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> Chu plans to base transformed into a logistics warehouse to accommodate 20,000 people, although living facility without a good hive, but unlike cellular militarization as completely built for war. wWW. quANBen. coM simple structure and wide spacious room is base characteristics. Complete line facilities and living facilities can make savings from Chu considerable resources, so get hives from Chu did not give up after the base, but increased construction projects. Now in addition to the base of the soldiers left behind, and the rest is to join organizations from Chu protoss it. Most of these people at seven under, as protoss fighting strength is not high, but if you join the army, using the best equipment, then the strength of these will turn protoss do not know how many times. This radiation safety will actually be transformed into bio highly aggressive monsters, if Zhu neighboring forces that support people affected by radiation,Purses Coach UK, then the base of the big trouble. Soon, Xiao outcast to send out three hapless. From the Chu heart secretly thinking: This can be regarded as human experiments, right? Anyway, we have been a criminal, in order to survive, do not care what bad record multi-point, and if the protoss innocence city council for the best immediate concern, but also avoid green and red all day thinking about the attacks on their headquarters. A lip stick together protoss being forced into clean boxes, the Godzilla of the outside of the metal window closes, and then began to adjust the radiation intensity inside the box. "How long?" Questioning the green and red, if not for the blue color, she was not interested in visiting any scientific experiments. Her abilities are a breakthrough moment, want everything, to practice alone. "Half an hour bar. Human capacity is relatively strong, but also a protoss We went to a cup of coffee, and then come back." Godzilla is obviously not in a hurry, he also tired. Since entering the hive, the Godzilla is almost always not how to rest. Hive five is like a small town, in part to do was distributed to the Godzilla Academy, in addition to his men, and some students. In addition, green and red also arranged a people set up shop here, providing living services. Everyone knows that long-term living in a tense environment will make people suffer tremendous mental trauma. Honeycomb to five best facilities. Can make people forget that this is underground space. There breeze, roadside strip gently shake the branches, leaves rustled emit sound. Living environment here is better than the ground, at least not as innocent town houses, as are is gray. Is like one huge metal coffin. Restaurant is a two-story, three candidates for the location of the window seat. This time no one has to eat something. A tall slim waiter over to say hello. Say yes and coffee, in fact three people were hungry, so we continued fighting consumption is not small, Godzilla okay. From the Chu and green and red almost eaten. From the Chu opened the menu, bow view. The waitress's face reddish. Whispered: "Excuse me, do you Chu mayor?" From Chu hesitated. Then smiles: "My name is from, name Chu, they let me do the mayor, but also so that we wronged in the ground can only have what happened?" From Chu, then of course this is the year to get used to say, is a kind polite, in fact, there is no nutrition. But that obviously does not think the waitress, she eyes light up, said: "People here say you are the best ...... strong ground here, man." From Chu laughed aloud, and said: "Fortunately, I did not say is the most handsome man, otherwise throw the dead. "see very easygoing from Chu, waitress boldly said:" I want to take a picture, I ...... "" Well. "from Chu stand up, turn around came to the screen prior to the waitress waved and said: "right here." waitress flew away from Chu is somehow, she had brought a camera. In fact, this era, the camera has become an auxiliary facilities everywhere, such as glasses from Chu battle with the photography function, the speed of 120 per second interception of the screen, print out digital photos. Now this girl to get to, it was a vintage digital camera, at least some history, but also unable to extract three-dimensional images. "Godzilla!" Green Red shouted, Godzilla reluctantly took the camera, giving the girl from Chu and took a photo. 3 seconds: ~ ** the one as the left. Green and red already picked out for three meals, in fact, this underground nothing Alternatively, from Chu and no large-scale production plant, only the meat, mushrooms, moss is more adequate. Vegetables on the kind of pulls tricks can not make anything. Girls and thanks from Chu, Chu laugh is like away from the standard ad poster same. Although for a long time do not do this kind of thing, but if the depth of his bone marrow. The distant past does not have to wake up, almost always in his blood flowing. Former life, has always been socializing, there may be another calculation. "What is your name?" Kind of continued from Chu, polite and do not spend money anyway. "Ching Lin, Mishima violet." From Chu control their facial expressions, sit down again, right Mishima Ching Lin said: "We say a thing, do not let people on the two hug, rest assured, will not affect your business. "honeycomb interior is also consumed in the cafeteria to spend money, but this money is the credit points,Coach Bags UK, you must work to get. Such as participating in the military, such as workers, as a clerk. From the Chu possessor of these people do