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30.05.2013 06:02
they don't know who this person is antworten
Originally belong to Yang Kang was suddenly seized flags, which are filled with joy Yang Yuan can not help tiny tiny one Zheng, suddenly feeling awful. But,Coach Purses, after the snatch flags flying up and down the channeling, prayer flags have disappeared. Can not help but bite than a sound, but also dare not act rashly and blindly. Then a huge pole belongs to the environmental summit in the knowledge of God, is still shrouded in this piece of heaven and earth. Not only Yang Kang can't move, all in all, not too big action. This master hidden in the side, is a deterrent to any person, they don't know who this person is, but I know, the master is not one of their own. Because this God general deterrence, several Wu originally be placed in jeopardy by Yang Tie and Duan family, has also become a lot easier. The double two people is no scruples, rushed to the battlefield, left anyway, the right to move, attack is full of Yang Kang brought the people. Yang Ying brought the people even though they have some, didn't think too much, let the wild in the battlefield. A few strokes down, and two people have come to the front of Yang Tie. See the situation is wrong, Yang Kang couldn't help at a sound: "return Leng dry what, hurriedly I have take!" Prayer flags is gone, if not catch people's words, and that this time can really go for wool and come home shorn. Yang Kang's voice shouting, finally let those who guard who moves up. Yang Ying is also a drink a sound: "give me stop them!" On both sides of the warriors, again tied a group, become entangled in each other. The two approximation in front of Yang Tie, had been several from the Yang Ying camp Wu's assistance in chaos, smooth back two strong guard in front of Yang Tie Duanmu home, one to Yang Tie will hold in the hand. Yang Ying laughed, red cloud way: "two please deliver a person!" "Well!" The wind Wei deep voice replied. "Hurry." That 's OK. He said, side throw Yang Tiepao out. Yang Ying see air one Zheng, also don't understand what happened, just robbed the man prayer flags, even jump into the air stopped Yang iron, carrying his pictures. At the same time, the double is a play, wrapped in a blue rainbow disappeared in the night sky. "Brother, the seventh, thank you!" Still, there came a familiar voice. Yang Kang and Yang Ying two people face suddenly became livid, talk to exclaim: "nine!" The crowd will be the words to hear, immediately uproar! Old nine! It is the old Yang Jiadi system of a son who minimum, Yang kai! When I speak with fervour and assurance of hyperactivity of Yang, also said tonight Yang Zhao and Yang Shen have brought people went to the Yang Kai house to look for trouble, but also for his today's performance, also have no power can be used, even better than Yang Tie here,Air Jordan 4, I'm afraid where to go or not. At this time, the concubine Yang should not be scorched by the flames are your mansion? How can appear here to reap profit at other's expense? And he seems to just take two helpers came over. The man was so audacious in the extreme! Do not know why, Yang Kang heard the cry, feel the inclusion of can not believe in his tone,Air Jordan 2 Sale, the crowd heart a shock.
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