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> "I'm sorry ......" Houtu lying on the ground, looking away from Chu. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm from Chu portable knife, bow looked Houtu, not from the point of view of his face what he was thinking. "Why, Hongjie so good for you?" Houtu continue unwilling asked, from Chu did not answer him. He had just know when green and red, green and red did not look after their own. He can have today, how much hard work is paying these people never know. In essence, all are relying on their own efforts in return, green and red do not give themselves sooner or later have the strength to fetch it. Houtu can not be reconciled, it is only because he could not see their own sake. "Normally, we rarely speak. Now do not it." From Chu finally sigh, leash, cut the soil behind the head. He did not really want to kill this man,Oakley Glasses Online, and Wu Di Houtu different, there is no hatred between the two men. Can not be resolved without the holidays, for people who have fought together, this knife from Chu was very jerky. Soil behind the face of the unwilling, freezing became the last expression. Originally, he was having to die, but he wanted too much, caught up, you want to get the maximum credit, establish the highest prestige. People lack is often a tragedy begins. Blood quickly frozen, Houtu from Chu's head in one hand, knife in one hand, out of the rock burst. Outside people began to realize that the inside of the results. "He killed the master!" Houtu bring boys mess up. "You go back." Throw from Chu to head the past, said: "belong to me, I'll pick up sooner or later come back and tell hive of people, so that they remember cleaning Do not wait to do when I get back dirty . "" ** your mother! "Do not know which boy cursing out from Chu did not respond, he looked at the boy. Teenagers face flashed anger, nobody yield. Houtu really is harmful, he died on the go die, but also implicate so many do not fully grown teenager. From the Chu thought, and turned to the serpent said: "Kill them all, and I find other people with words." Chu readily from fishing to snow, wipe the hands of the blood. "To master revenge!" Do not know which Lengtou Qing shout out slogans. From the Chu did not want to know, anyway, these people are some of the results, the soil behind a dead snake gap between these people and has become the most deadly things. Even Lee Avon is not shot, one person is enough to determine the snake war. Grinning snake jumped into the ring, hands and more transparent root whip, she turned, leaving those on Houtu teenager said: "I went Bianshi." From behind Chu has a crazy one, boys red eyes rushed the ring has not disappeared in the rocks Cong. They do not allow the master of the desecration of corpses, preferring to pay with their lives. "If Shaw outcast dead. Ye would that right?" From Chu asked eleven. Eleven shook his head and said: "What to do, you can not take revenge on the other, until there is a chance that day. And ...... the master did not stupid." Eleven to tone filled with disdain. "You mean, Xiao outcast he did not betray Hongjie, right?" "Master he is absolutely impossible to do such a thing." Eleven very sure replied. "But why did not he stop Houtu?" "Why did he stop Houtu?" From Chu smiled, patted eleven shoulder and said: "Well, you are smarter than they are sensible, but follow my words, there will be many trouble, do not you think it over? "" Master let me follow you, I will not leave this command is dead. "eleven Mianbugaise answer. Boys rushed into the ring range. Rock suddenly collapse, Houtu a death, to maintain the energy of these rocks have been broken, also followed the collapse of the ice wall surrounded by land, inward lasing with water energy. Snake in there killing, two dragon put out, crazy devouring everything. "After that you're responsible for directing the mechanical forces, and: not more than half of people downsizing, can you do it?" From Chu on eleven. Eleven pondered a moment. This is not to care about in the end is still to stay away from the side to help him take care of the Chu team. Nodded and said: "do not cut so much you come back?" "Probably for a long time, it could be three months." From Chu did not mind to grasp. Although green and red left of the map can be difficult to survive outside the city, he could not find her completely unknown thing. But must also bring their green color, one-year-old child, in the end be able to adapt to this wilderness of life do? Chu does not want to go away, he found that the more down to think, the more my heart the lack of hope. No matter what happens, or the first to do good while doing side solution. This kind of thing out of the city, like a few years there will not be too good to result. Foreigners mechanical forces retreated backwards, not with the ground so close. Qing Yan unceremoniously shot an arrow, the elimination of a large robot, alien even if willing, can only temporarily retreat. Large robots who also used and Nan confrontation, so losses here too lose. From the Chu not worry hurry, he again put us all together, explain what thing. "We have five world food, but do not worry two days, we