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> Duka chuckle a cry, and said: "left a large robot, although no use value of the. WwW. QUanbEN. COm core computer, but no damage." "Hey ......" from Chu sighed, and he thought it was anything good robot core computer really good, especially the large robot. But he is now wandering outside, no factory support, relying on his hands is no way to piece together a large robot. Even barely scrape up, but there is no way defensive performance fully qualified, able to walk more than a rickety own. Besides this thing consumes a lot of energy, dependent not afford ah. "Chu brother,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, the army has a lot of tools are dropped, and gave me the time of day, I will be able to scrape together the material is good, spell a deformable robot." Duka confidence. "Change what shape?" From Chu is not optimistic about this thing, time of day, maybe the army has been making a comeback. "Robot mode consumes too much energy, so this battle of the big robot army after pressure that has caused unnecessary losses if the large robot is usually in the form of robotic vehicles that consume it and a heavy armored nothing name difference, we have raised up. "listened to the hearts of a move away from Chu, go to waste their city and want to deter those bandits, light armor near the ground can not do that near-Earth armor must be manned. If there is such a robot, it is a pair of bandits greater threat. Large robot robots than normal logic program too strong, if not they have a green color so perverted protoss and weapons, a large army of flying robots can even pose a threat armor. In addition to his escape, the battle does not make any sense. "Then you try it and give you 18 hours, and then we set off." Forget about from Chu. Eighteen hours should still be safe, the military will not come back so soon, this kind of weather, they consume too much ground robots, the next attack for at least two hours later. "Yes, there are some special shells, thanks to our armored vehicles can fly, otherwise dangerous enough, I let bigs have moved your car to go." Duka finished, excitement left. He himself was just a cook. For robots Xing. Fun is very large. Unfortunately, because of the identity of the previous relationship, no matter how well technology can not reach these advanced things. Now follow from Chu, there are two relatively Li Xiaohu Liu Zhe and professionally for help, he was definitely able to come up with Transformers. Duka is carefully thought about, though clearly make their governing from another team, but he did nothing worthy of attention from Chu things, maybe yourself enough caution to innocent people out of the city. Unless reached its peak strength of the people, who imprudent it? Say smart, team besides the Giants are not smart enough, others are long with two eye. Ken Chu out with adventurous people from long ago to see the guilty city Sweetie has even anticipated the danger to come. This premonition is also wise one, should not be underestimated ah. Duka went from Chu Yan Qing This Question: "Look. Would not be another Houtu?" "Yes what?" Green Yan did not care to answer. From the Chu I thought, too, in this world, there are a few who do not survive to their own consideration. Houtu Such people are everywhere, but the advantage is that such a person Houtu. Worship the strong, strong enough themselves, before taking Houtu hostilities. If the green and red, like myself and strong, these people said nothing Houtu dared argue. Say it points, called valor. Said did not sound it. Called a bully. The battle from Chu contribute much, a lot of harvest. Raiders destroyed a lot of robots, but the damage caused by the cold steel allows the robot useless though, after the battle but they can leave a lot usefully parts. Duka finally cobble together twenty robots to help him use the tools they need to cut the material. Although large-scale robot blew up three, another one is also riddled with problems, but after enough material. Duka commanding the robot through a computer to work just rests himself down. Military armored vehicles is well equipped, especially the tool warehouse that allows Duka calmly modify their own plans. Because robots to assemble a large truck, transport capacity from Chu will be strengthened, so letting the bandits from Chu continues to sweep the battlefield, put valuable things are collected, including damage to the weapon. These things can take abandoned castle, can sell for a good price. Waste from the city of Chu not want to dominate, he just a place to take shelter on the line. Battle is inevitable, but they have a near-Earth armor and large robots, that bandits say what will give yourself a face. Bandits hearts complain, but did not dare not to work. Although there are cold and hungry ground banditry abilities supporter, but also a little hold on. Some complain that there is a place for bandits seedlings Tao said: "The Fat Man, followed them, is not to be killed have been starved to death. You see these criminals, not at all whether we live or die." "No noisy, if you want to kill their own path. "cold fat