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this winter will be very antworten
> Flute's body fell, he and Chu from the sudden end of the battle, and plug it back in to kill dry nightmare behind scabbard, physical abnormalities of fatigue. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm even molded dragon back to the body, can be consumed continues, from Chu feel the energy within the body once again in empty state, subconsciously, he did not want to use the energy to supplement the brain Wucang, then there will be fighting, may also participate in their own. Not many people around, but not everyone is reassuring. Fighting in front languished infected close, but could not break through eleven weave defense network. Glanced from Chu Wu Di's body, mind complex flavors Chan. Since he knew Wu Di of the day, it inexplicably in defense of this person. Green and red of the men to herself, from Chu is consciously weaken the power of the Wu Di. Away from the Chu opinion, this man is smiling tiger Wu Di, gentle and polite when talking with people dispute are so, lest hurt. In fact, Wu Di was a simple man, he just did not conceal the true heart, but from Chu never believe it. He and Wu Di personal animosity between Wu Di If you are smart enough, they will not come to assassinate him singles. Wu Di in the hive and if there is a real friend, then do not let him do so. During the mutiny, the output from the Chu not the worst, the worst thing is Wu Di, because his heart was blinded by hatred. "How?" Questioning the snake,Coach Classic Online, Li Avon mental state or trance, holding a long knife standing there, not knowing what was thinking. "Nothing." Barely move from Chu pace, distance protoss are sights here. Look is very complicated. For them, now continue to follow from Chu has been very unwise, a lot of people know Wu Di, until this battle could mean that these people go back to their hive up. It is necessary to follow a crumbles person? But from Chu Wu Di resolved quickly proved his abilities. This man is not only intelligent, itself or powerful protoss. These people are professionals, until the wood line protoss vitality is the strongest, and wood-based fighting protoss few moments when the winner,Oakley Sunglasses Squared Cheap, most of the cases. Fought so consumption will fall into endless, until one of them too tired to fall. If the battle ends quickly, it only shows the wood line between the ground and the opponent protoss have relatively large gap. Wu Di is eight protoss, then clearly it from? From the Chu knows his head to reach. And Wu Di a war, do not immediately talent around birds scattered. People accustomed to obey strong, so there is no amount of tert well, still a lot of people follow him. Good shade tree. Many hands make light work, myself and these people need each other, if their own is not strong enough, and that what these people follow their own? Unfortunately, there is no time. Otherwise, according to the memory from Chu in this city looking for a place like honeycomb, even without cellular safe, at least do not have to worry about no place to hide. But who can give them time to do away Chu? Traitors and foreigners formed a pincer attack stance. From the Chu do not think this is an accident. From the Chu looking solemn. A robot to hook the hook fingers. Robot came from Chu do a gesture. High land robot knelt down, the body issued the sound of metal friction,Oakley M FRAME, combat module move quickly start to deform. Suddenly, this battle droids to the front with the formation of a metal chair, sat up from Chu. After him more exercise, appearance has had a bearing, beard only partially scraped the nose, looks more mature, there is a man of taste. Snake came from Chu side, she knew what to say from Chu, after all she had in mice where there are several of his men. "Gecko." Cried Lee Chu Avon from his sitting posture very fake, but only you know. He designed the original Godzilla to several such robots from Chu are not comfortable. Such behavior is mounted away from the Chu calf seems very naive, but at the moment he discovered that it is also very effective. Himself did not say anything, just be able to command the robot using gestures, which in the eyes of all men mean a thing, that is, there is a robot from Chu absolute command. These robots are sent away from the green and red Chu, Chu from the outside with green and red in addition to the highest authority, even Godzilla can not change the core program. Why do people in this world like robots, it is because this is not the big guys will not betray emotion, as long as you complete the initial setup function, that robots will be your forever partner. More importantly, the hive although you can repair robots, and even produce some parts, but the core of the computer but can not manufacture. From the Chu everything within the hive mechanized equipment are so, so there are opportunities from Chu, who even mutiny within the hive, and can not command the robot to attack from Chu, because the robot will refuse to execute such orders, or even kill the people who issued the command. "Ah." Lee Avon promised a cry, also came from Chu side. Carved his character not the case, although protection from green and red to let him clearly, but it never took away from the Chu Li Avon as commanding his men, he also directed not