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cleaning close combat robots antworten
> Shaw outcast and have received a major report came from the South City is an armored regiment. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Xiao outcast and Maj. also ordered to stop the attack. Maj. know if persist, regardless of whether win, his side will be a great loss. Walls have been fighting bureau is in charge, Xiao outcast powerless. Xiao outcasts do not want to sacrifice the fifth inning in vain person, if armored regiment was sent to t, that is to say there are many senior armor can be used at close range positioning way for years in the hive near Uncle arrange guided rocket shells. Precision strike under the most vulnerable are those mutants. Shaoxia angrily turned on and the channels of communication between Shaw outcast,Coach Satchels Online, helpless authentic: "Xiao outcast, you have to let others see the joke?" Xiao outcast delay for a few minutes before answering: "The early people Let's just a joke, you really think I care what the mayor's seat? I just want you to cool down, I did not expect, but you intensify the. "Major Youjingyounu, said:" This is for you from Chu succeed? "Xiao outcast replied:" Wrong, I just order Hongjie. "Xiao outcast because of delays in major armored regiment soon came outside the walls of the hive. Mech robots and on the walls in silence, did not immediately take the attack stance. Uncle armored regiment regardless of who the hell hive, they had not received orders to wait years tert-place, had to follow the command to start the initial attack. Uncle armored regiment of the lack of armor, armored vehicles and robots is the beginning, followed by the two arms of the infantry. But this was Uncle armored armored regiment apparently expanded the proportion of these armored vehicles have not been attacked in the case, has been rushed to nearby walls, until I can not use armored vehicles broke down the wall directly, these armored vehicles spread out and began to attack the walls together. Thousands of robots in close support artillery assault was launched under the walls of the robots and mechs are not ignored, waiting for major commands. Major's head dripping sweat, in such a manner weather he even sweat, and look nervous. Listen to mean Xiao outcast. This man do not care what the hive duties. Stir up so many things, just because other people do not see major intersection to practice and to. Maj. regret the intestines are cleared up. I had known this, his original stance just a little low, you can really control the hive. But in the world where there is regret selling drugs? Now not only people and their opposition Xiao outcast. Fifth inning and also forged a hatred of their own, in just the last attack, the two sides finally someone died, which means this strife ended in a peaceful manner is difficult. But why do not care about their enemies hive now everything seems so pointless battle together. "Xiao outcast, do not you bear to see hive is compromised, Hongjie will be very disappointed." Major had to ask Xiao outcast. Rely on a bureau defenders Warfare Bureau, the last words of the energy consumption is completed, you can directly pick Xiao outcast cheaper. "Joke, this hive is not Hongjie discovered you have any requirements, and go from Chu said." Xiao outcast, then let Maj. despair. Away from Chu himself is one of the culprits, but also kill the Turks, has broken away from the Chu's bottom line. Chu says he can and go from here and Xiao outcast with nonsense. "Xiao outcast, you are not afraid of me to give up the wall!" Maj. angrily. "I've blocked the fifth floor, if you give up the walls, I command all retreated to below. By that time, your only hope is to surrender or surrender me, or surrender of tert. Majors, do not you think he is very pathetic? "Major Crank. Roared: "Xiao outcast, you go too far!" "That is not how you go from Chu said? I believe you can shout louder." Xiao outcast calmly replied. Uncle armored regiment in this time has the top to the bottom of the wall, and now even the back of armored mechanized infantry regiment soldier can use weapons to attack the city of the first robot. Major bitter authentic: "Xiao outcast, you are to leave Chu? But his life and death and what is your relationship?" "Time is very tight, you still care about fighting it." Xiao outcast who commands the fifth inning temporarily stop attacks . Variation can not let people involved in guarding the walls. Instead, place on standby. Major knows, maybe their best defenders in time. These variations will not attack their own troops, but after the battle then, Xiao outcasts will miss the opportunity to do his unusual bitter orders: "Try to hold the walls." Warfare Bureau of robots and mech while firing, just a breath time, the walls and in between the tertiary ground armored regiment played a woven network of fire. Only this time, the robot has been rushed to the walls, jump up violently, to turn the wall and ran into the hive. A large number of armored infantry hiding place behind the man began firing rockets. Individual