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30.05.2013 07:50
and rogues are fast antworten
> Beehive also not the worst case, there are five meters high walls to protect, rogues can not rushed, only blockaded periphery, they do not send teams looking for energy and food, is safe but temporary hive East residents face completely collapsing, the coordinates of six residents of the east are mostly nothing abilities, even mutants, are also the lowest level of mutants. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM for loitering, they can only rely on firearms to resist, while such a huge number of rogue, let loose the ability defenseless residents. In accordance with this development, f6 area will soon become an island, north of the foreigners also suffer. The outbreak of the virus without warning, is absolutely artificial. You know,Oakley Active, rogue zombie formidable than biochemistry, biochemical zombie slow, another natural death cycle, and rogues are fast, only the head is the same weaknesses, but you can eat, to ensure the continuation of life. If this is not the guilty city, but rather ordinary city, such as Resident Evil enough to make a destruction of the city within a week. In this case, everything had to be terminated hive of activity outside the city walls, and the base contact is only limited to the daily newsletter. Defensive wall more closely, in addition to robots, mech, also joined the defense protoss being. Every day looking at a huge number of rogue city streets appear, disappear, reappear, some people within the hive numb, no one way to imagine the future. Food and energy have already entered a state of tension, supply of electricity within the hive are forced to only open to 10% of energy used in the production of basic food. Wall to the robot is just a decoration. There is no need, then, are the protoss shot to solve problems. If they do not get rid of from Chu Chu then brought back from everyone insisted that half the energy sufficient winter. Now less than a month, the situation has deteriorated to the point where we want to regret it too late. City filled with rogues, just wait for next year spring. Came in time to clean up the military to open it. By that time, almost everybody evil, where there are efforts to resist. Clean energy consumption, the robot can not drive, anyone can not effortlessly under strong attack hive. Xiao outcast if not worried, just step by step every day arrangement defense. Controls the output of energy and food rationing. No one could see what his expression, local people can not fight against him, as outcasts and off-Chu Hsiao, like the energy pinch tightly in his hand. We get rid of the one from Chu. There is a portion of the energy is gone, digging three feet can not find. If you have come such a hand Hsiao outcast, that hive can only eat one day too Exalted, the last to survive, does that mean eat their own? Southeast of the mutant control area is a mess. Variation, though organized, but in the last infighting among them lost a lot of strength, split off again, only to fighting each other. Smaller forts were destroyed rogues, which the people are not to be eaten that has become a bum. Energy issues also plagued mutants. And more serious. Cellular deep underground, no heating is also frozen die, while mutant fortifications mostly on the ground. If there is no heating mode, unless you have more than seven variations people will be alive or frozen to death. More northern areas controlled by foreigners bad, west remaining residents are powerful individuals, but does not intent to join any organization of people. These people loitering in order to avoid disaster. Sneaked into the north of the city. They are more cruel than the rogue. Wolves live life like every day hunting foreign targets. Under the threat of the rogue ground. Several foreign forces do not even have the opportunity to integrate North City residents are trapped in fortress. This site is in tert juehu meter, simply cut off the innocent city, over time, everyone who can not live. Before winter, has been in the military forces of Uncle factories, energy, do not have to worry about their own safety, but also get a lot of Uncle underground fortifications, the situation is better than multi-cellular. Shift, was not afraid of Uncle forces against innocent parties the city, just wait until spring, a one-time shot, you can unify the entire city. From the Chu did not know sin city has been into this mess, but in the green and red to tell his message, the innocent are not suitable for the development the city has now, in the first time ran out was lucky. From the Chu only worry is to follow what their people can survive in the park. Strength of these people well, they are willing to follow their own future, but also on their output back. With this concern, once again hit the road from Chu. He could not tell the truth Yen Ching, Ching Yan and then re-gifted mature, if I heard her father died a decade has run out, I do not know what the response would be, perhaps calmly deal with, but there may be immediately crazy the. Qing Yan now reached a stage break through the bottleneck, mind most easily lost from the Chu did not want to take risks. Green and red said yes, he is spiritual protoss protoss green color is space, two people cooperate seamlessly. Two people had no time to seven from Chu had already tasted the sweetness, and now from Chu has come to nine, while the green color is estimated that approaching this stage, as long as she also broke nine, two people together, do not have to fear a