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> Ci selected from Chu Guards no more than seven, are in the four to six deal with his mental abilities, looks nothing but twenty-three level, not considered too garish. Www! QUaNBEN! COM or a businessman can actually hire more than forty seven protoss, enough to shock the Commonwealth. These two Guards toward the land shark, land shark body scales intense crawling around an issue like friction sound. It is close to the warning that two human beings, this is my food, If you moving forward, I polite. Land shark biting his legs were security personnel very bad luck, land shark saliva has people excited nerve chemicals, although he lost so much blood, but not syncope in the past. Land shark's tongue was still in his face, just like human taste cup of coffee. Even hatchlings land shark, do not like to eat the dead, if the prey fainted, they lack interest. He struggled, the more intense the more land shark like. The problem is who can be a terrorist biological biting legs, also lying on the body to remain calm when it? The security personnel shrill crying for help! Land shark grabs his arm, it seems like towed away. Guards battalion two protoss halted, national security patrols and bandits from Chu collapsed in nervous watching this scene. They do not understand why two mechs from Chu stood unused, allows unarmed men went up and variability of biological melee. Within two protoss mech is also very tight, they are driving a modified security type mech mech similar zoomorphic maximum performance, it can not achieve the level of fallen angels. Mech kept scanning the computer, their spirit has been stretched | tight, preparedness will suddenly appear in the female land shark. Chu did not warn them from land shark females position, is entirely a laissez-faire approach. Such training opportunities hard to come by, in Qingcheng, even caught biological variation, but also sent military academy studied innocence, it is impossible to train protoss. (] Guards Battalion protoss 20 meters away from the land shark stopped a distance, they are six protoss, two people working together to tackle a six organisms, the odds are very large, even accidentally, two Mech firepower enough to plug the loopholes. protoss who left began appearing brilliant metallic color, which is most familiar from Chu gilded surgery, with this mighty body care, land shark would not Yijizhiming possible anymore. protoss right hands and fingers intertwined, as if no bones half to form two consecutive pentagram, pentagram is th Stoneskin starting skills, this defense skills are land shark is thrown. Stoneskin stronger than the body technique is that two points, first, you can give yourself blessing for others can also play second, Stoneskin has a particularly strong priority. That Any state will be Stoneskin offset land shark, although the target prey, but it is the effect of this skill. land shark-like scales are suddenly turned into a gray color. to land shark's wisdom, for he himself The defense did not decline, still wondering among the protoss second skill has been released out weeds. This is where the protoss natural skills, be Stoneskin blessing of the land shark scales in suddenly grown out of the green grass, and in a very feverish pace occupy land shark body scales. Stoneskin cast totally effective time of the wishes, Guards Battalion protoss certainly not to protect the land shark He just let the water property land shark temporarily becomes soil properties. 3 seconds of the time is over, his natural skills 'Weeds' has destroyed land shark scutes defense. biological variation heavy armored scales comparable to the multilayer armor, is the role of the mighty, scales cracking sound like thousands of loud firecrackers was lit, crackling broken in one place. (] hiss! land shark emits a low-frequency sound waves, human ear can hear only the sound of an air trembling, it dropped a prey of anger, turned to harass his human rushed over 20 meters, with easy access to, but unfortunately it is waiting for a shiny fist land shark size larger than the human lot, and asked its tummy, golden fist Department of protoss being hit it on the nose, Stoneskin skill is over, land shark's body attributes temporarily wood lines, water skills completely unable to play. Zheyi endure real, whole body muscle pain it lost power, the body of a flutter in the air stiff, it fell down in the department after the protoss play Zhe Yiquan, external one hand fingers into a hook, homeopathic seize land shark shoulder blades, fingers directly through the land shark skin, stuck in the gap on the bones. land shark whole body forces are controlled in the hands of the protoss, He mentioned landing shark, the body begins to spin in place, it seems like the only land shark thrown out. away Chu did not let them kill only biological variation, he only way to deal with this, if the land shark labeled as disabled, It will lose its offspring the opportunity to live. relationship between humans and animals is always the most pure, food prey. sides hatred does not exist, but have been interdependent. would hate another person, but will not to hate an animal. away Chu do not want to kill land shark, just feel no need to. Anyway, this big guy can not bring back innocence city, killed is a waste. better to let the protoss to practice what control skills. Otherwise from the Chu a ** head, you can make this six biological run away. (] Just then, suddenly flips mech foot of the soil, a large-bodied one-third