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she does not regret is false antworten
> "Oh, show ripples evidently thought desperately, she was around one hundred in addition to pro-Guard, what force?" Quoted from Chu appropriate topic, he was afraid Qinwu Yang noticed over. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM "around her abilities more than my master, my people are sent outside. truth and you say it, the city's income spent so many people can not sustain life, I have been trying to eastward expansion. experts have sent by me to go, but simply show ripples things in this city, by her side, there may be dozens 6-7 protoss, but over fifty, not big threat to us. "" In this building blocks is a threat. "from Chu feel if that is true, that show ripple strength and they want almost. "She still must manage the life and death of men, I have to mobilize people outside back, if she put people to stay in this building, and that her hands to retain his job." Qinwu Yang Lian knew exhibition can hear your own voice, he deliberately loud said. Half-turn at the seventh floor staircase, metal walls burst open, beautiful patterns split into regular Tic Tac Toe grid, sharp picks ejected, uniform and headed towards the stairs in these individuals. Picks regardless of speed or power, have reached a degree of terror, if not before the wall of the changes can not hide, even from Chu will be plot. Fortunately, there are snakes, only this time she was out of her own a weapon ---- been hidden in her sleeve inside a metal truncheons. This is like a novel metal truncheons magician wand, very short, holding in his hand like a toy snake. The one is the metal truncheons pointedly, white, inlaid with do not know what biological variation teeth. Also a cast into the shape of a snake. Shekou half open, his mouth a pure energy blocks. From the Chu glance, did not say anything, this thing is the first time I saw him, and now worry about dangerous snakes out, he will naturally not ask, because there is no need to let Qinwu Yang know this stuff came from. This is the root whole body cast metal truncheons scaly pattern, not straight, but slightly arc, and modeling is a snake. = King? Child? Church? First? Hair = snake nodded with metal batons in the air. She reached under point six, in a second time, six pentagram emergence of this space, blocked off down before and after the six directions. Cone Penetration these pentagram has most of ablation, there is no edge into the Bingtan. Water property attacks reliably abilities and metallic abilities is the same razor, now there is no edge of the cone, reduced too much power from the Chu and snakes one after the other, the green color in the middle. Protect the lives of her safety. Qing Yan naturally draw a space with a red edge abilities. But there is no need, green color than ordinary protoss attack, but expensive too, at this time is not suitable shot. Qinwu Yang skinned penetrate the outer layer of the fire are. He readily seize fired his picks, in my hand, turned into nothingness directly. Then he looked up empty: "The exhibition ripple, kill us, we shall rely on this?" Tic Tac Toe grid on the wall of the metal did not continue to attack. Instead, slowly turning up, eventually forming a cavity. Show ripples to the sound coming out from the hollow: "Scar Qin, do you really think I'm afraid of you? I tell you, if I had no better, you should expect to good when I get the most valuable thing is metal, I have been almost consumed, even if you kill me, as nothing. this building, do you think you can control by button? ha ha ha ha tell you that I was dead, the building will follow the dead. " from the Chu smiled, show ripples in the end is the bandits origin,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle Cheap, there is no chance to get to practice on some secrets. He is also in recognition of the green and red, only known snake. Godzilla. Know a lot Confidential. Show Lian said building is alive, which explains this building something. Similar to their previous ability to control others spiritual imprint. Wu Di later learned he had killed this ability, this building is not to create their own ripples show, so she can not understand the core part. As long as sufficient force, any person leaving the spirit of the brand will be controlled. If you really are so that he might really have this building for themselves. ^ ^ Starter? Monarch? Child?? Church? ^ ^ "Scar Qin? Oh, you still remember ah." Qinwu Yang did not get angry, show ripples called before he did when princes nickname. Now most people know this nickname are dead, for today's status Qinwu Yang is also a lot of dead men. Show ripple now is not to be calculated from each other, since the words say out, it is moving the real fire, angry enough. Qinwu Yang Lian show fear is calm, a calm river protoss, will create amazing abilities, other than the Department of protoss unpredictable. Kim said the fire department and the Department to protoss powerful, in fact, even the federal parliament protoss, water experts have accounted for half. "Why do not I remember that in order to support you win, few of us working hard together with you we were a people only survived, had died cronies do not know how much, do not you know, you want to kill me,oakley sunglasses sale, will happen before that kind of thing? By that time, the people around you