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Fortunately green color antworten
> "You know this stuff?" From Chu did not think Godzilla just watched a three drawings immediately that this is Luna armor, mind somewhat surprised, after all, this thing was almost drowned in the river of history into the. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM though do not know where hidden secrets, but does not want people to know the federal ever had such a thing exists. "Secretly assembling basic mech who knows." Godzilla calm authentic: "But you this is probably the most complete drawings of the structure, we want to restore the original appearance of Luna armor, but not a success. "" Why? "from Chu does not understand. "Materials customs,Air Jordan Superfly UK Sale, however, if you want to reach Luna mech Combat.You ability, that the existing metal can not withstand this high-intensity combat. Was considering increasing the volume to ensure that the strength of armor shell." "No into it. "expect the results from Chu, otherwise Luna restore the original style mech already, why dust. "Is not into that motorists this armor, too tired. Even advanced protoss, can only insist on a few minutes, but the federal According to this, developed a giant robot evolution of the body, I heard that the army has been fitted the. "Godzilla staring from Chu drawings, and not too fanatical mean. Because he suddenly thought, even if he has a complete drawings, can not find the right materials. "Can you help me to modify the design? I need to remove all the communication, transmission equipment, I just armor, cockpit" and do not even energy cabin? "Godzilla a bit strange, he knew that if the spirit protoss, practicing in the end can indeed manipulate some large weapons, without the need for cables and wires anything but energy If not, then everything is empty ah. Would it have been hanging in the armored mechs on? "No, ah, cockpit to be closed, and the other at the top right of the cockpit plus a co-pilot position, that position behind the style you want to open. Add a sniper hole design. "From Chu added a requirement." There will be six meters high, without increasing the number of weapons plug it? "" Ah, then add a built-in sly Gun. On the choice of external weapons ...... shoulder energy gun, guns, disposable energy plug. "" If no energy tanks and computer equipment that can increase the supply of an external weapons bay. "Godzilla reminder." Ah, you just design a robot supply compartment. Mosaic, comes with additional armor. "Feeling almost from Chu, added the sentence:" I remember the tail designed to increase. Tails left on a knife holes. "Then he handed over the killing nightmare, nightmare to kill Godzilla see specific data. Godzilla electronic eye scans a bit, right from the Chu said:" You wait a minute, there are about one hour on the bin . "Nod from Chu, with the prototype, Godzilla in computer-assisted design of a new ground mech was not an issue and this speed is not fast, mainly from the increase of Chu, vice cockpit design to make mosaic robot supply tanks moved to the back, and comes with armor design is rather special. waited about four fifteen minutes, Godzilla on finished design, and then he began to enter the material data from Chu said: "Without this, you help me making a supply of weapons to fight the robot can can. I want it to look like a small battle droids, but can deform into the supply tank armor, armor became available to support vitality. "Godzilla from Chu does not understand why such a robot, this robot material waste. They can only rely on armor to survive, but from Chu since the need for, and that he would design a better. Away Chu did not explain, he eventually holding a satisfactory drawings leave, to return to their practice room. eleven other people have started to receive more bandits, weapons sale to get enough from Chu to food and plants. annexation letting him have more to energy No need to rob others of. Qing Yan, who is still practicing, green color seems to break through the eight levels,Nike Air Jordan 8, while the snake is still nine, from Chu does not help her if she is temporarily unable to break the seal. not far from eight from the song, a few people from the Chu see nothing wrong with them, and to enter into his consciousness sea, began manufacturing knowledge that can be stored in their own home and armor first is familiar with the drawings, after Godzilla is designed to simplify the mech out various auxiliary parts up to seven meters, a little closer to the meaning of a large robot. cleared of all equipment and power transmission equipment, defense and armor to the degree of flexibility by leaps and bounds, according to this design, even without special metal, this armor probably will not be scrapped in intense confrontation, but this can only give senior spiritual armor completely protoss use, ordinary people can not drive. away Chu started manufacturing molds one seal symbol flying out from his hands in the air, stick together, and gradually formed a three-dimensional model to mechs This model is in space armor, while manufacturing molds from Chu, while the mold is filled