of female land shark run out, nor skills, and directly to the two protoss fury. mech protoss in more than a second ahead of time to have realized the foot of the transaction, both made a same action, they put the engine power Overclocking to twice the knees, jump forward fierce Even the praise from Chu jumped up on this, he is not impressed protoss control mech technology, and praise the performance of the federal mech even only civilian security type Mech, twice the action after overclocking engine is still so coordinated. contrast, zoomorphic mech mech but like crash type, suitable for beginners to use, if not a huge piece of metal tail, zoomorphic Mech balance will be very bad if zoomorphic mech fighting the tail cut off by the enemy, the best way is to open the suspended engine go. zoomorphic mech tail is powerful assault weapons, is also the power of its weaknesses. two mech jumping faster than the female bird land shark, one after the other, the land shark caught in the middle of the State security company that patrols long to see this scene, cold sweat. he was open energy cannon against others.'ll put these people angered, it is possible to directly kill himself. security companies who start more often than the army, once the conflict is almost endless immortality. occasion he was also thinking about pressure on people, the immediate group of people, how to look quite like the forces of fear of their own headquarters. mech height of 7 meters in front of the mech pulled alloy knife with a knife blade whip down. female land shark side head, the back of a knife hack In its neck. land shark's neck is not broken with a large shelling. the knife, but a planted land shark pits crooked. (] Also a mech made a very exaggerated movements, he lifted Bigfoot since mech, forced step down. Such models are lightweight mech mech, there are more than 20 ~: Heavy. land shark was faint pits, did not escape. thud, land shark The head was Cairu ground, which is also a mech screwed screwed their feet this time, the Department of protoss have to let go, volley male land shark was thrown over, two land shark hit together,oakley for cheap, from start to finish natural skills are not issued this time two mech empowerment energy cannon has finished, muzzle pointed at the ground land shark, but also exudes a mighty strong flavor. two land shark know when to touch this not to deal with the enemies, made me extremely Resentment The heart does not say that these early humans exposed how the strength,Coach Madison, had known this, we would not be moving mouth ah. bandits were silent, especially the original leader, wait pumping his mouth. he was commanding a group of waste to attack that target. now down, put his life have to catch it. negative watch their protoss saw bandits emotions, snapped: "You do this expression, along with the boss, your luck, gave me cheer up, after entering the city do a lonely face. disgrace to the boss, do not eat. "bandits who turn ** a thought, they're right in the wilderness say it points is free, in fact, lived a precarious life. extreme shortage of energy and materials, and biological variation tend to fight water, and the lack of drugs and if the boss can shelter themselves from this, how would strongly than before the days of these bandits do not want to from the good, and asked the federal do not need them. their federal role is to be the only villain stereotypes became representative of the citizens to the federal hate. (] bandits who are not from what people say is definitely not as bad as federal. bandits also have family , have children and they were simply being federal abandoned, without any attribution. land shark in mech forced to abandon the prey, dingy gone. protoss from the payment system took out a portable package branch injections, for the loss of both legs of that security personnel injections. land shark and most of the variation of different organisms, their saliva did not kill their prey, it actually is a good drug to people's raw power is very strong. than Lu Shark goodness, is that they like to eat fresh food, which is the natural miracle. confluence of the two teams, national security company to retrieve the little captain tolls of $ 20,000, to the Department of protoss. payment system protoss got instructions from Chu, shook his head and said: "give money to the wounded man, he's probably not continue to perform the task later." "how can I use your money, you can scrape brothers Minato. "Little Captain colored face with shame, if not from the Chu caravan, he's the PSU I'm afraid to lose more than half in addition to the armored vehicles, and the rest were afraid retain his job. Such roads, cars run, but biological variation The. security company not the army, fruit killed, the family pension is not enough to live. "you're welcome, this money is the boss to his boss is not bad some money, I gave him the injection to inject much more valuable . well, the boss said, some things need your help. "" This ...... "little hesitant to face with the captain, he is not betray guy see each other some unhappiness, he quickly explained:" company thing, I is not ...... "" Do not worry, boss respect your ethics. (] only commercial help, you can write a report, do not write it into, is not a big deal, we escaped from the rebel side, left Under these people are very professional, will not give you any trouble. "This Red Sand Valley protoss who was born without any Fei Qi, and in Qingcheng life, human temperament is imperceptibly becomes pure Little