will have a place to stay, before that, there will be two to get two weeks of supplies." Holographic map from Chu wide open, pointing to the north road : "I chose this place as the new base, arranged for them to stay." "Park!" Several people called out, the sound of some of our fears. From the Chu glanced out loud are mech motorists protoss are normal. From the Chu said: "Park is some danger, but live there which means no other people to attack you. Biological variation will dive from the park to the most northern city, but does not linger in the park, they usually choose to east slightly warm place to attack humans electricity settlements south of the northern city people do not so much biological variation range of activities will be great, but the park is relatively safe. "" Chu brother, then how to solve the problem of food? "Someone asked . "I left, will leave most of the armored vehicles, armor and robots with only four, will leave more than half the energy of you can hunt, either biological variation or foreigners, will not be your opponent. Just do the south, you are safe. fighting things eleven responsible for part of the park there are trees, but also save some energy blocks. "" Chu brother, when are you coming back? "from Chu hesitated, still not telling the truth, and said: "not soon, but I will come back with a lot of energy. ye give me as long as you keep a good base on the line, do not have to expand. energy savings with the robbery with, through the winter enough. etc. park bloom when I take you snatch away the hive, I have a special way to go back. "This last two from Chu was very inspiring, we all like cellular environment, although it is underground, But living at ease, the fifth layer have simulated natural environments, allowing these people to relax, forget their still living in prisons. From the Chu drew a pie, there is no way of things, do not give these people a little hope in their own back, these people probably would have already dispersed. Want to recapture hive, on their own, and blue color two people simply can not do. "Chu brother, how many people you want to bring out?" "It's something that is voluntary, out later, ominous, I brought two armored vehicles, each carrying two armored mechs and two robots. Except me and green color, but also to carry eight people. "" I'll go. "snake first to apply. She did not want to be alone in this city, in case it is found in t dead. Outside the city and then tough, nine protoss still be able to survive, because there are two armored vehicles drove away from the Chu will definitely go out near-Earth armor. "I will go." From the song naturally spoke. She also wanted to find itself green and red, while green and red handed off to her clearly, but many years of kindness is not so easy to forget. "I am." Lee said only one word Avon, he would have come up with the city, winter, leaving some innocent city court death meant. But snakes are not afraid, Li Avon even afraid. "You can also bring five people." "I'll go." Speaker was a short man protoss from Chu know, it was the ring that he woke up protoss. "What is your name?" Although this level is not enough protoss, but mind so, will not be cumbersome. "My name is Liu Zhe, LIU Wen knife, philosophy, philosophy and I will be driving and maintenance of armor." From Chu nodded,Coach Hotsale USA, this person can be used. This time out of the city, away from the Chu et al and no maintenance mech ability, once the machine is damaged, we must throw in the wilderness. Eventually move away from the Chu actually full of people, in addition to Liu Zhe, there are four protoss willing to follow clearly from out of town, away from the Chu do not understand, so dangerous wilderness, why would anyone want to go to. He did not force these people, and even less like to go out with too many people, but the mechs need someone driving, hunting,oakley eyeglasses sale, need someone to tie, and blue color on their own, it is very difficult to even survive, let alone looking for green and red leaving clues. Liu Zhe, six gold system protoss, super mech pilots, maintenance staff. Li Xiaohu, seven water protoss, senior mech pilots, intermediate mechanical maintenance staff, mid-level electronic maintenance staff. Zhuang true, female, five soil series protoss, senior mech pilots, electronic chemicals division. Baishuang Xi, five gold system protoss, super mech pilots, advanced robotics maintenance staff. Duka, seven fire department protoss, and chefs. After the selected person from Chu, a lot of good mood, and he let everyone take a break, continue north after dawn marching. Two armored vehicles has been selected, of which one is the near-Earth armor, resting in the car directly from Chu. Godzilla this car after the transformation, which is a lot more spacious and comfortable, but also from the four capacity becomes eight. From the Chu sleep, others are soon asleep, woke up from Chu snake, pulled her car to chat. "How so many people are willing to follow me out of town?" "You will not let me sleep asked this thing?" Snake look of impatience, cold, and she was particularly need to sleep, really a bit like a snake. <
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