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> On the lake bed over one hundred meters in diameter, in order to crack the gun point of attack for the issuance of a divergence circle. WWw. qUanBen. COm fracturing gun attack and did not destroy the red planet debris, smooth red metallic shine. From the Chu overjoyed, not all metal planetary debris, only large enough volume of the metal core parts of the materials needed to get Godzilla. This planet than the volume of debris from Chu's imagination, but the quality is good, fracturing his gun just scrape the debris surface condensation energy of the crystal, revealing fragments. Godzilla provided in accordance with the proportion of view, this volume is not small fragments of metal core. Chu has not gone away, if this time to leave, who knows what will happen. He let UAV flying mines, greeting his Guards battalion over. Guards battalion did not know what had happened, they have not been crossed in front of the mountain, followed by drones came to the lake bed zone, Guards Battalion protoss are shocked by the immediate landscape. "Divide a team of people to Qingcheng, the rest left to keep any approaching life, shoot to kill." Filmed from Chu to pass a screen of type 2 Fallen Angel armor, so this squad Guards Camp rushed Qingcheng, the information to Godzilla and green color. Straight-line distance from Qingcheng mine over 1,200 km of new uplift mountain barrier, must detour Chu City, towards the northwest direction from the abandoned castle. Even so, the Guards Battalion angel mech full flight, three hours is enough time to arrive Qingcheng. Planetary debris is too large to go from Chu himself, only to produce specialized Godzilla over there digging tool. From the Chu here will idle, military mines to stop mining, robots were transferred over to help cut energy crystals on the planet debris. One thousand robots cutting more than four hours, before the planetary debris cleaned out. Metal planetary debris diameter close to two hundred, from the Chu and confusion, so much debris, initially did not seem extinct morning of the big bang. But that was not his to consider fragments directly in the mountains punched a huge lake, the power of the bomb in addition to elements on earth have not had such a strong explosion. Such a large metal fragments, the Green Yen Cuffs can not be put only in situ cutting. Robots have been unable to pay for planetary debris knife Chu let fall day planetary debris using an ion Hengdao place cut-side meter block. A little inward cutting. Bright Angel responsible for the alert. From the Chu extreme caution. Do not even have to join work. Bright Angel dancing in the air patrolled together. After 8 hours. Qing Yan ground Guards battalion appeared. Qing Yan personally took Guards battalion arrived. This slight relief from Chu Guards two people to camp. A total of four thousand protoss. Even if someone found here. But also on their own helpless it. Especially young Yan personally rushed to his words together. I am afraid that it may not be in Uncle opponent. Godzilla ground engineering team took hours to come. They obviously too slow ground speed. Also need military protection. Some biological variation encountered along the way to attack. "Little Chu, I brought two groups over this time to sleep, right?" Green from Chu Yan put into a near-earth armor inside. She directed up at the scene. Then cut the core debris has been completed six frontier cube. This 4 core chips are priority. Project robot places it onto a specially crafted vehicles | face sprayed with a layer of bio-coagulant. Avoid being scanned out what material it is. Then suspended in rows truck robots busy. After the cut to go onto the metal fragments. All of a sudden. Air patrols to Bright Angel sent a signal. Close to an unknown team. This team has been patrolling the perimeter distance of less than 1 in Bright Angel, and this is the limit of innocence military radar field, where the electromagnetic environment and its harsh, impossible to improve the radar from Chu effective distance. Innocence military is stupid nothing,Nike Air Jordan, every one in the layout of a squad, layer upon layer, try to close out the cordon. Distance from the team now Locality Chu also 1 km or more, but the other side of the moving speed is not slow, if not to intercept, probably ten minutes flying troops could arrive. Immediately got up from Chu, he directed three ground proximity armor, directly see the approaching army of mine flight Uncle Majin Legion! Continuous input data come from Chu Qingxing prepare their own good, this time, the crew was tert prospecting over ten thousand, the number of troops in the air flight 2C Right. The other side is not straight forward direction mine, that is, they not targeted. Chu once exterminated from last years team Uncle, in the position of Chu City, this time, the annual Uncle sent more people, he was not surprised. But this time to the year t-elite, is likely to find the last missing team. "Sir, no hands?" In front of the Bright Angel has not help, and the other flying units in order to cover the ground convoy, only less than 5C kilometers flight but, even so, the distance 0 km soon arrive. "Retreat, waiting for my order and then began to attack!" From Chu know, people want to escape this team is still possible, but the chances of them discovered mine too, even though his heart area, but as long as Uncle years found outside