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that is to contain the deterrence antworten
> Huh, huh ...... "from Chu giggle a few times, and the snake was going to say something even parted to the side, the Turks ran in panic." Chu brother, you go to the majors. "" What panic? Do not use Communicator? "" You shut up. "This reminds from Chu, his fear of being interrupted, would have turned off the watch's communication function." Bad and the good? "From Chu practicing all night, do not feel sleepy, he whispered sent snakes first to go, followed by the Turks themselves rushed Warfare Bureau. Way from Chu regarded know what happened, cellular periphery was exceeded, at least more than fifty protoss invaded the wall. robots and mech block live, these fortifications protoss relying on the ground troops to start working on the machine, but temporarily not open the hive underground entrance, which is a suicide attack, the first from the Chu reaction is like that. Immediately, he asked the Turks: "What kind of people come in? "" There are two acquaintances, one called nameless, called Mouse. "" Ah. "From Chu wondering, pushed open the door to the office of Major." Small Chu. "Major and greet from Chu, office sat a lot of soldiers, apparently are waiting for the arrival from Chu. Away Chu found not in the hole, he casually asked the sentence:" holes do? "" He is now responsible for logistics, we have no better candidate. "Maj. answer from Chu bad feeling, If the hole is not directing the battle, and that the rights of major and soil behind it too. Maj. own authority, and Houtu have protoss, and then the two of them huddled, then, on their own The mayor is not a good thing. "Warfare Bureau now how many protoss. Houtu brought bases much? "First off Chu did not ask to things outside." Has more than 1,000 people, before next month will reach C. Houtu brought people base there. Right now there are 300 protoss forces. "Answer the question is to sit next to a young officer Major." How can so much? "Major from Chu asked." Wu Di absorbed a lot of the original residents, the level they are good, there is actual combat experience. Extra people he arranged over. "" Armor troops do? "" 1500. Have full strength, no extra armor up. Of course, you can not count the fifth inning. "From Chu wanted to say: too much, I could not afford. Middle-level officers are available in front, if they say this, I'm afraid to lose these people immediately geocentric. Practice was soon happily on the reality of the crisis gone out from Chu sullenly said: "To increase the number of reservists, after Wu Di particularly good side of people in addition, you no longer receive. "From Chu say there is a reason, since the forces rationing than ordinary residents to be much higher. Soldiers at a critical time is to be on the front line desperately,Oakley Scalpel Outlet, the treatment will be reduced once the people scattered, but Wu Di is not dry too energetically? Houtu two days ago and are still at odds. how now fighting desperately to the bureau to give as gifts? away Chu found himself too concerned Houtu and major, and less concern for Wu Di and this gives a feeling of mild Youth not so simple as it looks, no matter who, along with green and red mixed up after a few years will not be a simple man. "How many people dive into the ground? "Chu knew she were not calculated from the supply when the protoss although those on the ground can not really break the hive, but there are many places outside mech and robotics, if honeycomb not attack, the loss of those robots will continue to expand. "52 individuals, weapons and equipment to very complex, though strong. Not specially trained ground. They broke the wall when it is raid. When it comes to the loss of most of the people. "" Unmanned aerial vehicles dispatched to go without? "" No, the weather does not allow. But the ground has sent armored vehicles. Without their support troops nearby. "" They carry heavy weapons or suicide weapon yet? "Continue to ask details from Chu." No, they're just the most powerful weapon light gun. In this weather will reduce the effect. "Several officers were from the Chu answered questions from the Chu simple thought for a moment, looked around waiting for their officers to speak, knowing that this is the test of military people in their own leadership skills. Stands to reason that this kind of thing should not by themselves decisive, but the other is a senior protoss invasion, in accordance with operational habits, should be responsible for the soil behind. Houtu has brought most of the protoss to provide support base, Li and Xiao abandoned Avon children are not major mobilization had, so it was a logical thing falls on his head. Avon and if they took Lee out of the sixth inning of people should be able to suppress the live scene, the question is what should be personally own , the day after that too may be how? Also, the sixth inning too important to their own interests forcibly carved out from Godzilla, once destroyed, no longer being paid. utilized Xiao outcast? him But repress several other key Council, and routine use of Xiao outcast fighting, I am afraid to go through green and red job once their own doing, and will reduce the impact in the army in what