Captain The last vestiges of vigilance of the heart also lay down the money, the antagonism between the two sides will disappear. put the injured player loaded onto trucks, robots from Chu accompanied with medical robots, a simple process, to keep life did not ask, plus that support injection, can be obtained within three months if the biological limbs access, but also to walk. Unfortunately, this money can not help him out from Chu, otherwise too normal. give twenty thousand is the same thing, the tens of millions to save a stranger is another matter. Licheng National Security Company branch manager is an individual, named Libi Yun. hear the name, it clearly can not help but think of Lee from Avon, which is one of the least damn man, Li Avon's character, there is no dirty things, pure with tens of thousands of years ago was no pollution of the lake. Unfortunately, Li Lin, like Avon and wind, too deep, Wang Zi gave their lives if a little time to Lee Avon, breaking nine The final boundary is not difficult if Lee Avon breakthrough nine, would not have been seriously wounded men to death a year. protoss after nine, one point forces are not wasted, fighting several times a year. '* * 'This stage has been to achieve' knowledge 'of the stage, you can see human weakness, the fruit has a field that is almost invincible force. Qing Yan from Chu and the only thing to fear is large weapons, as well as the same level the enemy's siege. As for the 'pole' phase, it seems there is no such federal presence is precisely because of this, dare to take away from the Chu Ching Yan to the federal search for information. Federal threatened him now, not many people, if you can avoid Parliament's main force, not the military's core cities trouble, yet no one can stay away from Chuzi Xin Qing Yan himself and. want to return to innocence city too easy. "Chu, thank you for our staff treatment. "Libi Yun is very polite, she was not easy to see from the Chu team, can use dry turn two six four land-shark, which is the head office have the strength." You're welcome, I was powerless, could help on more, but Li is not convenient here, the headquarters of people gossiping. "from Chu admitted." Oh, chor do not worry. Licheng segment combatants have bought a double insurance, plus raising some money colleagues estimated that enough to buy him a mechanical prosthesis. later can still logistical work. "" Li, if you want to mechanical prostheses, I do have the goods, but ...... "from Chu Yuyan and stop. "But what?" Libi Yun Chu Buddist from indifferent then, there does not show how eager she a young woman, able to act as a unit leader, of course, not idiot. "This thing is not my regular channels from purchase, in fact I do not trade these items, but when they fled rebel areas, I might pick up a few batches bandits, bandits warehouse found in this fairly advanced instruments. Originally I did not intend to sell, If Li trust me, send you one. "if there is no flaw from Chu, bandits swept stuff everything, bandits themselves irrelevant, and also into the warehouse, over the air Nachulaimai out. And this from the ranks of the Chu indeed some bandits, a hundred people, not a small number. Obviously Chu teams return from the federal road no less to do such things. "However," health care bill "......" Libi Yun hesitated, from Chu said: "This could take the" Trade Act "to suppress banditry can sell the material is up to you invoice to get a full set of metal prostheses, you can first transferred to the company's inventory items, and then use security company pension system, then hire a doctor, the doctor can only spend this part of the surgery, my stuff, but good stuff, not afraid of you know, I am afraid, and also some military relations. "Libi Yun This assured down the proposal from the Chu What is surprising is not thinking, but who can say such a thing, is certainly very familiar in the business of. identity of each other no doubt, that receive each other's stuff, but a private business dealings together with friendship . few words eliminates Libi Yun wariness from the Chu people remove their goods from a mechanical prosthesis which includes a set of prosthetic limbs and is the main bone parts. value of the natural high, but from the sale of Chu, indeed only able to walk Trade Act provisions regarding booty bandits. As a result, far less than the price of the actual market price .. If you have a commercial company colluded with the bandits, insurance claim, then such sale price is actually not enough to pay a commission bandits With this relationship, Libi Yun gave a banquet from Chu, will become a natural thing. "I have a friend named Li Avon." from Chu toast, open pavement. "Oh? he here? let me know about. "Only a few people attended the banquet, except from Chu Ching Yan and Li Biyun, then there are those two levels higher Guards National security companies, small captain paternity, as well as an assistant manager. Libi Yun did not wear wear but a home dress, hosted a dinner at home, off-Chu et al. "He died, died in rebel hands." from Chu some sad answer. "I'm sorry, fine me a cup." Libi Yun's no tweaking state, raised his glass, the twelve wine poured down. Qing Yan is also a melancholy expression, gecko died, died of little value addition to his mother,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, geckos are the best in the world on their own people. Even Little Chu compare. few thoughts thrown, blue Yan suddenly cried out ...... (read!] <
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