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30.05.2013 05:50
You do not know anything antworten
> From Chu heart shake rapture. WwW, QunabEN, coM woman looks pure, kind of alternative temptation, if not known in advance, from the Chu never think that she is doing to make a living. A very pure people say very seductive words, the effect of doubling the difference. See also almost consistent love affair, he promised down, sleep for a repeat. 1000, a bucket of water, still holding out from Chu. But a confused while his mind is a slight sting a bit, but immediately let the fear come from Chu awake. Themselves to find help, rather than **'s. "Well, I'm sorry, I'm looking for green color." Women's eyes a cold: "not!" And then fell bang on the door. From the Chu shocked at the outside. Qing Yan could not run around the city is very dangerous. He shocked less than a minute, the door opened again, this time to open the door is the green color, she looked up from Chu asked: "find me?" "Ah." "Then go." Qing Yan Chu pointed away from the house door. Then she quickly came to the hallway with the door, cut off from Chu also looked inward sight. From the Chu quietly opened the door, so come in green color. "That is your mother?" "Ah, very beautiful, right?" "Oh ......" from Chu was embarrassed, he can not, and the little girl said, yes, your mother is very beautiful, I wish I could go now prostitute her. So he had to put words diverge, said: "You are so out of fear of dangerous?" "Dangerous? You do?" Green Yan Chu, pointing away from the nose, jokingly asked. From the Chu very uncomfortable, green color eyes completely adult-oriented, and unflinchingly. "There is a metal cup do?" Green Yan did not continue from Chu quickly recruited a metal cup. "Tea it?" From Chu and then take to the tea. "Water." "I'm here, no power." From Chu than not willing to tea, but here he can not boil water. "'ll Get it." Qing Yan sat down to tea with the fingertips Niechu a little, put in a metal cup. From the Chu had to fetch a bottle of purified water, on the coffee table. Qing Yan unscrew the lid, put cold water poured into a metal cup. Bottle of water poured finished, she will stick with both hands on the cup, motionless. No half a minute, the cup has been hot steam rises from Chu very large eyes wide, he saw the water has been bubbling up, evidently about to leave. "Tobacco smoke is more bad." Water an open, green color on the left hand of the metal cup. She points out the tea, poured a glass beside. Green tea has not completely soaked, semi-floating and semi-submerged floating in the water. From the Chu did not know what to say, green color onto the glass in front of him, and said: "Please drink tea." "Thank you." From Chu seems to forget,Coach Bags Sale, tea and head of his own. "The rest of the tea sealed, two months before the winter too, do not run the taste." Qing Yan leg plate on the sofa, the metal cup in his arms,Nike Air Jordan 4, seems to feel the temperature of boiling water . "I'm sorry, just, I rude." From Chu Yan Qing reluctantly and apologized, he did not know how to start. "You're the man!" Green look from Chu Yan said: "do not want an apology let alone, call me to ask what?" Green Yan say this, but not from Chu embarrassed, "I'm really sorry, I recently emotional instability, so I would like to ask, how to solve this problem. "from Chu found himself every emotional instability, the energy of the brain will have a reaction. Generally tingling moment, if too excited, it is possible to produce a qualitative change, as if awakening blue Yan said. "I can not help you." Qing Yan holding the cup, his eyes began to look around. "I used to come here often to sit, when the room is not your master." "I know." Chu remembered from his bed in the bedroom that bloody humanoid,Oakley For Cheap, subconsciously also hold a hot cup. "You know what!" Green Yan smiled slightly reproachful meaning, "You do not know anything, right." "Ah, but I do not want to unknowingly dead." "Well, bring." Qing Yan from the Chu to hand. "What means?" "Water sister's notes." "I do not know!" Green from Chu Yan stare long while, to see him really look like a mentally retarded, this stand up to leave Chu beckoned. From the Chu put down the cup, followed by green Yan came to the entrance. Close to the door is the kitchen, the kitchen doorway, pointing Yen Ching: "Put it on." Door also has a red pentagram, from Chu hesitated, not consciously shrink scaling back. Qing Yan said: "Do not worry, you can control that power, do not use the full, the brain will not hurt." From Chu secretly depressed themselves how even a child can not match? He put his hand on the doorknob, carefully mind the kind of mobilization of energy imported into the hand. Two stocks were slim indeed he easily mobilized energy out, the door was gently opened. From the Chu immediately stepped aside, but without looking green color, leg and went inside. "Come." Qing Yan in the room called from Chu. "Ah!" From Chu Ying forward, put his head from the door stuck, this see room views. This is a study, very small. Books on the shelves full, one kind of dusty smell came, apparently for a long time no one came. Center of the room is a wooden desk, green Yan sat at my desk, spread out a note on the desk. From the Chu carefully into the study, this see the notes written on the cover is all bent symbols, even if there is Chinese character, and also his never seen before. Evidently, not far from Oracle. "Nothing strange, can you open that door, you can open this door, sit down." Qing Yan without looking up, pointed to the chair opposite. Sit obediently from Chu, Yan Qing look down notes, she soon turn to the last page, in the eyes but it is disappointment. Snapped, green color the notebook closed, looked up from Chu said: "You ask, what to ask, and I know also limited." <
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