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30.05.2013 10:14
can give him a new opportunity antworten
> Human aging and fine Cao Cao saw bronze skeleton reaction immediately felt slightly bad. Frowned, vaguely uneasy. Status at this moment to Cao Cao. The spoken word, like spilled water, would be almost impossible to recover. Only praying, the other do not have a big opening. "I just want something, a weapon on the line." Bronze skull lightweight said. That tone gives something like it does not matter as long as one. Cao Cao also thought of the moment, after all, is bronze skeleton underground world of biology, on top of the world may not know something, then you want to really could be a thing, no real role in things. Then relax tense mood. Skinned smiling, his eyes tight microphone and said: "Bronze brother, ah what weapons you want as long as I send Jo some inevitable hands." Cao Cao hear overtones: If it is something I'm Jo people do not, then can not blame me. I was powerless ah. Bronze skull hearts secretly laugh. Well, with my mind playing today, I'll let you regret dead. "Cao adults Rest assured, if you do not have this material, bronze certainly will not be. Still time to help you to dominate the world." Bronze skull language with eager confidence said. "Oh, good, then good. Hehe. Really is a no-brainer underground world of the guy,Oakley Radar Outlet, though, is one of a guide, but still stupid compared to us a little." You say, if it is a good thing, not too people know that I can directly turned down. If it is a common items, I certainly do not mean it. With these people is really good. After listening to the words of bronze skull, Cao Cao thought hearts rather mixed feelings. Then slowly: "Bronze sir, you say, as long as there is Jo, must immediately pay with your hands." "Oh, there Cao adults this sentence, bronze will be assured." Bronze skull listening to the words of Cao Cao , some smiling, suddenly look a condensate, pointing to Heaven hanging beside Cao Cao Kendo. "I'll take it." "What, what, what you want." Looked bronze skeleton a finger, Cao Cao was stunned, thinking to myself: "Is it a good bronze sir, skull like that?" "You This is the hands - Heavenly Sword. "Cao Cao bronze skull looked stunned look, thought he was unwilling, Chen Sheng said. "The amount, is this," said Cao Cao a bronze skeleton, and immediately know that they missed the point, aroused his resentment, his face a rare hint of blush brushed, instantaneous flash by. "Bronze brother, then let this be our two eternal witness. Underground system after you, I rule the earth." Cao Cao right one still, like in still an insignificant thing in general, seems to be so relaxed, casual . "Well, CAO adults, there are your words on the line, I swear Kai bronze to the soul, if that is not to help you in one fell swoop Mieshu, certainty thunderstruck." Cao Cao took a Heavenly Sword, bronze skull hearts are excited ah. If you originally want to Cao Cao hesitate what they used to persuade him. Did not think he was so flattering. That our own vow, to give him the confidence it anyway, after all, if this fails, then Yeyu Xuan task will fail, to the time he died, and he will vanish. That being the case, as it's a little hard. Let Cao Cao heart also excited excited. Sure enough, such as bronze skull think, had so easily portable saber your own gift to others. Cao Cao's surface appears to be light-hearted, as if it did not care in general, but the heart can say is pains. After all this, but three of the top Sword - Heavenly Sword. Temporarily said his practical value. Everyone is wearing the same thing every day, so. Has come to regard him as a part of his body. After a long time, certainly the deep feelings. After Cao Cao also human beings, people of non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect? Moreover, this is cut iron drunk, Heavenly Sword Chuimao broken hair. So even if he wanted Cao Cao so, mind steadfast person, the heart is extremely painful. But Lawrence is Lawrence, Cao Cao Cao Cao, whether at any moment, whether it is for any one person or thing, I always prefer something negative world. Things in the world can not bear me. His words for their own sword, his most beloved things, the same applies. And now, sad Cao Cao heard the bronze skull vowed vows, that firm eyes, all this made his wounded heart, got slightly moist, comfort. Fortunately, his bet on! ! Even God can give him a new opportunity to choose, bronze directed at these words,Nike Air Jordan 6, I still choose - abandon Heaven. "Here today, I will return to Ye brothers tent one night, with a revitalized set off on time tomorrow morning." Please Cao adults later hard about it, with those who want to go on eight Wei will say. "Yes, sir bronze please be assured that this will definitely Guaren arranged, you first go and rest." Cao Cao stood up and solemnly said. Romance is quite serious. "There Cao adults this sentence, Green was relieved certain." Bronze skull also learn Yeyu Xuan action, and Cao Cao waved his hand. Bronze Skull slowly exit the tent watching the figure, Cao Cao kindly eyes will immediately gloomy, frowning, to ponder his every word coming after. Long silence. "Bronze brother, you come back, you come back, lord it?" Sitting alone on the bed daze Li Zhuang, suddenly felt the breeze blowing over his face, turned around and I saw a bronze skeleton. Li Zhuang suddenly silent immediately excited. Some Koubuzeyan shouted. "Yes, I am back, lord, lord he has ..... eh" Bronze Skull slight sigh last word has not spelled out. Lord did not die, but brother, I'm sorry, in order to complete this project, I still can not tell you. "What, how could so be so, why." Li Zhuang grab bronze issued skull shoulder shaking anger. Entire Cao Ying Li Zhuang moment can feel like a crazy lion. "Calm down. Worry,nike air jordan, my lord is restored to life, I have a way, as long as this we can help Cao Ying-dominated world, lord able to stand in front of us." Brothers let us all work together. "Good," the short one word, but one of the firm, so that no one believed that Li Zhuang will this desperate. Dawn, bronze skull led his nine people, each person's face is extremely serious. Stature blinking silently through the wall. Leave Cao Ying. Marching toward the final destination. ! ~! . . <
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