is far affected. force yourself too can command the power of the lack of order to balance,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, in the beginning, who dominated the army Maj. allowed, it is a last resort, the fifth inning was originally created in order to balance, but can deal with mutant warrior front The situation do? nameless guy who called strong, at least a nine protoss, mice Needless to say, once and Xiao outcast called a lose-lose, and that was he alone came to the result of provocation Needless Lee Avon , then he really did not grasp ah! ordered the army robots hard heap? can indeed dislodge the other side, the problem can not afford their own consumption. "command on the walls state of combat troops, do not leave the battle area. Mech monitor everything outside the city walls, the robot is responsible for protective armor, waiting honeycomb support. "Chu first down from a command to allow ground troops relying on fortifications to protect themselves, to avoid and these intruders for unnecessary consumption. Maj. see what expression, but immediately put the command post down. Paper to come from Chu pen and wrote a few things, to the Turks and said: "go to my house, that from the song, Mishima Ching Lin,Nike Jordan After Game Shoes, snakes and Choi Sung went to the fifth inning on standby. "" Yes. "Turks took the warrant from Chu went to write this from a few people in addition to Chu, who commands you can not listen." Major, let the ground troops put them responsible for blocking off Ji ** monument line, retreated to the north exit. A little bit back, do not let them perceive, be careful not to appear mech casualties. "" Yes. "The major communication channel is not open, he was afraid the other party interception equipment, officers went directly beside orders." Ladies and gentlemen, recruit training time is too short, I do not intend to waste robot troops and armor, so this time I personally led the fifth inning to resolve ground issues. The remaining protoss forces fully mobilized to kill the enemy to escape responsibility. No signal is not necessarily support me. "From Chu said, and wrote a warrant, to the next one officer said:" Go tune Bureau protoss, and then transferred 100 Bureau protoss. Three minutes later set in the center of the outlet. "The officer took a warrant to go, Chu said the sound from closing before the communication channels within a single call Lee Avon said:" gecko, I went with a lively, one minute after the fifth inning see. "From Chu still not sure, the decision to bring Lee Avon. Fifth inning variant people themselves have not used, and God knows to what extent fighting, if only Bureau of soldiers and combat the same, that is, with Lee Avon to life insurance. Away Chu may and mice can feel hard, the guy is clearly crazy. fact from Chu also too cautious, and this time he sent out over 500 protoss, the other only 50 people, he is still not dangerous, but he Mice also practice out of fear of what natal God, his early exposure to new skills and do not want to, once and mouse directly on the escape, then morale, do not run, then sure. away Chu now finally understand another senior protoss usefulness, that is to contain the deterrence forces on the ground and a lot of robots, but she worried about the loss, had to play protoss., like if they have a lot of like federal resources can be mobilized fully mechanized those protoss kill and now he was hard, really put together to surround and annihilate all mechanized, it can kill mice is still unknown. If not kill, it will cause panic in the hive. officers within the office satisfactorily dispersed from Chu mobilization of the fifth inning to make these soldiers who deployed very satisfied. fifth inning has not involved cellular defense, but the fifth inning and led armored forces have been fighting the same bureau army supplies, has long been unconvinced it. Originally these soldiers still waiting for comments from Chu asked battle, and then raised the question fifth inning, I did not expect to make a decision directly from Chu This mayor seems fair, a lot of officers think so. ground fighting is not intense, week Unnamed water systems can cover more than one hundred protoss close to the wall, five meter high wall on the protoss is too low, insufficient preparedness in the other case, the mice kill a Mech Warrior, on the wall to open up a notch, directly ran inside. contacts fighting breaks out, these people can not be hidden deeds, mice all the way forward, but was immediately behind the walls around mech troops re stuck. weeks nameless desperately do not want to go, anyway, these mice people are used to die, he went with an open mice, led to the back of the protoss losses. blizzard big up water like a duck unknown attribute weeks. Baonei a sniper hit him in the body, direct spill a string of ice-Mo, the naked eye microscopic cold water vapor condenses in his body four weeks. increasingly thick his hive entrance overlooking the north, and my heart knew these people do not go in any case of attack. yourself along the way did not encounter a protoss, how can the other side of the protoss tune out of it? forcibly entered it, he probably can escape to <
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