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30.05.2013 08:21
the European Union will antworten
> "It's hard ah!" From Chu left Qinwu Yang's lair, immediately issued such a sigh. wWw, quaNBen, COm Qinwu Yang that he wanted to get rid of, but found the idea somewhat unrealistic. Qinwu Yang very vigilant,oakley eyeglasses sale, always have more experts around protected, and that he himself has no multiple wounds, his hands by force, there is no one hundred percent certainty. Qinwu Yang later revealed the secret, but also saw the strength of the group from Chu, this exhibition gives birth to active attacks ripple confidence. Available from Chu had no such confidence. Since it is so difficult to kill Qinwu Yang, kill exhibition ripple will be more difficult. From the Chu rare meeting, and he put his innocence cronies are looking over the city, asking when the area north of the city of foreigners control what special things happen. "Six years ago things? I know something." Speaker was Godzilla, he can now say completely free, from Chu let him control of all resources, he can freely design and development of magical items. Despite fewer staff, the condition worse, Godzilla's mood was much better. He escaped from the guilty city, want is this. Now more than ever from Chu attention him, no matter how the future development, at least from the Chu will not abandon him. So Godzilla restored the beginning of that look, smiles, undisguised dig in your body like a piece of meat expression. "Tell me." From Chu know there are doors, in their own Qinwu Yang get the news too, but acquitted the city from happening reverse infer the original exhibition ripples in the end did what. Other people are watching Godzilla, eleven, who six years ago was still young, a lot of things do not know, green and red did not speak to them. Duka, who was another difficult situation, there is no mind to discover these things. Godzilla different. He then has to follow green and red, and as a group often Stealing from Thieves, Godzilla know that many other people do not know the news. "Six years ago, riots occurred north of the city, they crossed the E area, you want to capture the city center, but later hastily, some specific lest Hongjie know." "Then how do you see?" From Chu continued to question , Godzilla certainly know a lot of details, but will not link up with what happened today. "Those people crazy." Godzilla wrestled with: "The north of the city at that time and the strength is not too strong. Federation has controlled half the city, there is no way the European Union to send a lot of material over the four countries after the war, They did not dare to send regular troops crossed the border. simply by security companies who can not even guarantee the security of transport routes from the beginning, they were harassed by bandits, bandits each year because of the loss of supplies over 30%. Federation did not blow The determination of these bandits, the European Union can not own shot, the situation has remained to the present. then ground offensive north of the city is very crazy, half the time maintained. eventually dropped. my opinion, they should have follow-up measures, It just means no chance to display their follow-up, he was strangled in the cradle. "" That's right, six years ago, a group exhibition Lian et al intercepted material, and they do very must. not at all to leave the European Union all robbed. these supplies, probably north of the city to seize the city where the confidence of the entire innocence. Godzilla, when the fighting north of the city of foreigners using what means? "" They, ah, robot-based, as well Many incredible machinery, such as a conductor protoss mechanical man. ordinary soldiers are real prisoners, do not care about danger. fighting is very intense, and I do not understand is that time north of the city of foreigners pull the front too long, Almost across the six areas, if they put all the power concentrated in one point, almost able to penetrate the entire city. "" It should be a huge field layout, the layout, the need for the European Union's latest supplies. We innocence out of the city before and even encountered a European giant robot aliens north of the city that year if there is a giant robot, what will happen? "" It should be very good. tert secretly manipulate countless years bandits, particularly men's masters, even with different those who can afford to fill, but also be able to get rid of a giant robot. "This is from the Chu agreed. Goliaths if the protection is good, can be said to attack the fortress city of sharp weapons, but hate to be senior to protoss posted up, a lot of special attacks protoss robot can damage the internal circuit, and even energy field to protect the core computers. If only mechanical exchange that giant robot in the city there is almost no end, even near-Earth armor did not dare to close flight. But let giant robot up and running, you need the energy block is also the purest, heads will be quite large. It seems the original exhibition ripple Shouhuobuxiao ah, no wonder she despise myself from sin city with out robots and mechs, the original exhibition ripples have had more gain. She has enough energy, natural can control more bandits. She have great strength, beautiful appearance, if not met yourself, show ripples in the city could have been anything they want to manipulate everything. But now Well, I am sorry that he may continue to do that year, Stealing from Thieves, must take the show to get to things picking ripple. Since then foreigners have