the mine, it will t endless troops. Be sure to find mines in the team before its eradication, 2000 Magic Man, do not know how to combat specific, thanks to Green Yan brought her Guards battalion, or on their own two thousand people really very dangerous. "Everyone ready to fight to the Guards battalion team as a unit." Signals from Chu will be transferred to the front mech angel biological computers, each protoss have got the message. Enter the command vehicle from Chu fighting programs have fallen angels and angel of light off, in accordance with the command from the Chu reaches a predetermined location. Guards Camp 2000 people, divided into sections, each divided into five brigades 0, each unit consists of five small teams, each team C people. These 20 people, was a senior protoss, driving a fallen angel type 2 armor, leaving more than 16 people are protoss, driving Bright Angel 2 Mech. Guards battalion without logistics, in addition to Legion highest office, no one can command. The team was like Uncle correction direction, speed to the excavation site came from Chu. From the Chu some frustration within the communication channel Qing Yan asked: "core debris can be closed up?" This time, he has not considered the issue of confidentiality wheel, if these fragments exposed, like themselves to luck. "Yes, I first want to close up." Qing Yan finished answering, etc. Guards battalions spread after the outstretched left hand, Cuffs red flash on five points, the air has been the emergence of a diameter of 1 space connection point. Connection point is covered with a layer of film, can not see what is inside. Robots have jumped suspended transport engineering, connected to the jack, the suspension crank up the connection point inside go through. Suspension truck through film, breath completely disappeared, green color carefully controlled speed. This time, too much from Chu get broken completely after cutting, is to a suspension of his hands all vehicles are open to also fit. Fortunately, Godzilla sent teams to plan well before the robot will cut finished metal fragments categories, the most important core has six, with a portion of the core material also 24, has refined the value of several hundred as much as a block. These fragments were ahead of loading, this is intended shipped back Qingcheng, leaving more material do not worry, proceed slowly enough. This time may be the sudden appearance of the enemy makes from Chu had to change plans, as far as the pieces being transferred into Cuffs, even temporarily lost mine, you will not lose these materials. , Mine is not to give up, now only destroy all enemy forces in order to provide more innocent time. Mine too, could have been difficult to defend, but the northern mountains are difficult to cross even the fallen angels flying in the west, too, difficult terrain in the east, there is clearly sufficient to control the city, the only flat area is south. Even if no man's land south of danger, if people found this mine will come into a huge occupation troops. Because no insurance and defend the south, sideways from Chu impossible to organize the construction of more than a dozen cities defense. Godzilla this time sent a 300 suspension truck, then transferred to the city from the Chu 20, Green color space supports connection points, so that the 500 truck suspension into the open. The transfer of a squad from Chu,Coach Kristin, Chu city to call reinforcements. Chu City, now stationed two hundred thousand troops, Chu Zi Army First Army First flight preparation and Guards battalion regiment similar to the fallen angels and angel of light ratio is 2 to 8, this time under the cruel from Chu, direct Let the first flight mission all out, be sure to leave the ranks of t. But the other side is a million people,Poppy Collection Coach Online, and most of the ground forces. Combat ground forces do not consider here, the only trouble is, you can not let escape a magic man corps. From the Chu use this absolute air superiority kill 2,000 people, the mobilization of ground troops to surround and annihilate another seven groups. After elimination of ground troops, seven groups will be flying troops reinforcements from Chu first group. Lion Botu have exhausted all its efforts, from Chu do not believe that more than five times their own troops but also mistakes. Green color space link point has now been expanded a lot, one can simultaneously side by side into two suspension truck, one minute into six, you want to go into all 500 truck suspension, they have more than one hour's time. Not so much time away from Chu, seeing Uncle troops in less than 30 kilometers from the mine, do hands-on, the other will certainly find the secret. If Majin Legion found mine, perhaps immediately sent back to report. This is the magic of people do not know how fast flying speed from Chu fear is there any special way to the other side to send a message back. He had this way, with the long-range missiles can be thousands of kilometers memory card to a computer outside, because it is the messenger missiles, do not need to associate head, the error can accept more than one kilometer. From the Chu Qingcheng, control more than a hundred kilometers, the missile flew messenger, can be searched to the exact crash site. Sometimes the more stupid way harder to prevent, from Chu did not want gutter capsize. Novel Mobile Q: Computer Access: <
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