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aircraft spiral into being antworten
> People sent out no less than two thousand rotary-wing aircraft,Nike Air Jordan 2, over 100 aircraft participating in an air combat even large-scale fighting, and two thousand aircraft? Slightly smaller countries scrape it out. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm ~ ~ ~ super fast ~ ~ ~ hair and this first era, the number of aircraft is quite horrible. Americas Army as replacement of the equipment, a flight mission now also has nearly ground armor. Near Earth armored flight faster than Russia's major aircraft to be fast, with only four members, the main weapon is the energy level caliber gun. For no energy shield armored units, the level of energy-caliber gun is fatal. The Japanese did not install a spiral wing real energy shield, aircraft propeller side is fatal weakness. This era, has long been no oil, and vintage aircraft flying at low altitude is suicide. Even if the use of alcohol-driven, nor who would make that kind of waste. In nearly 1000 meters altitude, a few great size flying creatures circling, waiting for the bottom end of the fight, you can take an eat. No one cares about them at this time. Lightning vulture is a scavenger, occasionally attacking lower-level creatures. The Japanese one hit iron, as the Asian Federation of near-Earth armored main battle weapon defense shield enough to have a volume. Want a shelling wear, at least a large robot or federal fallen angels and angel of light primary weapon down. Russia's aircraft back, and there to join the battle. This time, the rest of them. In the remote distance, both energy cannon using rapid-fire mode, tens of thousands of lines character asks pierced the sky, bombardment in each other's craft. Near-surface energy shield armor blue ripples from the waves, no one crashed. Rapid-fire mode test is the enemy aircraft defense system. Energy shield is not unlimited use, because the open energy shield, to continue to consume energy. A battle down, often energy shield consumed more energy than the engine consumed even more. In energy saving mode, the energy shield only to be locked when it opened, but when a stray bullet hit the armor, armored own reaction speed is the key. Japanese aircraft no energy shield itself there is energy armor defense. This defense is itself consumes energy, called energy reactive armor. Both sides shot, targeted near-Earth armor have propped up the energy shield, is not locked by the enemy, but only a few stray bullets mistakenly made, plug-armor is burning too bumpy, looked miserable, not actually beating. Japanese land-line is not so lucky to fly higher armor. A lot of energy in the rotary-wing aircraft catapult to the top pulp wings. A pulp not what destroyed a wing destroyed. Rotary-wing aircraft crashed down on shaking. If all three were destroyed. Aircraft like a stone. Almost vertical fall. Japanese morale diminished. The second batch of the spiral wing aircraft appeared to speed more quickly approaching near-earth armor to fly cluster. Near Earth armor as if blasted in general. Flew to the sides. "Just over two thousand frame enough ah!" Omar staring battlefield. As a striker. Fruit into play good. Credit greatly. If you play well. He was on the worst of the situation. How many people staring at this position to get ahead. "Normal. Japanese was not possible to put all to flight units outside the city if they can wipe out half the land of the aircraft they were even a victory." "The Japanese can not add fuel to adopt tactics ah, unless we have quite lost They see hope. "" losses? we flew troops can fine you go again, even if the Russian aircraft also has a large land use. looking back can be used as material transport equip. destroyed recycling would not be able to see. still using ground armored forces lure. "" how to lure? "Omar ask them, you'll regret it. He was too impatient, would not have no other way. Blushed a bit, Omar immediately ordered: "Flying Corps attention,Coach Store, try to stall for time, do not completely defeated the enemy air forces." Then he immediately gave his armor gave the order to attack. Americas Army ambush in breach both sides of the armor Group sudden attack, the battle quickly open to expansion in the width of ten kilometers, at least five armored divisions launched assault. This fear is flying intensive assault troops, American troops in three models Omar Ares armor mixed Ares 1-type flight mechs are ground running and does not fly, the Japanese can not tell the difference. Even if it can distinguish, the Japanese do not know the world and flight mech kind of stuff. Sure enough, this time the assault to the Japanese saw an opportunity to fly Wildness city had more than two thousand spiral wing aircraft. In the Japanese view, the enemy's air forces have been pinned to live, and continue to invest in flying units to destroy enemy armored ground forces, far more cost-effective to send Mech. And the enemy's armor is too strong, the city lost more than half the battle armor, the enemy's casualties are almost always caused by their own soldiers blew mech. Was defeated enemy mechs on the ground, so that the Japanese somewhat afraid to send armored forces out of the city in the fighting. In fact, this is equivalent to giving up positions outside the city, outside the city there are a huge number of positions within the infantry, even repulsed the enemy, and this time