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30.05.2013 08:38
and Yang Kai went out to say antworten
The 557th chapter overseas people looked around, no one has looked down at his meaning, just plain looking at him, Liu Feisheng immediately some shame y ù, hate not to find a hole drilled down. These people indifferent attitude, than sneer despise him, let him difficult to accept. "Little Lord Fauntleroy mass, Liu Mou ashamed, this time also did not help what busy, these things......" The speech, on the surface of a struggle. The five pieces of treasure even, although good, but Liu Feisheng is somehow less of the Duke of Tianyuan City,Oakley Active Sale, status identity is not too low, to treasure still can get. But the ten bottles of Xuan Dan is not he can ignore, there are ten bottles of Xuan Dan help, let him at least save two or three years penance. In the last two or three years, he can lead a few small levels of peers. "Take it." Somebody persuades beside. "Not only that, Liu Mou accepted." Liu Feisheng's teeth, ten bottles of Xuan Dan and five pieces of treasure took over, then the Chong Yang solemn bow, turned and walked away. Yang with both hands to stand in situ, God s è calm, continue to wait. "Little Lord, we have to leave." A fugue state master Duanmu family walk forward, God s è calm. His family, originally is the Yang Yang Tie power, in the battle of entropy wins the first night, Yang iron out, Duanmu family suffered heavy casualties, the remaining five then in effect only in Yang khai. Last night the war, five Qi Qi sent back alive, only two of the people. They followed the Yang Kai side, as the Duanmu family who died people pay off old scores, this desire has already realized, only two of them survive, there has been no lingering thoughts. Now the situation by force, they also have to leave. Yang Kai gently nod: "this time thanks to a few elder." And the peak tower disciple in ten bottles of Xuan Dan and five pieces of treasure, two people Duanmu family took things, also left quickly. "Little Lord, I crape myrtle valley will be gone." Fan Hong walked up, wry smile. Yang Kai nodded, waved. Fan Hong openly Xuan Dan and "take, and Yang Kai went out to say goodbye. Go a few steps, suddenly stopped the pace, he said: "sister, you do not go?" He asked Luo xiaoman. Fan Hong and Luo Xiaoman are the origin of Lagerstroemia indica Valley, between two people is also the brother and sister. Luo Xiaoman slowly shook his head: "I like autumn sister,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, brother, you go." Fan Hong wanted to think, not reluctantly, not to utter a single word. "Is there to go?" Yang Kai to look around,Oakley Holbrook Cheap, "without hesitating, now leave at once too late, otherwise you are afraid that it will be returned to the opposite of eight home, don't you think for themselves, but also for their family and clan consideration." "Needless to say." Hu Jiaoer snorted, "now here, probably no one wants to go." All neat nod. Go away, all later for a variety of reasons to join Yang Khai. To the left, they are in the battle of persons or, have a genuine and sincere desire to repay Yang Kai help Yang Kai. "Yeah." Chen Xueshu nodded: "brother Yang you also said, a few days you have to leave here, we also >
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