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30.05.2013 08:45
other seven are breathing heavy antworten
"Why Yang every home owners are Fugue?" Yang Yinghao laughed too profound to be understood, "because Yang master, have special treatment, and the treatment, only Yang master can enjoy, as long as you accept the Lord in the house, can know this secret. The whole text updates the fastest in 23 Literature Network.Fs23. "heard him say so, Yang has no reaction, but the other seven are breathing heavy, obviously heard of Yang this secret, but what is not. "This is the uncle in the benefits of tempted?" Yang smiled. "Even if it is." Yang Yinghao didn't deny, Yang is not willing to suffer, is simply be bent solely on profit, could not withdraw eagle, he does not believe that the secret to Yang have, also he moved. "Just say?" Yang Kai came. Yang Yinghao smiled, opened her mouth. Yang Kaishen s è move, face also be overcome by one's feelings to pour some surprise God s. All seven home owners scratching, one's pupils do not turn. Staring at Yang Kaihe Yang Yinghao's silent communication between two of them, but always know exactly what, heart like a scratched by cats. "Although I am on this secret some inviting, but uncle, I really do not want to when the master of the house." Yang Kai frowned, positive s è road. "Yang in the future, you will create a." God Yang Yinghao s è equally grave, "all eight struggle for so many generations, so many years, still only to that level, pale cloud evil strikes,Air Jordan 8 Sale, eight to also can not resist, are more occupied half of the burning shame and humiliation, is my eight. But you. Back to Yang Jiacai for only two years, has created more than eight people any one company to peak situation, your house, is now the world name overlord! I have to say, you more than anyone in the family for, if not, do you think the old guys can rest assured that will be the master of the house came to those who are no longer aligned child? They assured not of my own child, but rest assured you." Seven people are s è nod, a face looking at Yang, no previous despised meaning. Yang Kai smile. And eight for the enemy, he can not care about eight dead and intention, but now, they are asking and heart, also made to move, let Yang Kai some feel shy to them. Not to fight hand smiling face, eight in order to resist the pale cloud of evil, is rack one's brains. "Uncle,oakley sunglasses cheap, I still want to live up to your expectations." Said Yang Kaicheng, mark. "But since now, I take charge of Yang Jia period. After this event, the eldest brother or brother took Yang Jiazhi main. My future is not in the family, not at all, this is my life's journey,Nike Air Jordan 7, not the end." Yang Kai in the eyes of his desire for God s è: "you may not believe, I always feel that in this world a place, there is a stronger warrior, stronger Pope door, stronger family...... Comparison of eight with them. I'm afraid nothing." At the very least, Yang Kai know a water temple, to develop a juicy that master! Eight people are exposed to shock.
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