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30.05.2013 08:39
nightmare of Chu kill antworten
> Way? From the Chu suddenly realize that their nightmare can dig through the wall to kill since, of course, land. ** Et # # Although such a waste to kill with a nightmare, before our eyes is the best way. Bypassing the front entrance, looking for a foot of the wall, clearly sensing a bit of land from the thickness of at least 20 meters in depth. I did not expect he would one day as a miner, pulled away from the nightmare of Chu kill helpless again, and began his work. Of course, he means and miners are different, there is a nightmare to kill meter long Daomang down across the board, hard land on the same cracked and tofu. Water snake carefully cast abilities, will cut out of the earth from the Chu freeze, then Temujin hands into the freezing of one cubic meter of soil abruptly pulled out. From the Chu different soil series can also be used to dig, as if it too obvious traces of it. Unless there is such a talent mouse, you can directly into the ground. From the Chu digging, I suddenly remembered that murderous abilities. Mice, did not know he did not kill Uncle years, or has escaped from the guilty city. This man dangerous, oppressive, if not dead, is a threat to anyone. A depth of twenty meters of the shaft was dug up, the following is the base metal layer, which is used to prepare the structure of the bombing, and now the near-Earth armor penetrating bombs that did not need to navigate the weapon, it will not be too thick. Cut off this layer of metal, the following is not a room, but a layer of concrete. Concrete harder than metal cutting, mainly now has no way to dig out something to throw up, but also pressed into the shaft to earth wall, concrete in trouble many. From the Chu had to be able to mix the soil into pieces, Lei shaft wall. After the concrete dug two meters, basically have been blocked on the way out, the air became thinner wells. Replaced by ordinary people, one minute will be completely syncope. The following is a metal concrete, but this is a metal support structure, if not dig through enough. Time had passed close to one hour, three people are still groping in the dark, looking for the weakest entry point. Chu did not want it to go away was the robot now. Come later is now. Temujin to his son would be safer. Looking for a few minutes. Finally now a dormitory may be partially. From the Chu knife cut to the ceiling below. Three people jumped down. This is an eight quarters. Of people are sleeping in bed. Temujin jumped in time. Out the sound big. At least two people wake up. From the Chu sigh. Snakes have been shot. Eight white ground ice chain fly. In these eight individuals to wring his neck. These are just ordinary ground soldiers. Maybe Uncle coercion, to be years. Never done anything unethical to do. Maybe they are born in sin city. Even the Federal never to sin. But this world. Is the most ridiculously innocent word. Chu did not prevent the snake from the shot. Eight individuals. There are six died in the dream. Two woke up being re-plug back bed. From the Chu checked the door. The door did not lock. He simply drill into the bed. Continue to dig up. Since having to go through the center channel. Or awkward to use. In contrast, on the whole hive is much different thickness in addition to the ground, still wrapped in the outer layer of honeycomb biological material, that is a variation of spider silk condense out, are unable to cope with the energy cannon. From the Chu did not have that ability to dig. The thickness of the lower layer have ten meters, when Luna Legion disappeared, went here to build so many bases, from Chu do not believe they did not rebel to mind. But the exploits hehe Legion of Luna, why do betray federal? Hundreds of times to come to the second layer, there is a warehouse, from Chu can finally rest. Warehouse has a lot of energy weapons, from Chu also present a ton of energy blocks. He grabbed two into his pocket, ready to go back to computer analysis, these energy blocks from where. Unfortunately did not come with a time bomb, or from Chu will blow up here. Temujin find a huge gun, this gun odd shape, like a pistol, but the gun barrel is almost the same. From the Chu looked, said: "This is an early mech ground revolver, recoil with half a ton, be careful when you use." This thing from Chu had seen only in a computer game, is the first kind present. Temujin nodded, check bullets. Then now the gun is disposable, bullets are sealed inside the gun body. He had to use the computer scanned for a moment, there are ten great gun bullets. Rest almost, from Chu said: "can not dig anymore, this layer have the energy network, a lot of tinsel doping in concrete, I cut it, immediately contact alert." "To start fighting it?" Snake Cuocuo Shou, meaning some excitement. Year t is not, she wants to kill a few people, the hearts of a foul smells. Pry open the door to the warehouse, three out personal touch, channel lights, it seems that this is consumed in tertiary care. "What people!" Head a team of