bandits say about this. He knew this time from Chu et al so few, but he found from the Chu team is very different, even if the face of thousands of troops, these people did not look of fear. And after the battle, he found from Chu's men have a great skill, and no one is waste. Themselves if they wish to make progress, this is an opportunity to, if you have been diving in the waste cities, and perhaps he really can scrap it, life only when the little captain, and always in this most desolate places to make a living. From the Chu's eyes from seeing Tony Tao, Chu goal is definitely not from the northern wilderness, so the fat heart, and even sacrificed all the people around, to be with him away from the Chu side, he needs this opportunity. More than thirty years of age, and this should be the last chance. Fat moved to kill, but before he shot, the bandits to be honest, because they carry loot back when asked to hear from Chu strange men: "They seem to have not eaten." Then the men from Chu Answer: "No, so many corpses on the battlefield, many of roasted." innocent city in person, that bandits who eat the body is a normal thing in the city, people are hungry, anxious dare to eat people, not to mention in their banditry seems very sturdy. Who knew such a man from Chu said, Let the bandits who mistake for such people usually from the Chu people on eating to live. They do not know, man-eating is a very dangerous thing, worst of all infected and become rogues. Was scared that the bandits did not dare to speak, military armored vehicles are filled with food,Oakley Hijinx Cheap, infantry with only nutrient solution to solve the energy consumption, but does not solve the stomach feeling. We had to first secretly put infantry nutrient solution on the body taken out drink, the body of cold receded, stomach feeling of hunger, but more deep. From the Chu et al have finished second meal time, Miao Tao could not, he severely heart, to find from Chu said: "Boss, we did not eat, he really could not move." "Ah? "from Chu froze a moment, and said:" So many dead soldiers, we can not take away. "Tony Tao Distressed said:" We did not eat ...... this. "from Chu, too, that these bandits are also original paper tiger that although people can not eat meat, but the city but there are a lot of innocent people can eat, even those who are not, but are three to weak. Eating this kind of thing, not made there will be a lot of psychological pressure, barely eat, the first two will spit it out. From the words of the fat from the Chu analyzed immediately that if bandits who usually do not live by eating, then they certainly have the factory, at least in the abandoned castle and there are bound to grow based factories exist. Themselves can not immediately enter the desert, but the first firm foothold in the abandoned castle again. Are worried about the food problem, and now their supplies seized so much so that the robot manufacturing a small food factory or energy. From the Chu estimates a bit, in accordance with their existing energy blocks, planting the limit is to feed 60 people. It is enough, he still has two battle droids and a large robot, how to say the bandits can be considered not a small force. Thought here, from Chu called the Liu Zhe, said: "Try to repair armored vehicles, we put on the battlefield can take away everything away." After much talking, That and fat from Chu said: "That you just Armored wreckage look, packaging damaged foods can move. "fat happy to go, from Chu looked at his watch, time has passed nine hours, Duka can complete the work it? I myself really looking forward to, he was able to assemble a something. Duka also very excited, in the hive as a cook, he's working very idle, then he would like to design deformation robot. Unfortunately, he has no power honeycomb material used only on the computer to do the virtual design. Because of this, he has hundreds of times on this matter, only a brief modification, use armored car computer came up with the design, the input to all robots being. Then that robot thing, take materials, cutting, forging, welding, etc.. Duka do is collect data lines and large robot must be some passive sensing computers, in fact, is imperfect neurons computers. No ability to think, but can handle complex instructions core computer. On Duka, it's all but put on the computer long before things done do it again, unfortunately, although many materials now, but no factories, entirely by hand, when the robot is in truck state, Protective down too much, this is no way to do. Soon, a large robotic assembly molding, the rest of the work can not be done by robots, Duka can only handle entirely by hand. Finally from Chu also involved his whole system can vary for the final phase of work is very important. Fire department abilities can be welded, cut, gold systems can help drilling, soil drainage systems can vary with temperature metal can help households re-grown. Wood systems can also protect your computer effect. After assembly is completed,Oakley Active Outlet, the robot from Chu for large computer input of the first instruction ---- deformed! <
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