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30.05.2013 08:17
The dwarf looked intently antworten
> Dungeons originally intended to build the Northwest's largest integrated commercial, Hero City abandoned midway after the boss directly committed suicide. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm he put all the money would have to bet this renaissance city looked into. Shikoku outbreak of the war a lot of people, but also to a lot of people go bankrupt. Because there is a direct subway station mall, considered one of the city transport hub, F6 area has been hunting team from here into the city's subway system. Here channel wide enough side by side down more than 10 transport robots. Here there is absolutely no expectation of downtown, the boss a dead mall doors have been removed take repossessed. From one layer to the nine-story glass have been cut away, every spring, the sand almost unimpeded walking through raging in this building, in addition to the stone floor was polished extremely smooth,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, the other facilities are dilapidated. The only fairly intact, only subway station, where the materials belong to the state, no one would dare start moving, then the rebellion occurs, there are a lot of people hid in here. In order to avoid unnecessary loss of federal combat robots, simply closed mostly export, directly in the subway system put in a lot of gas bombs, said to have chemical and biological weapons. Once this kind of thing humanity twisted up very thoroughly, but after the war and rebellion was soon over, everything has been buried in history. Personally, the most in life is all, for the history, life just dust. From the Chu never thought that one day he will visit places like subway stations in the metal railings are cut away, like an underground plaza. But obviously remodeled plaza right, where there is strong fortifications, fortifications inside the machine soldiers stationed soldiers and some military engineering maintenance staff. Soldiers belonging to the prison of all machines, underground world, no warden can not be allowed to enter. Left the room numbers are written on the door, walked away from the Chu and green color on the 4th room,Coach Crossbodys Clearance, they belong to the 4th hunting team. The room has been sitting 8 people, being bored to do their own thing, see Chu and blue color coming from, and no one to interfere. In-room facilities is very simple, a table, 12 chairs. Qing Yan pulled a chair directly across from the Chu and sit down. From the Chu feel very uncomfortable, so we should go hunting, but there is no want to communicate between the meaning of such a team, to have much ability to survive? He himself had nothing to do, two guns have been maintained well, dagger polished, and even bullets he had a one pressed after an examination of the clip. Godzilla to his sunglasses that he has learned all the features that camera, a weak night vision capability, networking and micro terminal, such as the hands of the watch. So he does not have to roll up their sleeves can view the information. Should be more practical functions and electronic sight connection, but from Chu on anti-materiel sniper rifle scopes let young Yan demolished. Sitting in front of the door is a very thin cold young man, probably twenties look, he shaved his hair short, almost visible scalp. There is a fringe on his forehead was a square blue sign, it seems also a protoss was sealed. He wore a breastplate with the previous generation models of the uniform, holding a dagger, dagger small, like a girl's toy. Short dagger in these fingers between young flexibility to roll, and does not fear a sharp knife cuts. You can see the dagger from Chu hollow part, this is clearly not designed for aesthetics, but to release more blood. Sitting on his right side was not much more than his fat guy, slightly older, some yellow eyes, face too much indecency, her hand holding a magazine. From the Chu well educated, know that foreign languages. In fact, even if he does not know foreign languages, that the above ** girl also shows this guy looking at something. This is a pervert, fetish, from a definition in the heart of Chu. This year the paper is expensive, upscale magazine is something that is very old magazine, it should be seen for a long time. The erotic man's forehead is also a seal symbols, but light is much much simpler shape. Short magnificent young man sitting on the left hand side of many, but it is also for him, this man's hair is slightly longer, blocking half of the forehead, revealing a little touch of seal symbols. His rugged face, skin color deep, chin beard. His hand holding a metal jug, occasionally lifting sip. I like to drink a man, a little patience should be directed. From the Chu in the heart of the. Rough man sitting against the wall opposite a woman, appears to have thirty-five or so, but the body is very good, but also seen on the face of the vicissitudes of life. If it is not a woman from Chu very experienced, will think that this was a good girl less than thirty elegance. But her fingers were different, not like the girls as a viable way done with. These hands very hard, from bones to muscle fibers. This pair of stiff hands are playing with a pistol, but it is produced in Russia Federation called hunting gun pistol big power. This gun can buy 4 Red Star 80, said to have been killed off with this variation bears. There is also a woman's head seal symbol is white, her skin very white, not looking, somewhat disagree. Woman sitting next to a little man,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, his hands unlike others in the room, also wearing gloves. His head has been low with, but from Chu know, looking at the woman in his thigh. The dwarf looked intently woman's thighs, fingers do not move a muscle. He is wearing American Federation produced Terminator 5 semi-metallic armor uniforms, although the model is a dozen years ago, the performance is still excellent for gunpowder weapons and energy weapons have some protective effect. Dwarf next person evidently normal point, outlook nose mouth, nose view of the heart, is adjusting status. The only problem is his hands shaking a bit, this shake is not continuous, but rather a regular interval of 10 seconds to shake twice. Is there any other neurological diseases like variant from Chu praying, this man is the only seal head missing players, perhaps mutant. The remaining two people should realize that they are very close, more than the general sense of a safe distance, in which a man and half lying on a chair, his feet to catch the table, his hat covered his face, not clear what it was like. The man next to him is probably 30 years old, seems to be of mixed Asian and European, high nose, deep eye sockets. This man is a strange triangular shape seal, green. These people are strong, from Chu feel. The strongest is the door that emaciated youth sitting, that the tiny dagger between his fingers repeatedly in turn, almost all on the same track over. His forehead is also the lightest color of the seal should be able to use a lot of ability, but not to break the seal of the final stage. His attitude both from the point of view of people sitting, he was the center should be based on a small group. Since the practice can vary from Chu after the invisible breath began to become extremely sensitive, invisible things are often the truest. He and Qing Yan count, there are two people did not come. From the Chu bored playing with his rifle, awaiting departure time. <
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