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30.05.2013 08:20
the spirit of attainments won't than antworten
Speaking for a while and blood Shi, Yang let them go. Leaving only one Tang Yuxian. Just Yang opened a small joke, Tang Yuxian until now also some blush, did not know that Yang Kai leave her alone to do. "The rain fairy,Oakley Active Outlet, you are not a stranger, there's something I don't deceive you."" Yang Kaishen s è serious, light tone way. "Little Lord please say, rain celestial cock one's ears to listen." Tang Yuxian is also the face...... "I don't know, you feel!" Yang Kai said, his knowledge of God force spurt out, Tang Yuxian was in the past. Tang Yuxian Jiao Qu jerks, beautiful eyes suffused with different, incredible looking at yang. "Feel?" Yang asked. Tang Yuxian Leng for a while, just slightly awarded first: "little Lord, it is your own conscious power?" Nice. Yang Kai has been practicing his knowledge power, Tang Yuxian and Tu peak two people did not know, but the Yang wanted to ask Tang Yuxian some of the spirit, which is in front of her little show. "So that is what it is. That night, the original Yang in the iron house out of conscious power, is a little prince you."" Tang Yuxian see light suddenly, after a few months, she still remember clearly, entropy wins battle first night at the outbreak of World War II, Yang iron, Yang turned out, at the same time there is a tyrannical consciousness forces shrouded Yang iron house, deterrence quartet. She was still doubt that God know strength exactly is who master, until this moment just understand. "Just a little prince now you really element throughout the nine layer, how this... "How can, with peak power in knowledge of God? But a few months ago there was. As such, the God of Yang Kai general power has been practicing for a long period of time. I don't know either. Yang Kaiyao shook his head, did not say,Coach Poppy Collection Sale, "you in mind technical achievement better than others, I just want to learn some experience from you." Dream is boundless, Voldemort, is a master of master, in the spirit of attainments won't than Tang Yuxian weak, but everyone has everyone's strengths. Yang distance travel environment only a step, naturally want to do some preparations in advance, especially the layer level promotion Fugue state! Really yuan environment is a watershed in Onimusha,oakley sunglasses store, body strength will come true yuan, become more intense pure strong. In the environment is also a great divide Wu, in this realm, Wu will open to the general sea, parenting practice general God power. "Little Lord Fauntleroy specifically want to ask what?" Tang Yuxian recaptured the mood calm, ask. "For example, how did you open up their own general sea?" Yang Kai wanted to think a way. "I remember, it was taking some supplementary general God with treasures." Tang Yuxian recalls, slowly way: "also said that was not clear, well, a little prince, subordinate to show you again, I still remember the situation at that time."
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