the loss is not small. Wildness military command in the city most people think can not be unified to the west Zhezhi Russian troops are also to a large number of Russian weapons. The east line, Russian troops have appeared, and occupied several small cities. If you rush to attack, they would have the enemy's plan. This is the most servicemen Wildness city views, this time, Wildness within the city's military deployment strange. Obviously fierce fighting took place west, the east is embattled, for fear of being Russians raid from another direction. North, because the presence of the swamp, the Japanese do not think there armored group can cross there. As for the south, there are unsinkable battleship guardian, even if there are thousands of enemy armored assault, can be defeated completely in ten minutes. Wildness steel torrent to attack the walls of the west side of the city, if it is so much heavy armor and armor close, hard-H with artillery, even if the walls are made of metal ceramics can not guarantee the safety of the city. The sky is a dense mass of dense lines rushed to the 5 km distance to start the attack. Armored Group began a counterattack, because the distance is far, shooting from the ground elevation is still relatively easy. All stages to caliber armor artillery salvo, the air full of anxious taste. Battlefield temperature rise sharply in early spring chill completely disappeared, the ground began to water vapor transpiration and even the landscape appears. Fog quickly enveloped the armored assault troops. This is not to delay the mutual attacks. 5 km distance, is the Japanese radar can accurately hit the target to find. Dozens of armored vehicles destroyed, more heavy armor was wounded, the American military armored vehicles were destroyed some tricky, almost all robot driving. These robots driving armored armor thick enough not only, or even no energy reactive armor, not to mention what the plug armor. Injured in heavy armor is really being wounded Japanese energy cannon, armored vehicles moving fast enough on the ground, but also encountered a wide trenches to stop, while the air vehicle can move freely, it is very difficult aimed want big. However, the Japanese did not wait long proud, after following the armored mechs cluster, at least half of the mech suddenly the sky, toward the indiscriminate firing in square spiral wing aircraft. The situation changed instantly, Ares 1-type flight armor, weapons and armor is designed to mimic warfare angel. But changed caliber guns caliber energy cannon. Even without the accumulator shooting, but also enough to puncture the Japanese aircraft. One thousand mech dancing scenes abnormal shock, Japanese pilots and even silly out. Had clearly seen from the time it was flying mech very shocked, this thing once there, the previous battle mode was changed. Flight armored mechs and near-Earth lies in the difference between combat capability. Mech mech engine lets lay in a small space show maneuvers, and near-Earth armored flight and vintage aircraft similar to the speed reaches a certain level, you want to play air pattern is impossible. Near Earth armored mechs can not be locked because of armor trajectory elusive. . That the use of missiles, it is difficult to shoot down high-speed flight mech. More than two thousand aircraft wing aircraft spiral into being Ares armor, could no longer maintain the formation, spared from the sky began. And out of the city earlier that two thousand spiral wing, already near-Earth armor Pindiao half. Falling spiral wing and near-Earth armor mixed together, coalition forces began the ground search and rescue, while the spiral wing aircraft using mechs clearly within the surviving Japanese soldiers. When the Japanese discovered that the enemy flying units too large, this time there are a group flight mech joined the battle, Wildness city, the Japanese headquarters fryer. "This is the enemy's main force! Our new Tokyo to help." Shouted a general pale. Wildness city has been a relatively safe city, the Japanese garrison is ambitious, but the city did not have combat experience angular. Let brief general ranking military defeat extreme panic. "You idiot, Takano home how this waste out of you!" Wildness highest office of the city without panic disorder, rage against the generals and his blood. Takano family home is coming, the Japanese archipelago has not sunk before this name and nothing position. Sinking of the Japanese archipelago, the year happens to be the ancestral home Takano and sub-federal bargaining representative, from then onwards, the rise of Koya home in Japan, the autonomous region, gradually took control of dozens of cities. Wildness Takano largest city is a city, and the new Tokyo almost tied. The highest office is also home Takano representatives of this generation, named Takano knowledge. Takano knew twenty years ago to join the army, and now is Lieutenant. This man had fought several years and the Russian people, not a dandy, with absolute courage. After retiring from the northern front,Oakley Oil Rig Cheap, Takano knew had been pending opposition Hope Town, ten years have not left. Wildness Takano knows the city in the next building is very busy, this is his lair, the people around him are all cronies. He snapped this, the utter confusion generals face flushed, stood up, bowed deeply and said: "Your honor, I panicked, please forgive me." <
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