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equipment lost in the wilderness antworten
> Do not know what happened behind. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM she ran quickly through the city like a public body surface overflow white mist. Under cover of the fog. Her against the wall roots. Sneak to the hive. Constantly patrolling around the barracks and soldiers. Snake finally arrived before dawn outside the hive. Honeycomb north. A few hundred meters of empty. Here's buildings have been pulled down. Was supposed to favor the defense. But now people want to come out within the hive is also more difficult. Empty is behind soldiers. Surrounded by thousands of robots curved honeycomb walls. No matter who wants to come. Device can not be hidden from the human eye. Snake stood five hundred meters outside the top floor. Look down. Three sides are not dead. From the south go? If the robot is found in hemp t greater. Thanks to new energy snake summon white dragon. Underfoot. Then control the dragon flew to hive. This time she could not conceal it. The following robot immediately found the target. Are hundreds of energy rays to the sky. At least half of the body hit the dragon. Dragon itself is the amount of components. This is a shot that I got only 'a few slices of scutes. Snake standing. But did not give blow to the body. Keep the hive also found the snake robot. But did not attack. From the Chu coat to wear in the snake's body. These robots program. Everything and not from Chu-related goals in the fight against the column. And the snake itself looks also program. This is one of us. Crisp with a smile. Flying low wall. Down to the surface. Dozens have armor around us. Dragon snake recovered. Said: "I am. Took me to see Xiao outcast." Mech still surrounded by snakes. No relaxation of vigilance means. Soon a team - who arrived. Headed by illegal immigrants, but understanding. Xiao Wu Xiao outcast men. These outcasts together and Xiao-old baby has matured a lot more than a velvet lips mustache. See snakes. He waved his hand. Let mech open. "A lot of new people ah small. Doing so Zhang?" "Xiao boss hurt." Fifth whispered. He took the snake to the hive entrance. Metal gates open a gap. A pedestrian quickly drill down. "Xiao outcast when a boss?" Asked the snake heartless. Five frown. Did not return. Snake was brought Xiao abandoned room. Xiao outcast turned in bed. Snake finally get serious. She knew right away Chu Hsiao outcast is very important. Individuals. Green and red to say will surely be to carry out in the end. Many of his men who control at least half of people over the hive listen Xiao outcast commands. If Shaw outcast dead. Chu still some trouble. "Sit down." Xiao Wu Xiao abandoned behind a pillow. Helped him sit up. Xiao outcast no change on his face was an unhappy look. Thin lips amazing red color. The bright red poppy blooming like. "Computer." Snake said two words on the fifth fifth Pocket PC immediately handed snakes. Snake plug cards. Do not open the file. Handed directly to the computer Xiao outcast. Xiao outcast serious look at the file battle plan. Snake advantage of this time. On the fifth and said: "He is how wounded, '" five hesitated. Xiao outcasts nor rise. From the thin lips spit out a word: "that." This five said: "Chu brother go too long. Hive of nervous energy boss with brothers robbed robot energy blocks out the other protoss unit suffered. Parliament who are the two nine protoss siege boss if not ...... I '| that more than a dozen people are dead childhood together. "five Here. Eyes red. "Yes encounter or ambush '" snake asked carefully. This time she came back. Found that there are many faces to the hive. "Is a hit and we have none traitor. Less | say bad side." "West of the base of how the?" "Can be linked, but not the army of the machine 24 hours staring lest there almost not live. "" File a lot of content in addition to the operational plan. well prepared data from Chu. outcasts and Xiao Jianjun things to talk about. "Xiao outcast read files. Looked to one side. Asked: "To come back from Chu. Maj. there is not a problem,New Arrivals Coach Online, but too many protoss army. Parliament to mobilize more than two thousand people at least, otherwise I will not go out last, I hurt too. When not action. hive master limited operational plan I can not cope with this. "" He always want to come back, "the snake said casually. Eyes are outcasts and Xiao look. Want to see him in the end is not even meant. Could have changed? "Major's people out is to die, I died a little one of you say how can I choose?" Snake fell silent. Xiao children meant she understood. Xiao outcast person. Right from Chu can guarantee loyalty. He sent dismay. Major man and bear with. "He has a second plan, but the unpredictable consequences." That snake surrender second card. Insert the card into the computer Xiao outcast interfaces. Open the document read. "This? Robot