rocket ammunition head tilted to the city, who immediately appeared major casualties. If a mech being repeated rocket attacks will still hurt, especially in this fight can not be avoided. Major regret the extreme, if this time ordered his soldiers to surrender, then himself became a loner, think about the future of these people are not likely to command it. His talent, while powerful, but one person in this city is very small chance of survival. Even from Chu lost honeycomb internal support, must escape from the city, not to mention themselves. Major did not know, leave the city from Chu is active, and has its own purpose. He is now just feel backed into a corner, no matter what choice, can not avoid the final outcome. Boom! Armored vehicles, artillery hit the wall, issued mountains shake explosion. Even the ground is shaking,Air Jordan 7 Sale, but the walls are so strong, even a gap can not hit it. Three meters tall battle droid jump, hoping to use the metal arm Dazhu wall, climb over. Chengtou robots this time leaned his hand on the gun at close range bombardment energy. Offensive battle droids shoulders also appeared energy gun up back. Under close combat, the two sides are in the wreck of the robot. Major bleeding heart. He cried aloud with, please let Godzilla came to help repair the injured robots and mechs. Robots finally turned on the city wall, was still undifferentiated Uncle armored attack with, the influx of robots were exploded, Maj. again with vomiting feeling. T seem to care about this kind of loss, but this attack is tentative. If you own counterattack earlier, pro-active approach, vicious some simply unnecessary to wait until the emergence of this situation, I am afraid this armor will retreat. Other tentative offensive even by his own play into a war of attrition, Maj. wait pumping his mouth. Can be in front remorse useless, the other robot has broken wall guards, if the abandon yourself, do not fill the hole, it will face the fifth inning those mutants violent blow. Variation one can surrender, then he can not surrender. Xiao outcast afraid of death, then he is very afraid of dying. Major is now even some hate, hate years tert Why not surrender oneself, even a lower level are not only here hardcore. Xiao outcast voice at this time is not suitable rang: "Major, the road is your own choice, I hope you can go in the end. Do not presume to retreat, if you team, I immediately full-scale attack your team." "You Cheap afraid of Uncle? "asked Major did not give up. "You are not afraid, I'm afraid of what?" Xiao outcast asked. He laughed in the dark, no one could see his face, just to hear his laughter in the dark came, many commanders have heard that laugh without feeling, empty, cold. Is like a robot about to scrap it sounds, people could not bear to hear sudden. "Full back!" Major gave their energy consumption blocks quickly, to protect the walls of forces issued a directive. Defenders of the robots and mechs at once ferocious up instantly improve the robot's firepower, and those mechs in addition to launching sly Gun cleaning close combat robots, but also out of a part to go directly to the attack over the walls of the robot. Huge body armor so that the robot was Uncle extremely fragile. Robots are often only able to send out an attack, it has been more than two mech apart, into a pile of scrap metal. The gap is still on the walls, but now they are deliberately left out. These robots are put to, is equivalent to the energy of the base comes in a carrying blocks. Eleven have entered from Chu told his temporary warehouse being,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, here is the pre-existing underground fortifications, almost tightly attached to the hive, another wall outlet is not far away from the hive. He did not perceive the fighting outside, he and Godzilla, who enter, Godzilla was transferred to here from Chu zoomorphic mech fascinated. But now is not the time to research, Godzilla began to remove his transformation tools, the use of the robot from the Chu left and a lot of parts assembly robot truck. Large truck is difficult to assemble the robot, though the army to take a modular design, but this temporary warehouse and no large-scale robots, robot manufacturing large-scale use of small robotic vehicles not only difficult, but also more time required for long- . Guard at the entrance of five and eleven Originally protoss are very familiar with, there are two or even as close as brothers. They found a hive over there fighting, loud explosions and earth tremors came easily be found, and their strength is almost eleven, seven eight in between. If you leave them Xiao outcast, as a means of assassination, hive might be another way. But Xiao outcast handed them over to the eleven, I hope these five men be truly free. "Eleven, honeycomb fighting broke out there." Godzilla join the team after the communications immediately establish strong links, the news was immediately passed to eleven. Eleven frown, ponder a moment and said: "Do not bother to continue to monitor." <
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