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30.05.2013 05:55
From the Chu no joy antworten
> Also spread outside the three armored vehicles, and put down the carrying robot. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM have been transformed, guns replaced by energy weapons, action and sound is not great. Qing Yan manipulated auxiliary guns on armored vehicles, simple locking distant infection,Oakley Squared Sunglasses, do not attack. Only her armored car with remote lock function,Coach OP Art, she was only responsible to escape infection. Almost a dozen energy rays transmitted simultaneously infected paused, leaving more than a dozen corpses continue to armored vehicles rushed over. "And video games as well." Qing Yan individually targeted, watching the battle on the screen, I feel a little bit boring. Such an attack, they should be from Chu very easy to get it. From the Chu at the moment are being infected siege, he took a total of 12 people, plus since months. Song from the other four each have two deputies, one protoss, and a person with a variation of energy weapons. Chu was originally being passed from a crossroads, the results have appeared on three sides of infected humans, the center of the crossroads just to have a building, the original estimate is about police patrols center, only one layer, but very strong. Abandoned for so many years did not collapse, but the windows and doors have been removed away. After entering the building, there have been a lot of behind the infection, from Chu into siege. "Choi Sung, you calculate the number of snakes, the windows and doors are blocked. Mishima, you see above a no loopholes, and if not, you take charge of your people to keep the top. Away song ......" "hey what I do? "" You protect me. "from Chu said, took away from the singer's energy variation under the gun. Came northward window, left in the void drew a pentagram. Side wall of ice condenses out. In the five abilities, the ice wall of defense is not the best way, but in the case of this weather, it can automatically and continuously reinforced. The energy from Chu gun rack in the upper wall of ice, right from the song: "There you are responsible for solving the approaching enemies, you understand?" "Yes." "Choi Sung, if there is more powerful. Alive one, I want to study about. "from Chu and added. Watching enemy number Choi Sung promised, snake sealed windows and doors in other places, Mishima violet with two occupied the roof, just waiting for those infected, continue to close. "The mayor, there are about six hundred thirty to six hundred and forty between No normal human. Farther out of sight, there are a lot of them, evidently not for us." Choi Sung bit stubborn to call from the Chu Mayor, there is no way from Chu. "Not for us?" From Chu looked up the more than six hundred infected surrounded by, and asked: "This is not against us, then what kind of considered?" Then, he fired the first shot. Dazzling energy rays through accurate calculation, penetrated the three infected people to head, and finally shot in the back of an infected person's arm, put his arm directly destroyed on the ground. Interrupted infected arm did not feel pain. Hot rays scorched his wounds. Did not even bleed. He looked puzzled arm fell on the ground, pick up. Try to reinstall back to his body. Pick up a few times. He found that access is not on, even a mouth. Bite his arm, tearing a piece of meat to. He swallowed hard, even outside the arm sleeve bite rag also devoured. This eating his arm around a few more of those infected infection stopped, staring at his hands to his arm, throat issued muffled roar. Interrupted infected arm to stop swallowing movements, also stopped roaring threats to several infections. From the Chu clearly saw this scene, although far distance, he's fighting glasses full of electronic functions, the circumstances are just shot down. "Big trouble!" Was knocked from Chu saw the bodies have been surrounded, instant pull to pieces. "How?" From the song responsible for the melee, she did not open the sunglasses electronic functions. "These can not be considered infected, strictly speaking, they are zombies." "Zombie?" From the song was shocked, though she is protoss, you can also a big girl is not old. Zombie villain of this movie has been feared and nausea. "Houtu there were already at the base of the situation under control, and returned a few captured infection to study. Previous explosion of serious infections caused by radiation, but radiation infected person is still preserved a lot of memory body powerful people can use simple language. protoss on would not be infected, secondary mutation variant people should not get infected and I have ordered a relatively stable part of the soil behind the choice of people sent back , this time back, I will be transformed into complete control over their soldiers for protoss, this did not reach the strongest radiation hazards, the average person is very different. "afar off Chu looting corpses zombies, some can not bear authentic: "They have never recovered memory is no longer a man." "like a bum you?" Choi Sung asked. He had not lived in F6 area who, for rogues such dangerous creatures impressive. "Yeah, do not attack each other between loitering in front of these zombies are different, once the weak among them, will be immediately shreds. These people have been completely worthless." From Chu thought, yes, there is no value, can not use. "I think their attack is very low, for we do not have the threat." Choi Sung analysis. He also found that these stiff