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30.05.2013 09:49
Seven Julang green eyes flashing antworten
> Broken arms smile, blue Yan knew he wanted hands. wwW, QUanbEN, coM from the understanding of breaking the military to now, he has not laughed. Breaking the military's face like a frost eggplant slow and lifeless, cold in the bones. That is cold everything, including his own. Such people laugh, looks very strange. Bang! Breaking the military opened fire, bullets shattered the wolves directly afterimage, fired into the outer darkness. Wolves from the air like a meteor Puxia how he bounced, breaking the military did not see. Qing Yan saw her heart slightly down half the original speed type protoss, then trouble is on the outside of those monsters. Jackal go even faster, but also can not escape the laws of this space, just knock his swollen feet, wolves will not be breaking the military opponent. Jackal entire portrait falcon gesture, breaking the military dropped the gun, which he used something does not go smoothly, he raised his hands toward the sky wolf twitched. What seems to be hit wolves in general, wailing loudly turned a somersault backwards, kneeling on the ground clutching his chest, constantly gasping for breath. "Rely on speed, you do not come to die, take out your real ability to." Breaking the military jump lid robot vehicles, overlooking the wolves. Wolf staring at breaking the military still twitching hand, hesitated, he did not reveal what the military has the ability, was able to lock their position and the volley shot down himself. He stood up, clapped his hands, the door into the seven giant wolves. "This time we bring 50,000 biological variation, resistance is useless." Wolves on breaking the military road. "Then come to kill me." Breaking the military also clap your hands, a strange scene immediately appear in the blue color of the eyes. That robot transit stations up, the body starts to deform, and shortly became a mech. Breaking the military's ability, turned out to be mechanical control and transformation! Such differences can arise very late, probably the protoss fled to another world after things. Some people believe that this ability should not belong to the earth, protoss Parliament this emerging abilities that are not suppressed, nor given rating. But this ability is extremely cruel, humans have this ability often transform their part of the body, the body also mechanization to enhance their combat effectiveness. And they look like the enemy machines, and so protoss battle, the result is often like being crammed into a meat grinder. No wonder breaking the military's eyes so cold, estimated that he has mechanized his body, as a percentage of mechanization is unclear. Wolves look serious again, he again said: "I put you and the kids to go, can you? You re strong, but also to kill so many endless biological variation." Qing Yan interrupted: "50000 biological variation? Does not in this door, right? you want the house the two men are dead good heart and they are mine. "wolf's eyes narrowed slender, peg green color, he used blood-red tongue licked nose, intimidation and said: "Then you can not go." Qing Yan Puchi about the music, and said: "I did not intend to go, if you want to cheat him, go ahead!" Qing Yan pointed breaking the military, an indifferent look. She did not know from Chu reached the brink of danger, if the negative energy needlessly lost control, the first death is meaningless, and the second is certainly dead from Chu. From the Chu feel your body are a lot of unnecessary energy filter, as if addicted to every corner of spring green. This wood is extremely tenacious energy properties, has good tenacity, it is not only because of the patch from Chu eager practice caused damage on the body weak, also from the seal on the forehead of Chu reinforced. Now although headaches from Chu reduced, there may be signs of a breakthrough that implicitly seal becomes unbreakable. From the Chu anxious hearts, and if so, the energy in your body, what is more useful? Their own mental abilities are still not available. Wolves with slender fingers lit green Yan said: "Little girl, you're dead." Green Yan bother to answer, she still looked back from meditating Chu hearts of some anxiety. It stands to reason, protoss practice there is no problem, you can give her the feeling from Chu was very wrong. Is not that so he stopped, the wolf bad deal, at least outside the build-up of hundreds of biological variation. If breaking the military wants to go, bring a truck into a mech robot can go, that meaningless, why does not respond? Why is he so confident in the end? Breaking the military and want to go,Air Jordan 11 Sale, his hands more than a few silver metal balls, sandwiched between the ten fingers. Seven Julang green eyes flashing fire, the wolf's side are searching forward. No light in the room, which wolves eyes is particularly prominent. Wolves slowly back, he stared at breaking the military's hand, feeling not sure. Just make yourself clear of all underground, so several people can not stay in, it seems that sacrifice had to make a point. His mouth suddenly hit a sharp whistle, the outside walls of the room thud collapsed. Hundreds of biological variation in blue color eyes. Tear down the wall, is the same as a few King Kong gorilla. Julang also moved their wailing is heard channeling up, while toward breaking the military. Breaking the military both hands twitch up, seven silver metal balls with blur flew into Julang mouth. Julang mouth suddenly emerge out of the blue flame,Sunglasses Coach Cheap, they turned out to be four hell demon wolf. Such biological variation is almost dominated the wilderness, in droves. Level is not very high,Oakley Lifestyle, but the combat is extremely tough, because you can manipulate the blue flame, mostly on higher than it should twenty-three biological variation to go round it. Qing Yan quickly withdrew from the Chu side, whispered: "Little Chu, wake up!" The wolves did not boast, if he storm, four people own this fundamental restrain room. The outside wall of the room, though not load-bearing walls, but it is also reinforced concrete structure, in that few orangutans devastated, almost instantly be pulled down. Despite the well inside the wall, it will not get through 1 minute. Even if the other attack high, as long as called accomplices, set up rocket launchers, then everything is over. From the Chu also like to wake up and be unnecessary energy continuously to instill in his body, while indoctrination, while also treating him past injuries. The world will not have such a good thing! From the Chu businessman origin, of course, know this continues there will be trouble. There is no free lunch, this is the only father left him. <
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