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30.05.2013 08:59
a look is the master cultivated. " antworten
Deng hurriedly will Yang Kai and Shirley led,Coach Online Store, get out of the jungle, the direction toward the waste soil dash, seems to be afraid of his master had a change of heart. Half-day, her speed was gradually relaxed,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, gently panting, a face of helpless color, look at Yang Kai and Shirley: "you ah...... Hey......" "Your master is interesting is." Yang smile ha ha. "The master is not no man, he is also very grateful to kill those people, so I let you go." Appreciate. Yang Kaiyao shook his head, "I didn't see it, he'll let us go, also has its own considerations." "What consideration?" Deng ya however. Yang smiled, reached out to stroke in the back of the hand, where the rapid emergence of a wound, the blood gushed, Yang eye, in the wound, make a little something to. "Seek trace bugs?" New complexion to greatly change, looked at Yang, suddenly respond to come over: "is the master in your body?" "You say?" Yang asked, face a playful expression. Deng suddenly feel shy. Can come and go like a shadow to Yang for seek trace insect, only the master to do, but this worm grades are not low, a look is the master cultivated. "Never mind, your master to do so, that is really don't want to kill us, after all we are out for you a royal worms, but I also saved for you. Also it should leave some clues, to quell the Sen Luo Diandian main anger." Yang Kai analysis, appears to be through the new master mind, saying, they will seek trace bug back into the body. "You......" Deng dumbfounded, "how do you put it back?" "If I kill it, you master how to follow Sen Luo Diandian master?" Yang smiled: "if I'm not mistaken, this worm can locate my position?" "Well, seek trace bug is female twins, females in your body is the male, they can find you." Deng gently nod. "The male, should now be in the Sen Luo Diandian the hand of the Lord." Yang Kai in two words or three, had analysis at present situation clearly, a face admires look.. "Are you afraid of?" Deng staring at yang. Yang Kaiyao shook his head: "he dare come,Oakleys Lifestyle Sunglasses, I will he be completely destroyed." "It is quite rampant." "Don't say this, you Sen Luo Dian what?" Yang finally unbearable asked. Before be don't ask, don't want to get in trouble, now has been involved, to learn about nature. Deng gently breath way: "palace of darkness is a super power Sirius only, but the hall has five branches, like we resist insect pulse is one of a, a is the most powerful. Every ten years, five branches are each one, strive for the next Temple main position. This was the house, is just that punishment and father, criminal cases. He is a man, but the right to too heavy, seeing the term, used some means, to conquer the other four branch support. My master is not willing to compromise, to do according to the family Xunlai. But by the criminal cases to suppress exclusion, since a year ago, we were a royal will be squeezed out of Sen Luo Dian, entered the forest >
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