soldiers on patrol suddenly appeared in his eyes from the Chu pentagram shot, staggered in the air, rotate, five groups of soldiers patrolling the brain immediately crashes while fainted. "." net "" kinda nice to deal with ordinary people, from Chu rarely use their own these basic abilities, this dive was Uncle base, just think of it is the spirit of our own abilities. Temujin these five individuals wring his neck, straight into the warehouse, three men That through a long metal channel, came to the center of the base entrance. Drip ...... alarm rang up from Chu depressed that he destroyed the surveillance equipment, even still be present, the good news has come to the floor, crossed the entrance, the following things can only be solved by violence. Now's not too early to be. Uncle base in the center channel is not the elevator, but the same as the subway, there is a large rotating staircase. All around is a machine gun, dense. Flashing red electronic eye disorder, search invasion. "Snakes!" From Chu cried, his eyes the rapid injection of the pentagram, intense shock up in the air. Two pentagram collide with, mental shock to both collision pentagram as the core, would spread around. After the soldiers dizziness walls, one by one stumble to the ground. A small amount of abilities can not insist to live, after all, who can not be senior guard abilities. Snake also released a white mist, this mist temperature is high, so that the infrared scanning device immediately lost a role, three people in the ground, surrounded by fog, rushed down the stairs. Energy machine gun fire began casually, most playing in the empty office, occasionally hitting the target, but did not cause any damage on the three individuals. And the snake white mist on energy rays have a strong weakening effect, the place of the defense force for nine abilities is too weak. Three people soon came to a metal door is being slowly closed the door. Unplug from Chu nightmare to kill, according to the wall is the knife. Three feet long Daomang piercing, cutting off the walls Mainland wires, metal door shut only half, it stopped. "Temujin, hold here, I went to save people." From Chu said, with a snake rushed out the door. Base layer gives the familiar feeling, here and cellular like, not in the mood from Chu appreciate these silver-white metal component to building his son Temujin search of breath, the pace fast. "Stop it, two guys act recklessly." Coming towards four abilities, glanced from Chu, has largely seen the level of these four individuals. Pitifully five! Temujin's son in at least one thousand meters away from the Chu search with some difficulty, three energy is very confusing, a lot of high-energy electronic equipment, and weapons are in the running state. This is clearly not in the mood, and from four Cooler nonsense, direct rushed past him, hit four people in the middle of the body surface from Chu suddenly grow more than a meter long metal thorns, like a hedgehog in general, the four five different can penetrate. Arrogant highway, suddenly death. Only a different technique to make a gilded, was still away from the metal thorns penetrate the heart of Chu, he was stunned, did not understand why. This world is not indestructible defense, and the devil certainly not from Chu explained what he metal surface of the body to stab retracted, began to run together. Snake followed closely behind from Chu, just to smell of blood Tao stimulate her nerves, her desire to appear more enemies. "Found!" From Chu suddenly turned to the east of the run. Poof! From the Chu head hit the wall of a layer of water, dropped his pace and stopped, the water wall on the other side, stood a young abilities, this person Chunhongchibai, Chuishou standing, saw two men from Chu, suddenly stopped ability to prepare for the attack. "Zhou nameless? '" From Chu! You dare come in person. Afraid of t kill you? "Zhou nameless systole, the pupil did not respond, he felt fear, can intercept nine mighty wall of water is from Chu crashed through, but reduced his speed. Even if he is instantly a wall of water, nor the so fragile. See Week nameless, from Chu thought of dew. Initially they are so weak, week nameless one person against the green and red men of the many miracles, but now different. "You're so open, I do not kill you." Hasty from Chu said. Week nameless hearts bitter, not in years t from Chu appeared. So many years of tertiary bases, why is Chu came from here, and he is regarded as unlucky home. "I get out, the annual Uncle would kill me." Zhou nameless helpless raised their hands in the air and end up with a virtual pentagram. "You can leave, I see that your level is to raise himself up, and should not be in control of it Uncle?" From Chu did not want to fight here, mighty river once raised to nine, than gold systems can be difficult to deal with. "I could not walk,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, will find my Uncle years." Zhou nameless did not immediately shot, he was sure, from the Chu already has nine strength. "She can leave, why can not you?" Zhou unnamed pupil