rogues so strong, rogues can leap more than 10 meters, fingers and Levites, even the protoss are likely to be rogue raid. "But if you are east of the person is infected, we do not have the manpower of the infantry." From Chu bitterly authentic. He had wanted to recruit a large number of infantry, to supplement their personnel deficiencies. Hive most weapons infantry weapons, ammunition but also self-sufficiency, but no one, they infantry weapons is equivalent to junk. If something is in front of Uncle dry years, that this old guy is really inhumane. This juehu count one, the living space from Chu was forced to suppress back. Uncle did not care was expanded from Chu, anyway, you nobody, expansion can not be opened to get hold of the land. Song from the pressure of cross God, and said: "If this also occurred in the west to things ......" "If the west is also true of our way on the remaining two. Firstly, cooperation and foreigners second, forced to attack The site was Uncle. "from Chu calmly analyze and said:" Of course there is a third way, doing nothing, hiding underground, then do not come out. "" there is a fourth way. "snake astringent sound said: "surrender." "Hey!" opened fire again from Chu, a few pieces of additional energy guns began firing. Zombie near, fortunately fast enough. Could easily pick up. Has fallen to just a zombie can not reduce the bitterness from the hearts of Chu. A lot of people inside the hive can surrender themselves can not. Who came up with this plan? Once the hive has isolated itself, think more and more people will surrender it. "Southeast also breaking the military." From the song from the Chu saw the worries she had to follow green and red, to understand things that are more clearly seen from frustrated to look like. Began to comfort come up from Chu. "Breaking the military ......" Chu remembered from high levels of variation of this man, that night, breaking the military command of the metal monster rushed into the church, the war, his indomitable momentum anomaly profoundly from the left in the hearts of Chu. Such people, who are willing to bend bureau under it? Variation of people have their own ideals, even Di wind, I am afraid saved additionally thought. If breaking the military control of the city and Di were afraid the wind should go follow it. "Choi Sung, armored vehicles to keep up no?" Shot from the side of the side of Chu asked. Zombie did not cause anticipated pressure. Clearly do not want to keep away from here. The purpose of this is to go to the city's edge, look out in the end what happened. "Keep coming. Want to contact them?" "No Zombies without much thinking,Oakley Juliet Online, only a little instinct we go out according to the planned route, and then have trouble directly melee solve." From Chu said, kicked away ice wall, the first channeling out. Closely follow from the song, Mishima Ching Lin also with men jumped down from the roof. Previous zombie corpses are still eating from Chu et al bypass, from their side of the pass, there are only a few zombies with the ranks, from Chu et al. Was solved with a pistol. Also went to scramble zombie corpse, without any of these people from Chu narrowly slip away from their side. From the Chu found that these zombies balance is not good, stumbling walking in deep snow. So he cast mighty river land, plus a few more on the road only a dozen centimeters of ice wall, even stumble a lot to zombies. From the Chu no joy, but more to be discouraged, these things are really worthless. He opened the electronic map, looked a seat position, move to the southeast. The existence of zombies will not have too long, they will eventually kill each other, until all perish. By that time, the eastern city of innocence will be a land of the dead, no creatures. "In fact, in fact, do not worry." Mishima Ching Lin timid authentic. "What?" From Chu not understand. "Uncle can rein in bandits, we can these dead died this winter, sewer rats will be a lot we deploy more manpower to hunt, you will get a lot of meat." Mishima Ching Lin explained that although did not say too careful, from Chu or understand. If civilians in the east have become zombies, these zombies to attack, not even the mutant mice opponent. With so much food, would not be in the winter breeding mutant mice will suddenly increase a lot. They have so many robots and protoss, if intensify raids can indeed alleviate food problems. Zombies eat people, rats eat zombies, people eat rats. This cycle is not dead, though think it is disgusting, but not guilty city, nothing can not do. So uncomfortable is from Chu Ching Lin Mishima that sentence, 'those who died died', although it is very reasonable sentence, made from Chu cold heart. He did not care Isles ancestry question, but she uttered the words so cold-blooded, but unintentionally. There are hundreds of thousands of civilians in the east, death is dead? Is Mishima lineage decided she really human attitude? Still suspicious of their own, this is just in the city environment innocent man forced. From the Chu was thinking, there is no trace of hesitation on the surface, and immediately said: "You say yes, and so the back, immediately organized manpower to do this thing you to be responsible." "Yes." Mishima violet face with joy, so fast that you can do the actual transaction from Chu, let her abnormal surprise. She believed that no pains, no return, in the days before she did not want another, so as she can from Chu do anything, as long as people have the opportunity to become the person. <
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