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30.05.2013 09:05
can guess what do we ask antworten
Fu words like praise, but ironically,air jordan store, Yang smiled said: "human J ī ng cunning with you the Inferno cruel fierce Li, Chi 6. 1 the 8 read a Book Wang ☆ 1 3 8 0 0 1 0 0. "" I dare you really great." Belle helpless smile, "well, I don't care about you these, dealing with smart people,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, than dealing with the idiot is easier. Well, since you are so clever, can guess what do we ask for help from your." "I don't know, I also think this issue." Yang Kaiyao shook his head, "I don't know which one is your watch, let a saint class master escape me here, if convenient, can say one or two?" See him speak with fervour and assurance, relaxed, the belle more feel interesting. Staring deeply into Yang, good short while,oakley sunglasses outlet, Fu he sat back in his seat, gently nod. She arrived, another temperament elegant, such as the tip of the general woman suddenly openings way: "your spirit strength, with different, this is we take your place!" "Sure enough......" Yang Kai smile. He had some speculation. Because he is quietly spent under the general power of God, before being willing to coffin people looking for, then, he always all is well. "You have the knowledge of God of fire?" Another must were white man sinks a voice to ask, "if you have no knowledge of God of fire, the slave predecessors is impossible to send you in." So far things have been, denial also useless, Yang calm nodded: "yes, I have knowledge of God of fire." See he admitted, all are God s è one earthquake, the company is looking at Yang, muses: "can use all your knowledge of the power of God, let us have a look how your capital?" Yang frowned, thought for a moment and then nodded: "can, but I have a lot of doubts......" "I can give you the answer!" Belle is s è nod. Deal. Yang Kai grinned, then release their knowledge of God power. All of a sudden, the entire hall became reeky, hot magma temperature such as general sweeps. The feet of God s è changed, didn't seem to think of the God of Yang Kai general power was so strong, he hit a power, the handsome girl wrapped lest she be affected, the beautiful woman and man is also the means of implementation, guarding every exit following people. Force of explosion is just a blink of an eye, Yang and general God back. Fu elegant woman and the old man looked at him, three pairs of eyes are flashing the excited light, as if picked up the baby, s è inspired of god. "Did not think of, your spirit was so strong, you have some unusual opportunity?" Belle speculated. A fugue throughout the seven layer of the juvenile, ordinary cases impossible trance tour environment consciousness power only chance creator can let him have this R ì achievement. "This is my thing." Yang smiled, "now you can answer my question?" Belle cunning smile: "I can only tell you, we mean you no harm, not only did not malicious, but will train you!" Yang Kai Leng >
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