finally shrink up, staring at the snake from behind Chu. He again shaken, twelve gods Shaw, it had run away four, eleven years did not catch the back t-torture, and the remaining eight do not do a good end. Uncle years and replace them find twelve people, he is not to listen to it from the Chu? But think of the years means Uncle Zhou unknown or can not be determined. They have wasted the best chance, now go on t will be very angry, the consequences will be very serious. "Snakes, you and he contest it, I have to go." From Chu said, behind the multicolored wings open, from the week nameless flying overhead. Week nameless mouth twitched, endured no shot. He saw it on the multicolored wings, which represents the five elements from Chu has mastered energy. "Zhou anonymous, if you and I get involved, I'm not polite Yo." Snake summon a smile to his natal God, a white dragon hovering around her body, Zhou nameless discouraged. He also has a natal God, but never put out workout too. He is afraid of Uncle now, if Uncle years now, and perhaps their natal God are immediately taken away. In this case, a play two equal own. Natal snake god evidently evolved, very real condensate, as if living dragon, scales glowing coldness, claws between misty,Outlet Oakley Squared, huge lead incomparable majesty, the mouth of the teeth is transparent, almost from the purest energy condensed water. This is comparable to escape those two guys still worse, when in the hands of the twelve gods Shaw t have life insurance stunt, the strongest is the dragon and the tiger to punch technique. Natal snake god even now evolved into Long, Zhou nameless depressed to hit the wall. If he had run away, and now I am afraid that this life God has grown to almost the same. The difference between a **, have been inseparable in their Uncle, can only continue. "In fact, you can be my prisoner, not on the right, in case we can not beat Uncle, you come back." Snake winked weeks nameless but pissed off. Because this time, the base of the other two nine abilities arrived. Snake say, they have a collaborationist too, these two guys will definitely provide the annual report of tert. "Zhou nameless!" Two nine abilities just came to hear the words of a snake, and they were both excited and nervous breath. Explanation is no land, Zhou nameless faces choices, either to kill the snake and two nine abilities, then fled, or on, and these two nine abilities to kill the snake, and then faced retaliation from Chu. From the Chu did not know what to do here, if'll be back soon, these three individuals have their own may not be his opponent. Short moment, Zhou nameless feeling has been a lifetime so long. Former ambitions seemed not remember, he only remembered that he was lost to innocence city by the federal abandoned. Uncle took him in and gave him status, so that he did not like the prisoners alive. Their strength by leaps and bounds, the annual Uncle increasingly terrible, as if a strange lot. All this is just a few short years to do. Themselves seem to get a lot, but never thought of paying anything until twelve gods Shaw began to escape, he was now that he was deeply caught up in Uncle net. The big net win over a lot of people, rely on benefits, by threats, by the illusion. Not the only, and that is freedom. I realize I eventually prisoners. But this network, they can break out? T ready to be manufactured in nine abilities, and even some support in parliament. He can do against such a large ground force? Why are there so many people so stupid, you want to fight? If they do not resist, how their pain! Snake's smile is so abhorrent, as if laughing at his own cowardice. Week nameless hands trembled, ready to snake shot. As long as the base closed, but also by the number of kills from Chu and snakes. Evil ** Dousheng, snake suddenly shouted: "You deal with that tall." Finished these words, the snake has been on the nine head shorter mighty shot. This is a fire department abilities, a mess, who have anxious odor. Snakes like the fire department can vary, as long as the water to be poured, the fire department will become a mighty clouds of white gas, irritable, no goal. The two nine abilities tense death, snake a shot, while the two men fought back, the fire department right on the mighty serpent, another goal of the soil system can vary but it is weeks nameless. Do not blame them stupid Uncle years go, explain to them the task, there is this one nameless monitor week. Week nameless and snakes chat, which they see with their eyes, already is irrefutable evidence of the. The two men the fear is also very natural, but also because of the snake's body circled around a dragon, for them to enhance the strength of this force of the people, that God is more terrible natal existence. Such differences can rely on the help of spiritual force to enhance the strength of the mighty, the psychological or relatively weak in the face of low-level abilities, they will be very proud, irascible, no conservation. Faced with the same level of the master, they are very humbled, very vigilant, because their strength