not want white, over two thousand people a day consume large numbers. Other Mishima Ching Lin step down from Chu was asked: "Godzilla, how there's the Japanese, or with the family name?" Then the Japanese massacre, killing people, although the Russian Federation, the name can be cruel has been deeply rooted in the Asian Federation. So few people are willing to hire them, let alone in such a militarization of the base from the inside of Chu. "Nothing, she was born in the south, the parents are dead, DNA, brain waves and blood tests no problem." This assured from Chu, was the first Japanese-born South Asian Federation if, that is, the Department of the pro- Japanese. They did not received brainwashing education, at least better than those guys on the Indian subcontinent and reliable. "Hey, the strongest man, base side if an accident, then how are you going to deal with?" Green Red ridicule from Chu. "They did wrong. Mishima said I was 'here' strongest ground men fight Godzilla over, but I, you're not a man, is it wrong? Cough ...... base things too much trouble and we sent people actually both more than 3, even if the driver has a strong power armor stands to reason that say there is no danger, but when the signal disorder, we have no troops coordinates, and they do not know the distance of the point of explosion, can not be determined They withstand radiation intensity. Godzilla, you make a hypothesis they be any danger? "" If in accordance with the army fighting tutorial, half of those people may have been radiation energy of our armor is a passive defensive circle , in order to save energy. Houtu abilities armor most dangerous, they can not resist this radiation armored soldier, no matter how far they are from the center of the explosion, exposed to radiation is the same. those protoss except in the circumstances is silly. Otherwise, there will be something. "" You mean we have 70 people dying? "from Chu thought, which are all available forces. If all dead, he would not be mad. Think Houtu honest look, from Chu felt very unreal. Themselves and their green and red all know this person has ambition, but lack of strength. Therefore, the development of more direct descendant. If in this operation all dead, right after the fight, but not small land. Though the number of green and red men. Are all rein. Houtu those people, but it is his own nurtured. There is absolutely not a **. Green and red can put men as data Houtu can not. "I mean, they may become senior bum." "You're not kidding, right?" Even green and red are tense. If those troops became a rogue, not only will attack the base of people, may also cause infection. If the base of those protoss have become rogues, that big trouble. Do here also sent troops to wipe out not? Even if they did not question, that live in the ground to F6 area still do not know how many protoss, they also become a risk factor. Originally these people are going to end up storage places, but now, after an explosion, everything changed. "Plan does not change how fast, and if this continues, we may easily survive this winter can be a spring, was able to launch a full-tert estimated fought and he certainly got the production line, you think about it, if he has one million robots troops,Oakley Sunglasses Store, we got two thousand people can resist it? "" say something constructively word for it, how are you going to deal with this trouble? "" Zhu o They have given instructions not to enter the enclosed living area. trouble is that if they really variability, it will not comply with instructions, and they are the highest level where I can not send more people to take their place in the past, we can only fatalistic As ground problem and not to worry, even if person variability ground, but was unable to break through the walls rogue defense, they'll diffusion along the street, for we clean surrounding. tert this was not a small loss, no longer pressed out attack, these rogues will soon been cleaned and we send armored squad follow these rogues to fight for the outer years of the occupation t-down strongholds. Godzilla, the more trouble you, but I know that winter construction is very difficult, but you must build up the perimeter defense These people, they all give it up. "abstain from Chu said those who find themselves the time, and no feeling of guilt. These areas continue to live in F6 protoss reason did not move, because clearly seen from the building of a small town, where life feels more stable and secure. From the Chu also promised them, providing them with some supplies, you can spend the winter. "I remind you that the radius of 5 miles from an ordinary person would not have survived within the low four protoss are also at risk. We have no way to recruit into the hands of men, even to expand defensive circle, nor soldiers available . "from Chu deep in thought, even if the base, capable of 2000 survived, but assigned to their planned 12 defensive circle around it, can only be a small town each robot is not enough to arrange their own, this is simply to the same person's life. Originally planned clean-up defense that he is a resident of the circle, did not expect to do a more thorough Uncle years, one for themselves resolved. It seems, had to break the military for help, but, this time, and his own what means exchanging? From the Chu thought of six layers of Luna armor, but immediately gave up the ** head. If you break the military know they have this thing, it will probably regard themselves as the target, right? <
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