes votes that our readers do not have much hope that you will click on at the same time, the collection look, ronin Thank you. A! ~! . . <
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