move. "How do you see this thing?" Snake from Chu did not ask, but asked Lee Avon, Avon because Lee Green as in considering the situation. Green and red in the end how, let Houtu those who dare to attack from Chu. "I think she may really be in trouble, I came to the city to see." Lee Avon some have lost a loss, from Chu knew he could not get any useful suggestions here, looking more dignified. He is now more than a dozen cars weapons and energy, are not placed where no small trouble. If they can not go back to the hive is more likely than these things. Lee came up with the city Avon, where can he find the green and red? And Recharge how do? "Turning back, I will go." Stabilize from Chu Lee Ann Avon simple, let him continue his tie, and then the snake said: "Let them all over it." One hundred protoss moment left the next most, if not here, there has been a giant robot, the loss of at most from the Chu robots and mechs. Handpicked protoss at the moment is very contradictory, coming from Chu called them directly on the very first sentence: "And you say the bad news, let out hunting, he was one side of the nest." No one spoke, clearly brought out from people who have a certain capacity, originally from Chu is relative to the right of these people to develop into their own henchmen team, and now have to face their choice. "Give you two roads, first, continue to follow me." Abnormal sound from the Chu calm, and even some cold. Everyone is worried about the second way gives away Chu, Chu strength from just everyone can see, Wu Di so strong protoss have been killed easily from Chu. And the first time we can see that there are people capable of releasing a different creature, such a scenario is absolutely shocking. From the Chu shook objective was achieved, but his heart was in remorse. Originally, he should be aware of some of the, if he is still hive, even if those people want to betrayal, it may not be looking into opportunities. Green and red men and there is nothing between the brotherly feelings, they may meet in battle was understanding, but that in order to live. If you can live good enough, why share it with others? From the Chu remorse is that he has clearly understood that people do not want to betray you, you do not give people the opportunity to betray you. Herself out, is to give these people a chance Houtu. Have the chance, just like seeds with soil and water, and will definitely germinate. "The second way, I give you to find a place to spend the winter, do not go back hive and I read the information on Wu Di, let these people are sure to die, they will ...... ruthless." Lied from Chu, Although he is a spiritual system protoss, but not strong enough to go read the enemy brain information. If he dares to enter the sea of ​​knowledge Wu Di, Wu Di is likely to take action and his die. But these people can not kill and kill, go back into the hive is a joke. Tying them in their side is correct. "Is, and why!" Someone hesitated question. From the Chu smiled, touched his chin beard, said: "They do not need centrist, I choose you, because you do not have the background. Cellular energy is available, and if I'll be gone, even in front of these things shipped back, hives this winter will be very nervous. you think about it, in addition to fighting, you can help them what? consume more food? Now they told me to start, because there is enough manpower. "" But where there is so many people? "The question very simply, but more lack of confidence, they do not realize that in the spirit of Chu can vary from the role, we all have believed in the fact that if enough manpower within the hive, yourself these people are destined to be discarded. "Foreigners, they sold the hive foreigners do not you think that this is very strange giant robot appears you?" From Chu finished, already do not explain all of them a clear understanding of the look. But clearly the facts and material from far off, Houtu indeed collusion foreigners, but he promised to give foreigners to provide technical support, there is a joint deal with Uncle years. Honeycomb such a good place for any one person will not be used in exchange for benefits. Unless the interests of the entire city of innocence. Not want to continue from Chu explained that once that much, probably surprising flaws. His deadpan authentic: "You talk about, is willing to continue to stay with me directly, do not want to follow my adventure to solve this battle, I will give you to find a similar cellular underground facilities, and will not in the winter freeze to death. everyone looked at each other, and no one wanted to leave to discuss Without energy, then where are a dead What to eat? drink? protoss Do not eat and drink Lazard yet? does not follow from the Chu Chu certainly not from provide energy to allow these people away, and no one so foolish as this degree. away Chu now prefer to blow up these energy blocks, but also do not want others to have to go this time there is an unexpected betrayal, and that is getting more from Chu energy blocks and weapons, he attacks some little early, so foreigners by surprise. Houtu Although rush to remind that it was too late, the temporary transfer to the giant robot has been green Yan a shot blasting, can only stand Chu looked away from more than a dozen car supplies. <
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