separate master. From the Chu army not worry, he was concerned that protoss parliament. Parliament sent his own clear objectives and Parliament know if out of control, may be extremely send a master over, directly to their Kacha and, if so, do you have one thousand good ideas is not as enhance the strength of a. In the face of absolute power, all of the plot is so ridiculous. Although there is no decent industrial city of innocence, but the city's air and wilderness than it still is so cloudy. The air conditioning blowing armored extremely pure,Coach Handbags Sale, people suspect that this is not a severely polluted world. After determining the route from Chu crisp sleep in the car, he wanted to know the sea into their practice, how mood to enjoy the natural scenery. Moreover, there is so much natural beauty biological variation. Road tough, the tough biological variation than imagined, not out of fifty kilometers, all the robots are destroyed, there is no way to repair. The deeper the wilderness, the more experienced terrible biological, green color and even saw a lizard with a colored pupil. This thing should not have been in the north, but should not appear in this season, but it would only lizard swaggering walk from the armored car before, did not put two human chariot eye. Although only eight creatures, we still do not want to provoke, this thing is too scary skill, you can control the human mind. Qing Yan not want to try, other people do not want to try. In contrast, the encounter wolves quite happy thing, as long as the power spots, wolves generally not stalker. The worst thing is encountered two biological variability, these creatures seems to have lost consciousness, they will not judge the strength of the enemy, into their sphere of influence, it shall initiate a suicide attack. Armored vehicles are now scarred, if not Godzilla modified, and now has been destroyed armored ordinary bike. Duka is now the commander of another car, originally from Chu Liu Zhe optimistic, but Liu Zhe insist not on the grounds that his strength has been difficult to improve, not suited to lead other people. The temperature inside the armored vehicle is adjusted to 20 degrees, but the scarcity of vehicles, the car not feel cold feeling. Their car is also more than a big man, this giant was abducted from Chu out of the wilderness with everyone excitedly adventure is entirely a teenager looks just left home, curious about everything. Trackless wilderness, armored vehicles tough going forward in the wild, beware of attack at any time. Is responsible for observing Liu Zhe, his fighting experience. Responsible for driving a village really, has nothing to do Xiaohu manipulation robots, robots are destroyed. Arms control still rests in the hands of Duka, while new entrants Tomb is responsible to take care of the Giants. Giant's fighting ability is good, but a bit of a silly,Jordan SC 1 Sale, or naive, first just can not let him leave the armored vehicle, the second can not let him just pressing a button armored vehicles, and the third does not allow him lonely, which three of the Tomb cruelly tortured, thanks to finally come up with a set from Chu cultivation techniques, the Giants do not immediately toss, honest practice together. "How the city has not seen it?" Li Xiaohu some silly question. According to their speed, and now has more than one hundred kilometers to open up, still wandering in the hills, the city can not see the shadow. Even if everyone around the detour, but also long overdue to leave this piece of hills, right? "Do not worry, even if they discover the city, we have to fix up the past, present body injury has from time to time and high intensity fighting." Duka said cautiously. These scars if the face of biological variation not what, after all, the wisdom of limited biological variation. But encountered humans, then it is easy to armored tech weapons destroyed tanks crippled. No armored vehicles, we would not so efficient heating tool, viability decreases rapidly, and this is why the experts from Chu these vehicles must rely on reason. "Be careful!" Liu Zhe cried, he has been steady this sound, within the near-Earth armor awakened people. Carefully phrase shouted a little late, a rocket hit the armored accurate front, a huge explosion almost did not turn over to armored vehicles. Fortunately, the front is the most rugged armored vehicles where small rocket in the end did not shake the multi-layer composite armor. Just a snowflake on the screen, even interfere with other equipment. "Attack!" Duka messages immediately available to the other half in a car outside. Images quickly restored, the other can not play much of a role of interference, but the sudden appearance of the robot team also let Duka scalp tingling. In front of the snow on the slopes even emerge from more than 200 battle droids. Model complexity of these robots, what age has, obviously not as good as the equipment within the hive. But now the problem is not a model, even if these robots are just old, but also enough to eliminate open in front of the armored vehicles. These modified numerous times robot weapon mess, even on the robotic arm also installed a high-energy laser guns. Although the power of big laser gun, but consumption is also unusually large, in addition to the fortress, basically no one will be equipped with a mobile weapons. Duka afraid of it is this, even if the other party can only launch once, but as long as the hit himself on the line. 200 robots, enough to own cars dismemberment. <
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