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30.05.2013 10:18
Aileen turned to stare at the peak antworten
The thirty-ninth chapter four people eat and drink after the sky of love, only to spicy wine garden back to school. Just to the nearby dormitory area, Aileen whispered to the peak "nerd, accompany me to the lake, the session." "Well okay." The peak slightly a hesitate, then smiled and promised to down. William is naturally will not miss this chance at two people, grinning says something that two people blush, it and have to back to the hostel. The depths of the campus of small lakes, like jade general clear and beautiful lake Dangqi the slightest ripple, this little nameless lake is very clear, in the bright moonlight,Coach Online Outlet, even can clearly see the bottom the pebbles. Peak and Aileen sat side by side in the lake, a quiet time. After a long time, Aileen turned to stare at the peak, in vain. "Idiot, you love me?" "Ah?" Was she stay peak Wenyan, first one Leng, immediately face turned red. "Well,Crossbodys Coach Bags, the amount of love." A moment later, the peak that blushed, mutter and mumble of tell the truth. Look at Aileen, his face flush has spread to the neck. "I also love you, fool, I be your girlfriend? Originally wanted to wait for you to obtain college before the ten to tell you, today you for everything I do, let me understand a lot of things. I don't care what you body, also don't care you can enter the top ten, I only want to be your girlfriend, be happy with you later!" Take a deep breath, Aileen looked in vain will firm up, do not hesitate to road. Listen to the words of Aileen, the peak is in vain felt a strong sense of happiness and a sense of inferiority. In fact, the peak has already decided that Aileen place in her heart, but because of his physique, and not sure whether Aileen can take yourself, this idea has been he suppresses in the heart. Now, Aileen tell us to do his girlfriend, the peak moment feel full brain seemed to be filled with endless happiness. Girl friend. The mouth gently chewing this sentence,Coach Online Bags, my heart pounded peak of excitement, eyes can not help but once again emerged out of a scene about Aileen's memory "Hello, my name is AI Lin" an about sixteen seven years old girl, wearing a green dress, the United States if the water lotus elegant and refined, a pair of droplet movement big eyes very ancient spirit demon, smiled and held out his hand to the peak. "Peak, didn't expect that you are a college freshman, but we still students." The door of the classroom, a girl wearing a green dress, such as lotus elegant and refined, a pair of bright eyes watery, is extremely smart, lovely. Then the girl full of excitement to the peak came over, sat down at the peak. Aileen will face up to the peak of the ear, breathe like blue on peak whispered "dinner at the entrance to the college for me, I take you to see a person, he may be able to help you solve constitutional problems?" Aileen thank you. Peak and clutched the hand of white jade bottle, deep tone of sincere toward Aileen to say. "Fool, we were friends." Then, Aileen has been like a fly fly butterfly light green, to the courtyard outside a brisk walk. That touch of green shadows, in vain in the peak.
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