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30.05.2013 08:53
overseas who the Pope came antworten
Tuibeihuanzhan,jordan online sale, toast each other. Even the fan light Luo and Biluo also drank some, after the seductive queen drink a few cups of wine,OP Art Coach, the more glamorous, thick Mei Yi, let all people all dare not look into her eyes. The wine lead three cruise, overseas who the Pope came. To fix the door with flowers, teach flower rains, Akaneri Mune Xu Qianhao, Yunlong Island, twin islands...... A team sent into ancient Yundao, overseas large door is j ī ng Rui Qi, the last to all those people almost all present. The archaic review statement s è, found out that these overseas well-known figures in the face of Yang Kai, and respectful attitude is. It is lucky is fear, only a heart heart disease and may also disappear in smoke. These people, in the overseas status is not ancient low, some even more than he should be strong, even they are in front of the Yang son so gentle, antique what qualifications do what. A conversation, the archaic that, when they can find the ancient Yundao metaplasia breaking work, was also due to Yang's sake, this ancient but have nothing to say. Lost three hundred years of Zhen Zong secret code was found, is Yang Kai sent the ancient Yundao a big favor. So a print too a door, flowers and teach qianrui blood Begonia, Shura Asura sword door, Akaneri Mune's head of jade, Yunlong Island Yunlong collection, retrogradation diagram twin Island, one thing is Yang out. All breath suddenly hot up, shining eyes stared at the Zhen Zong Bao, expression is excited. Yang Kai did not say anything, will these belong to the overseas various sects of things, one one return. "Asura sword and qianrui blood Begonia I refining, other things I did not use, if you do not rest assured, can check." Yang smiled and said. "Rest assured! The Yang son which have not rest assured?" Li Yuanchun laughed, though good things, but the class is not too high, I am afraid not Yang Kai. At this point Li Yuanchun. Other people have said don't check, for Yang Kaina is the ten thousand assured. By accepting the loss of more than 300 years of Zhen Zong Bao, are all be grateful for, thank you. "Yang childe, Zhu Zong's overseas bearing you a big favor, R ì later if you need any help. Although overseas warning. Many dare not say, the presence of the Pope door, keep on." Li Yuan net said earnestly, he thanks not only Yang returned overseas Zhu Zong lost so many years of baby, more Yang potential. Although not much contact overseas and inland, but with Yang Kaipan good friendship,Coach Outlet Sale, is also beneficial to later. "At that time, I will not polite." Yang Kai ha ha say with smile. "So the best." "This happened, and I say goodbye." Yang Kai said that he stood up. Ready to leave. Li Yuanchun a surprised, surprised way: "Yang childe go? I also want to ask Yang Gongzi to go to too a stretch R ì son." "Kindness thank predecessors, but after the war, I haven't been back in, now also want to go back to have a look." "So ah......" Li Yuan net surface show pity God s è, "the old man doesn't leave >
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