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30.05.2013 08:14
follow like a shadow. " antworten
This side of bone shield has the advantages of small volume, about disk size, also do not know what evil head is refined, other perverse, and gleaming ivory white luster, bone shield edge, but with a sharp bone edges, sharp, positive in bone shield, there is more an open one's bloody mouth beast head pattern. This beast a long-toothed man with a livid face, very dreadful, angry eyes circle stare, seems to choose the person bite. This time,Coach Online Outlet, Yang felt a bloody y ī n Sen atmosphere coming waves, suddenly heart one Lin. The mirror class rather than just now, only metaphysical level object, but this bone shield looking is the defense type ", so the value is not better than the mirror how. Many of the species, "general," defense than dilute less aggressive to, which makes its value increase. These three pieces of treasure, a more expensive than a, if the three pieces of treasure all refining,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, Yang estimates of the overall strength of their own will have greatly improved. So far, he has only three available ". Luo Jian, qianrui blood Begonia, lock the magic chain. Two is the day before the class grade, for so long, Yang can be sure they are day level grade, after all, is an overseas, Pope door town sent treasure, grades are not too bad. A door, there is definitely a metaphysical level ", it should at least have a, can fix the sword and qianrui blood Begonia is still the town sent the treasure, because it is the two" has a special meaning. And the magic chain grade unknown, since demon evil hole lock that Lord distracted. Lock the magic chain Tongbianling x ì ng lost, until now still in use by Yang Kai really Yuan Wen Yang, did not recover. This has three pieces of high quality ",Jordan 13 Shoes, Yang it is natural to the first time the refinery, for their own use. Carefully consider the, Yang will be the mind "and the mirror first up, hands holding the bone shield. Running really yuan, while practicing, while refining. Pure and rushing really Yang Qi incontinently poured into to bone shield. Greatly improve the speed of refining. The passage of time, Yang since the R ì Indiana war back has not closed in the room, the little sister is every R ì back time. Don't disturb him, just cautiously without any noise to sleep in the side to rest, an air of serenity. Mansion, a point originally because of staff loss and sadness, also gradually disappear. Bloody help and rain floor people quickly into Yang Khai this big family, Hu Jia sisters also feel at ease and justified to live down, and many forces young leader has well. Only to make them feel depressed is, these days did not see the shadow of Yang Kai. Don't say them, even if it is number two, autumn dream this mansion on, to see Yang Kai side is difficult. But everyone knows. Yang Kai is certainly in refining new of treasure. After two R ì, garrison in Zhongtang before the song Gao Yi is close, side suddenly blew a breeze. Open your eyes, just see nine looked at his own shadow. "You don't side with the little prince, how to run it?" Qu Yi doubt ask. Yang Kai's safety. Has always been a shadow nine responsible to follow, follow like a shadow. "Little Lord Fauntleroy in >
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