are not, I think what means to maintain your position. "show ripples, not without resentment spoke, the sound from the metal channel sent to, seemed lifeless. "Do not you worry about labor, east of the city, I have penetrated to almost the same, do you think this broken place can feed many people? Here originally four Taitou Ling, twelve head over sixty small princes, now you and I weighed almost, can you consider their livelihoods before? If you do not give them living space, you and me again, able to suppress long? abandoned castle known as one hundred thousand bandits, in fact, the population has nearly thirty Wan, even federal, to feed so many people is a problem, in this place, do you think I rely on the boss man than you? show ripples, even if you will not contribute for everyone, and also all the benefits as much as possible The hoard, floor cover such a break, if only my own opinion, do you think I need you adventure? honest and you say, outside men who attacked you, as well as others of the team, so I worry very Even here, beat you, I turned away, but you have not laid the foundation, you can do the rest Guanggansiling? "" Well ...... "exhibition ripple voice trembling, and from chu thoughtfully, Qinwu Yang it revealed a message that the survival of bandits rule, under normal circumstances, bandits who try to avoid Rush, but if you really a threat to survival,Oakley Juliet, more often than the battle between bandits and federal battle more intense. Qinwu Yang spent all the power to deal with exhibition ripple, except because they are greedy and want to show ripples had swallowed the goods, the other reason is Qinwu Yang about his men could not afford it. Qinwu Yang would like to expand, it must have enough support, and show ripples can not support him, the contradiction between the two has long existed, but did not realize this exhibition ripple point. This is from the Chu vigilance. He reminded himself, something similar might happen in their own body. Want to survive in the wilderness, not selfish, if their existence let others living space becomes smaller, invisible enemy immediately becomes tangible, and will deal with their own secret. Show ripple weekdays big mistake to do nothing, be careful, but she did not think the entire city bandit groups how to develop, Qinwu Yang was a qualified Tai Touling, knowing as we seek a way out. Thus, only two people inevitably intensify the contradictions together. If not from Chu, two people even fell out, will not go to this extent today, up to consume some of the people, so that the number be reduced to banditry feed extent, the situation will be re-balanced. Now with from Chu, let Qinwu Yang saw the exhibition ripple forces to wipe out the hope that the situation will become decisive look. "Well, Scar Qin, you said sounding, do not raise my hands? My own hard earned something, why allocated out? Initially, it was laid down with everyone, how to divide the city spoils me a minute did not earn more money, how can you rule on me? "exhibition ripple sound heated up, she has always been a rigid person, if not for a lot of men who survive long been replaced Qinwu Yang, now do Qinwu Yang large, even in another city development forces, resulting in today's situation, she does not regret is false. "I'm not ruling you, this is our Siyuan. Exhibition ripple, when calculating the horse back and forth, why do you put me down with? Him you're interested, I did not provoke you." "Ha ha ha ha." Ripple smile Exhibition , and sometimes I do not know what language to fight back. Do Qinwu Yang does not want the horse back and forth away? It's over now, that is not their own, the wicked are their own doing, the benefits you have won. Thought here, show ripples and said: "So this is from Chu, you did not kill the horse back and forth, there is a good calculated today, right?" "Yes ah." From Chu smiled, made no secret of their own ideas. "I see you too smart to put the horse back and forth in front of me so I kill, does not feel right ah ye grudges, or to solve your own good, although he did not keep any kind to me, after all, is you can come up, I can not for the resentment I can understand your thoughts to me, we all do miss something, there is no need ruthless. exhibition ripple, if you invest in, I will put you and men a way out. "" What kind of thing, a prisoner only, at least we are free. Do not use that tone to speak of forgiveness, hypocrisy of men! "seal from Chu touched his forehead, smiled and said:" Do you get angry for what? give you a way out you do not go, you are far worse than the horse back and forth. "Qinwu Yang's mind a bit messy, and now he and off-chu stuck here, who do not take too much force intended to force a breakthrough, this is not a good thing. He is not too conservative, and if exit from Chu, that show ripples grasp deal becomes much smaller. He knew from Chu should be eight or more protoss, just do not know which department. And yet there are men from Chu higher than the strength of his people, indicating that there is a more intelligent from Chu's brain. Then strong hands, but also to accept the command of the brain. "Say you hypocritical, do wrong? If you sincerely cooperate how I will be stuck in the ice wall there." Drive a wedge between the two exhibition ripple forget, hearts still have a hint of luck. <
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