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30.05.2013 10:10
said it spent much manpower antworten
> "What is it, a whirlwind, Whatever!" Watching knees trembling hand file, mouth breathing, wheezing soldiers frown snapped. Www! QuanBEn! COM "Lord ... My lord, frontline troops expedited search for files, please ... please have a look!" The soldier said, still panting, watching the way he ran really impatient. "What, search forces expedited documents, fast, fast goes to me." After listening to the soldiers, Cao Cao obviously also excited, but for watching so many courtiers at the bottom with an estimated would stand up. But after all, so long as the lord, this patience is still there, strongly suppress emotional heart, the language quite eager said. "Yes," took the document for the first time some of Cao Cao unable to control their inner emotions, the demolition of the envelope when the hands are quivering. Pick up the letter, back on to the next row line carefully read on. Cao Cao saw many courtiers hands shaking badly, in the eyes of the joy of color, completely conceal. Pah, Cao Cao palm a shot, the paper on the desk top, a little gentle hearts of emotions, serious and said: "Today Zaozhao and back, all his son nothing can go back to rest. Sima strategist leave." "Soon the account Camp among the crowd slowly evacuated, until only one person Sima Yi Cao Cao face with a happy and said: "Advisor, which is the frontline latest information, you take a look at. "" Found it, "Sima Yi after reading the information, and Cao Cao has not only put the general expression of surprise, but some concern because if not, then it will make Cao Cao though very unhappy, even angry, but Cao Cao character will soon subside, and that time is now so dominant according to defeat Liu Bei is certainly inevitable, just a matter of time, but now, Liu Bei, Cao Cao bent to get rid of as soon as possible, listened to the people that underground world words, Leaving aside that he has almost turned into a genuine, he said on the first estimate body really, but now such a big way to find the entrance, Shu and Wu how the two countries might not find some clues? If this is what the ultimate brought to light, then took how long, spent so much manpower and resources are ultimately all in vain. And sending into the underground world of people, very willing to be gone, you know certainly are able to enter the elite of the elite and even sent several generals in the past. By that time, if there really anything, Wei might really be debilitating, again and Shu, Wu Erguo at a starting line, and may even appear devastated phenomenon and now, has such a huge advantage not to use, with almost one hundred percent winning percentage is not overtly display. happens to want to conspiracy to attack this means to achieve victory, so that although it seems a long time can be reduced, but too dangerous, and if so Sima Yi to decide, he will be one million negative, but Cao Cao looked high platform above, revealed to the kind of eager eyes look, Sima Yi heart sighed slightly, knowing things he has decision, it is impossible to change, after all, he is not himself ah lord is now their only find ways to minimize the dangers and problems, ensure that the final probability of success. "strategist,'s view," waited patiently assured Sima Yi paper, Cao Cao smooth tone and stability, which did not get the color of any anxiety. "Chen believes that this time is very dangerous. "Having looked up glanced Cao Cao, and immediately found his sharp eyes really cold looking at myself, if they can not tell an answer to his satisfaction. It may ......" There are three reasons, one of which was We will send troops to vigorously searching when lord grandson is lost as a pretext in order to deceive the public, high-profile look. But even so, it is impossible to find a couple of months. So they must have been suspicious. "" Second, the information about the underground world, we know very little, are from Yeyu Xuan and who say that the President bronze, although we judge had a low probability that they deceive us, is very low, but if In case, we continue to send troops, will Quanmie. At that time, to meet us, but Wei's disaster ah. "" Third, although we have all these years, we also placed a lot of Liu Bei around us, but their barracks specific news, we know that is still very limited, and, like Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, how will all of these people forces are on the table it? Nothing more than a hastily went to die. "After listening to the analysis of Sima Yi, Cao Cao original expression of joy, has completely disappeared, replaced by a deep anxiety,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, and heart of the struggle, I can see Cao Cao was very reluctant to give up this plan, after all, I will not speak other before, said it spent much manpower and resources spent much time before he gave up things. appeared to be implemented, how a now Sima Yi said that although a lot of sense, but how could easily change Cao attention . "strategist, does not best of both worlds? in the end how could you have overcome several reasons you just said, this is an opportunity, I spent so much energy, I will not give up easily. "Cao Cao's decision said. Listening to the tone of Cao Cao, Sima Yi slight sigh, although expected, but still failed, of course, will rise faint hearts of sorrow. Wei Chen corresponding fact already thought of good policies, the first one, We can begin lied and found a giant mine, and then send a large force to guard, after all, find the entrance of the land,oakley sunglasses online, is in my CAO to top The second, according to my observation, Yeyu Xuan and Li Zhuang deep feelings,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, we time to think of a way to just let go Yeyu Xuan, Li Zhuang will leave and the third, to the time, we have to snake out of its hole, and learning skills last Shu, all soldiers Mada Jun arrives, caused him a species, to exhausting the whole force of Wei, Shu exterminate sense in one fell swoop. then by the time he is bound to the elite make out, and then we pin down the other, to those who sneak enough time to destroy the fountain of life, while to the time fountain of life a break, we do not win the game!! listen Sima Yi methodical, orderly hierarchy of the questions clearly and logically, said Cao Cao always feels terrific. illegal channels: critical moment, the most useful or strategist. excited and said: strategist, listen to your analysis so clearly structured, I believe you're ready for a long time, in that case, let go arrangements for setting up bar, which give you the Heavenly Sword, the armed forces which, dare to breach may be a fait accompli. "! ~! . . <
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