confidence in using these supplies temporary control of innocence to the city center, and that she had these supplies after the city to deal with issues of innocence would resolve most of them. Show ripple though the batch of material has been, over the years may not dare to sell them to the bandits, in addition to energy, something she could not many high point of electronic products, no Godzilla like helper, show ripples can not be utilized . Yourself if you can find these supplies, I am afraid there are at least half a chance to regain control of honeycomb, and is in a safe situation. In the north,Coach Online Bags, the federal troops can not put too much, because the side of the long winter, when the loss of a large troop movements too. The two Army activities in the north of the city of innocence, has made very surprised from Chu. In this season's military actions, the non-combat attrition reached an alarming proportion. Even after the transformation of the soldiers, also because of the North Kulie climate frostbite, and even freeze to death. Of course, all of the soldiers on armored vehicles can transport, you can, as a result, energy is not consumed Federal willing to take. Qinwu Yang Why can live well in the north? Not simply too lazy to deal with because the federal him. Attack the abandoned castle, is always worth the pieces of things. "What the European Union has a very special weapon you, I mean, for our Federation." "Robot turrets and flying robots." Godzilla think about it, the answer to this question. "Flying robot!" From Chu surprised, and his armor now can not fly, robots fly up, at least near-Earth armor mounted on the engine of it. "Not what you think. Robot fort is actually designed for near-Earth armor, you can fast-moving, full-height for defense. Then federal Europe by Asian Federation of near-Earth armor playing too badly, they can not produce near-Earth armor engine, vintage aircraft alone confrontation, in this weather, the fly will not fly, so only defensive weapons designed, and very effective. robot fort is also very expensive, but cheaper than the near-Earth armor too much, ten fight a no lose money. As for flying robots, is dedicated to the manufacture of machines urban combat insects, flies imitate the flight mode, heads are small, flying time is not long, only be regarded as a lethal detect weapons. "" there is no other special things? "from Chu reconciled, these two things are not important on their own, the robot can certainly deal with near-fort armor, but can be a huge number. As will be flying machines insects, from Chu do not feel any effect, if it is on the ten million maybe okay, tens of thousands of words only, but is disposable consumables. That is, if these two things too, right from the Chu does not have any practical help. If large enough, and they could not afford from Chu. Want to make ripples from Chu determined to tackle development, there must be something better out. "Yes, but this is something not many European Union, may not be willing to innocence city this place." "You talk, I could not see." "Do you remember the near-Earth almost put your armor completely shattered that Weapons? "" annihilation gun! "" Yes, the thing is that the European Union was originally studied, can be as small-scale destruction, destroying metal fortress, even near-Earth armor, but also a gun one drawback is slow rate of fire, the enemy enough Robot rushed to him calmly demolished this stuff and giant robots, are needed in order to play the biggest role heavily protected weapon, but annihilation gun bulky, too conspicuous, the European Union will not be willing to put things to the innocent the city. "" You talk about opinions. "from Chu to see his men one by one, one by one to say these people thinking. Although they do not know what a thing, but the situation in the city than on the innocent from Chu have a more profound understanding of, so to say the views are still meaningful. "Whatever it is, at least let foreigners have confidence in things my mom ......" Talking is the green color, when it comes to these three words, she was sad, but also a little embarrassed, but these only from Chu can feel. Green and red when she was talking about, we face have changed, very strange, with awe, but also respect and even envy, regret, frustration and so on. From the Chu look in the eyes, lamenting the green and red of the remaining prestige. Qing Yan continued: "My mother said, Shikoku war though appears to be a lose-lose, in fact, foreigners have been broken up courage, let foreigners dare to break the courage front battle weapons,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, armor is at least close to a level . Even if this weapon is gone, but the support of such weapons will be very huge amount of energy. example, foreigners really mad, sent an annihilation guns, at least they bring to simultaneously transmit energy bar annihilation gun ? alone piece of energy, enough to make many people tempted up. "" Yes. "snake added a moment, she recalled:" At first, the annual t may not so strong today, but the area of ​​the master F6 more than today a lot of that time, seven or so people do not really master, F6 area is still very confusing, not even foreigners are afraid E Zone over. "" So, this is a worthy hands? If We agree, I began to develop plans, perhaps there will be casualties, and we think it over, and then answer me. "from Chu gave in to the purpose of the meeting, he needs these people are willing to do these things. <
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