with its own manufacture of special materials. This particular material can be ground despite manipulation from Chu, especially in numeracy at home, away from the Chu does not require any auxiliary robot, put these substances filled in, and the final shape. manufacture this ability lies in the difficulty of mech either pause the issue of seal symbol, but also have this out of the body to release a special substance. since clearly understood from the meaning of this substance, he was even more profound understanding of tert-up according to the snake's argument, even years can t manipulation of twelve natal God and God of this kind of thing is possible natal final shape, leaving the body's ability substances, ie, the spiritual force of Uncle powerful than ourselves, just do not know how many times more powerful. although from Chu not depressed, but also extra careful if their encounter years now, Uncle only fail this road. away from Chu's strength is higher, the more he understands this point. mech quickly assembled and highly say that this can not be considered assembly, can only be regarded mold. away Chu seal only in accordance with the design created a perfect symbol of the mold, then put a special substance poured in. After the final shape, which stood with mech , just like the devil to hell in general. flowing dark armor strange symbols, dragged behind a huge tail spikes. mech's head is not designed electronic scanning device, not from Chu, so head is designed to become a true human form, but the head has three faces and six eyes without turning it six eyes can scan up to 360 degrees. because of the need to add a co-pilot of space, the front mech there is a whole half breastplate,Coach Bags Store, vice cockpit completely cover your position, and in accordance with the meaning from Chu, producing a sniper mouth and this sniper's mouth is left to the green color, blue color emission of ordinary arrows If time through metal walls, will consume too much energy, and green color is not much special arrows from Chu does not save the point, anyway, this sniper mouth ready to be closed, there are no gaps on defense. built-in sly Gun is also the focus of this sly launch missile and artillery mech mouth is the head, there are three emission mouth, all in a position between the eyebrows. mech's head is almost solid, powerful defense force, and sly artillery shells shells can be used ordinary sly Gun shells, but also by their own manufacturers from Chu. away from the rest of the special material of Chu quite enough like him to make a mech. Unfortunately, this armor can only be the exclusive spirit of the Department capable wearing, green and red if that nice. lamenting, exit from Chu know the sea, this felt very hungry Take a look at the hands of the watch has been in the past seven days, even if he is nine level protoss, also felt the weakness of the body. protoss in peacetime eat less than the average person, but in the fight or practice time to eat more than the average person from Chu although not practicing, but his consumption and not small, seven days of the time almost did not let him starve to death. Fortunately green color long experience, give him water and some liquid food supplement. away Chu woke up and found that blue color on the side. "how such a long time? "Green Yan looked accusingly at from Chu." Hey, I'll take you to look like a good thing. "Green pulled from Chu Yan, refused to eat, went directly to his armor warehouse space height ordinary room can not accommodate seven-meter-high armor, armor warehouse must be to put a call out of the weapon. "What is it? "Green staggered to keep away from the Chu Yan, she saw it, from Chu very excited, so green color was curious, because since the understanding from Chu, she almost never seen so excited from the time of Chu, whether it is How much temptation, even in the face of death, from Chu have shown strength with his inconsistent cool. away Chu did not say, he brought color to blue mech warehouse, put all driven out, including robots. then Looking for a piece of land, he let the green color stand off, and then start ** Songzhou language. Qing Yan mouth sprang up, and she knew from Chu is make her happy, and do not need to spell protoss, you only need rules and symbols . away Chu finally shouted: "Luna, listen from Chu Ching Yan's life, come! "With the nonsense from Chu, a huge black armor unexpected in front of green color. Qing Yan shocked, she is the spatial protoss, but did not perceive that this is where a huge mech out . Could this guy from Chu immortality? protoss do not believe such nonsense immortality. Qing Yan, but really can not tell, from where came up from the Chu piece of armor. giant mechs kneeling down, turn around, revealing an entrance from Chu's voice sounded: "Green Yan princess, go red" slightly ...... "Green Yan teeth laugh, Chu today from a very good mood, while the green color of it even better. She can not wait to got into the piece mech pilot position, although well prepared, green color or be made to see the situation speechless. This is the armor you? Is it still mech do? <
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