is bestowed by others, can not play the strongest level. Week nameless rage shot, his goal replaced the soil system can vary. Fire systems can vary body surface cropped up more than a foot long flame, flames throughput, as if in a free breathing. The white dragon mouth snake control violently spit out a thick stream, hit the ability of the body. AIDS is heard, vapor filled, spacious metal channel almost instantly be filled with water vapor. Snake guffawing, in the hands of more than a white bullwhip, intense pumping out. Firebird head flew a huge scattered in the air is pumped flame radiance, water vapor to a further increase in temperature, it can feel two nine different respiratory burning, immediately from the strongest attack. Week nameless rage not own, he wanted to explain that he was still loyal to Uncle, how are two idiots but listen to the words of the serpent. In fact, strange to blame his own rat ends, one side of tert continue to follow mixed, but do not want to offend the other side from Chu. Such an approach, and betrayal What is the difference? Others rushed past his commanding battlefield to die,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, this time himself pushed to the front, how he is not angry. Snake did not put my best, if this time she removed that mirror, in water vapor attack, it is easy to solve a mighty, but her head to find the child in the front from Chu, wrapped it three people. Play as long as possible, once killed an entire base will immediately enter a state of emergency near the base will send more people. And fighters there is a maximum of a few minutes, you will have more abilities rushed here, if time does not come back from Chu, killing himself. Snake their ideas excited, filled to steam, her perception elevated to the highest level. Any state of the water energy, are her eyes. A huge flame mammoth almost filled the entire passage, toward the snake. Stop waving to whip snake, leaving the white dragon spit water. Strong currents stopped the flames Mammoth, Mammoth flame to reduce the volume slowly, it places the two fangs lasing flames, as if tracking missiles in general, the target is in water vapor laughing snakes. Mom, when I bullied. Snake nodded his slender fingers glistening, white dragon fly off the two flames fangs mouth and swallowed. Natal God although also water properties, but with the ability to swallow, had even restrained soil series of water can absorb the energy, not to mention is that the two flame fangs. The satisfaction of the white dragon roar, it's getting real, as if there is a thinking creature. From the Chu forward running and colored wings close up. One kilometer distance, for him not too long, but this metal channel, there will be more blocked. If your goal is to present a child, was hidden in the rugged start chamber, he was going to spend more time, do not know whether the snake hold. Clearly perceived from the fighting, but do not know the snake gently spun, has jumped into the Yellow River are unknown so weeks Xibu Qing. From the hands of the nightmare of Chu kill Daomang has been extended to four feet, encounter any enemy, is a knifed in the past, do not look at the result, directly behind. Superior ability to block the sword, but can not stop his footsteps. Soon, from Chu came out of a room, where the structure is already a mesh, building lot, and even double. From the Chu quickly lock the target, the door after four beings, all are very fragile. "Hammer down, get down!" From Chu shouted, not whether to chase behind dozens of advanced abilities, he used the strongest force, split to go to the metal door. Temujin can be considered no knowledge, and to his son and called the hammer, but fortunately not called wok, or shouting from Chu will be more awkward. Thud, iron door burst of energy ripples, but it is not split, but there is a finger-sized hole. Who has been close behind, but also from Chu knife, the door still did not cleave. From the Chu turned abruptly, behind the five-piercing and to the system can vary from Chu sawing a nightmare to kill each knives are destroyed and an ability. These abilities are not close, but far from the release of their attacks. From the Chu suddenly sensed danger, he jumped leaps, has summoned his White Dragon. Behind the door opened, a white-haired old appeared at the door, from the Chu immediately thought of holes that horrible mutants. This old looked up from Chu Chu from behind multicolored wings are open, abruptly resisted abilities behind dozens of attacks. The old is dangerous, from Chu did not even dare to go to the White Dragon devour this person. Old looked away Chu spoke, his voice was so sharp, like a eunuch. "Good strong vitality, let me eat you now!" Old stretched out his hands, that is full of folds his hands like a ghost in general, there are dark purple nails, Koh bent. Old eyes in a pink, like red rain spawned a monster skin variation. Tender, very sick. From the Chu shivering, nightmare kill sell out, big shouted: "Eat me? Give you a toothpick!" <
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