sent to all the words of our great. Can not afford to not if Chu brought up the energy block is easy enough to manage, but his weapon. Effect you really have to say?" "I do not know. Athenagoras say there. "snake Tanshou. For families weapons. She mention proficient. "If this To not see the sun a long time." Xiao outcast rare sigh up with emotion. "Federal and year t add up to more than one million people. Let not the most bitter." Snake some evil smile. She then how to change. The past can not be separated. Think there are so many people out to be unlucky snake from the heart happy. "Then use the second plan it. Would let him come back again." Xiao outcast some fatigue. Schematically fifth with a snake out. From the Chu troops had entered the city park. Responsible for seeing from Chu Chu Yun left behind. Immediately began to cry together. "You said the snake to kill you next?" "Yes ah, we dared not resist, she said a lot of strange words ......" and so Mr Zhu finish. Qing Yan interrupted him. : "Mr Zhu you had been with my mother's people. Know what fate lies." After listening to the words of green color. Mr Zhu cold sweat. He barely high voice: "Mayor I do not lie to you. You want to call the shots for my brother ah!" "Mother is gone and they will not listen to me what it is. Small Chu I dislike is to look at the snake, but her people . bully may hi This Zhu Yun problematic "" I know them all arrested. "from Chu a command. His hands immediately around protoss. Mr Zhu did not even have the ability to resist. Park over fifty protoss has been brought under control. "From Chu. What do you mean I am the Hongjie people!" Mr Zhu Youjingyounu. He does not understand. Why not at all from Chu listen to your own words. Instead tremendous trust that called the snake woman. "I know who you are green and red, so I'll let you go face to face with her interpretation." "Ah?" Mr Zhu Yi Leng. Immediately understand. Chu is to kill yourself. He cried: "off Chu you this supercilious look wolf. Hongjie so good for you as she died. Cleaning the old unit do you have?" From Chu smiled. He Qing Yan said: "You see. Was their grasp, the power of good. These people ah ......" "do not know how the hive." Said Qing Yan little worried. "Put these people apart 'Q. There lie directly chopped off hands and feet .. Do not let them die, I want to keep up these traitors,Jordan 4 Shoes, let us visit every day." From Chu sound like ice. "From Chu you are not good death!" Curse someone up immediately. From the Chu waved. Let men protoss put these people away. Dealt with separately. Has got the green and red ashes. There is nothing he can rely on it. These. One can not let go. As long as the four main army stand up. Self. Qing Yan. Snakes and Xiao outcast everyone control thirty-six thousand army. Even if this person then what is the use against themselves? Camping equipment lost in the wilderness. From the Chu troops stopped at the lake. Wait Xiao outcast news. Red Sand Valley protoss were gathered at his side. From the Chu sighed and said: "Do you regret leaving Red Sand Valley do? '" Chu brother. Outside good. Except there is no clean water. "These protoss and from Chu has been close a lot. Speaks not so much of scruples. These people like innocence city. They thought things were simpler. | What a betrayal of only twelve people in green and red. Everyone refused to follow him. "Innocence is born a good party, and the people too ......" "bad." Qing Yan in the side access road. If there is no mother. They would have to become someone else's food. If not Thanksgiving. Can not bite one. I think this thing quite scary. "From Chu nodded and said:" You live here later. One to remember. Red Valley is home. If you are not happy here,Cheap Oakley Active, too. And I said. I will let you go back. "" Chu brother. We have not had enough of it! "We answered with laughter." What fun. A metamorphosis much. Innocence is simply a prison town. "Green Yan dissatisfaction Road." Listen to your words. Do you like perverted? 'Green surprised to see from the Chu Yan. Qing Yan Er her good mood again. Nor from Chu and bicker. Brittle armor near leaned back and watched the sky. Leisurely saying: "real metamorphosis at least is pursuing. Such as tert-years. Such as mice. Also the soil behind. Wu Di. What kind of Zhu Yun. Not worth me angry. He is just for immediate. "We laugh even more. Away Chu Stern said:" Green Yan said very right. Mr Zhu is not the pursuit of this traitor person. Really should order him angry. But I do not want to betray green and red. Even if she was gone. Mr Zhu considered unlucky. I'm gonna do the typical. "" Chu brother. I also see. The guy turned out to be the captain. Older than me. If not dishonest. Good practice. Hongjie trained people how could not break through seven. "A young protoss echoing his face was a look of disdain novel Mobile Q: httpp computer access: <
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